Bryce Mitchell Religion: Is He Catholic Or Orthodox? Wife And Family

Bryce Mitchell Religion

What is Bryce Mitchell religion? Find a glimpse into the multifaceted family life of an emerging American MMA fighter.

Bryce Andrew Mitchell, shortly Bryce Mitchell, is a famous professional mixed martial artist. Likewise, he competes in the Featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The MMA fighter from the United States gained recognition by appearing in “The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated.” Similarly, he holds the #10 rank in the UFC featherweight rankings.

Hailing from Texarkana, Arkansas, Mitchell was born on October 4, 1994. Moreover, he played several sports, including basketball for the varsity team and wrestling.

With his undefeated streak in his MMA journey, Mitchell has always improved his skills and potential in the sport.

Likewise, Mitchell’s UFC debut marked a career milestone, entering one of the most prestigious competitions.

Mitchell boasts an impressive professional record of 15 victories and 1 defeat, with 9 wins by submission and 6 by decision.

This expository note delves into Bryce Mitchell religion and faith. Also, we won’t miss his achievements and impacts, shedding light on his significant role in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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Bryce Mitchell Religion: Is He Catholic Or Orthodox?

Before Bryce Mitchell’s co-main event bout with Dan Ige, the featherweight fighter made an entrance, raising a few eyebrows.

Mitchell walked in clutching The Bible, which hinted at a symbolic gesture of his faith. As the crowd supported and cheered him, the fighter emphatically exclaimed “Freedom” during his introduction by Joe Martinez.

Bryce Mitchell Religion
Bryce Mitchell Religion: The MMA fighter is a religious man, (Source: Reddit)

Following Mitchell’s win, ‘Thug Nasty’ passed a statement about his beliefs. As per the statements, Mitchell asserted his religious belief that ‘Satan (devil) has taken over this planet’ hinting at the recent Hawaii wildfires.

Moreover, American Top Team founder Dan Lambert reacted to this dramatic sequence of events, commenting on an MMAJunkie post featuring Bryce’s Bible-holding moment. Lambert, who calls himself an atheist, commented:

I’m an atheist, but the only who should be offended by this gesture is Satan.

Moreover, Mitchell recently made headlines not just for his latest matches but for his belief in the flat earth theory. Despite prevailing scientific proofs, the fighter stands firm in his belief that the Earth is flat.

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Bryce Mitchell Wife And Dating Life Explored

UFC featherweight fighter Bryce Mitchell occasionally shares glimpses of his life outside of the octagon on his Instagram. Likewise, he has been seen in snaps with a woman named Erin Handlow, presumably his partner.

Mitchell and Handlow have been dating for approximately a year now. Reportedly, they first began dating in August 2022.

Mitchell made their love life public on August 14, when he posted a photo of himself kissing Handlow on his Instagram account.

Mitchell’s partner Erin Handlow has an extensive background in company management, sales associate, and marketing. Similarly, she began her career at Acutran in 2012, a company specializing in electrical transformers, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Moreover, Handlow worked for Hillcrest Beer Distribution for two years before joining Commercial Built Construction in 2017. Likewise, she currently works as a marketing specialist.

Mitchell and Handlow take care of their farm together and live together with several domestic animals.

Meet Bryce Mitchell Family And Parents

Despite being a famous sports personality, Bryce Mitchell maintains a low profile, and little is known about his family life.

Mitchell made a silly move regarding his vocal stance on flat Earth theory that has taken to social media to publicly challenge UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan.

Rogan made fun of ‘Flat Earthers’ and the fighter took it personally, adding his parents’ belief as well.

Bryce Mitchell religion mother
Bryce Mitchell religion: The MMA fighter and his mother are flat Earth theory believers with compelling evidence. (Source: MMA Fighting)

Reacting to Instagram, the professional MMA fighter called out Rogan, saying:

I am here to call out Joe Rogan for consistently disparaging me and my mother. Rogan’s critique has persisted for far too long. It does not hurtle through the cosmos at breakneck speeds of 6,000 miles per hour, nor does it spin at an astounding 1,000 miles per hour.

According to our belief, the Earth is motionless, with the celestial bodies—the stars and the sun—revolving around our stationary planet. And I am prepared to substantiate this belief with compelling evidence.

According to the fighter, he and his mother firmly assert that the Earth is flat. 

Besides, Mitchell is close to his family and introduced his partner to his parents. Handlow has met Mitchell’s family and celebrated Thanksgiving with his parents. Also, the fighter shared a snap of himself, Handlow, and his father on Instagram.

Recently, Mitchell and his partner attended an aged-care residence event organized by ArCare. 

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