Eva Olid Wikipedia Biography: Who Is She? Age And Husband

Eva Olid Wikipedia

Is Eva Olid Wikipedia available? She has caught the attention of netizens with her athletic achievements. Let’s take a glance at the Hearts Women coach’s personal life below.

Eva Olid is a talented coach from Spain. Likewise, the Spanish coach has gained significant popularity in women’s soccer.

Recently, Hearts Women appointed Olid as their head coach. Similarly, she has experience managing clubs for several years.

Olid has achieved a remarkable feat. Likewise, she is regarded as a beautiful and bold coach in the sports scene.

Expanding her ventures, Eva has identified a potential career opportunity. Also, she has left an indelible mark in several matches.

Olid’s journey shows an extraordinary milestone of achievements. Likewise, she developed her talent throughout the years.

Eva Olid’s accomplishment demonstrates her passion. Her managing work highlights the team’s performance in their matches.

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Eva Olid Wikipedia Biography: Who Is She?

Gorgeous coach Eva Olid is a known name in the local soccer scene. Likewise, she has led her team to several victories.

Olid is the latest Hearts Women’s coach. Also, the resilient woman revealed her ambitions and touched with Spanish flair.

Eva arrived in Scotland two weeks earlier before her official join date as Heart’s manager. She did so as Olid was eager to reshape Hearts Women following her specific philosophy.

In an interview with Edinburg News, Eva said: 

I always love this league because Celtic has a Spanish coach. I came here to see how football works here in the Scottish league.

Two years ago, I continued to follow, but last year, because of COVID, they didn’t play much.

The female coach has gained significant popularity and has gained supporters’ attention locally. Likewise, Eva is a master of her trade.

Eva Olid Wikipedia
Eva Olid Wikipedia: The gorgeous Spanish female coach during an interview. (Source: Twitter)

Eventually, Olid’s interest in sports grew and became a lifelong commitment. The head coach saw fundamental career changes throughout her life.

Besides, Olid’s biography includes her experience. Nevertheless, the resilient coach’s bio is a natural monument to her skill. The woman continues to motivate both seasoned pros and up-and-coming talents.

Eva has studied Scottish football. Likewise, she has worked in America. Now, the Spanish coach intends to combine all three approaches working at Riccarton.

Overall, Eva’s deliberate choice to keep her career blooming is strategic. Olid generates buzz as she prepares to launch her latest team strategy.

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Eva Olid Age: How Old Is She?

Spanish coach Eva Olid was born on 28 August 1985. She is 38 years old as of 2024.

Olid hails from Spain. She spent her childhood there until she moved to the US for professional training. The woman currently serves as a manager for Hearts.

Eva has marked excellence in the sports and football scene. Similarly, the Spanish coach focuses on mentoring and guiding youngsters.

Seeing Olid’s talent and experience, she might receive a decent work paycheck. 

According to Indeed, the average salary of a coach/manager in Scotland is at least £26159 per year.

Perhaps Olid’s earnings could increase or decrease based on her contract.

Eva maintains a level of privacy and focuses on her passion and mentoring her team. Likewise, Olid has cemented her way into the Scottish football scene. 

The Scottish team coach’s credibility deserves fame and fortune. Likewise, she is passionate about delivering her skills and fitting the standards.

Meet Eva Olid Husband And Family

Eva Olid seems more focused on developing Scottish female soccer team Heart’s playing standards. However, the female coach has kept her married life and husband’s details under wraps.

Olid primarily uploads her team’s game updates on her social media handles. She has rarely exposed her personal life to the media.  

Eva Olid Wikipedia
Eva Olid Wikipedia: The Hearts female manager hinted at the team’s semi-professional status. (Source: Edinburg News)

Regarding her other family members, Olid has remained tight-lipped. Perhaps, she will reveal their details in the coming days. 

Moreover, Olid has lived her life maintaining privacy and secrecy. So, she has kept her family’s personal details under wraps. 

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