Erica Alonso Autopsy Report: What Was Her Cause Of Death? Case Details, Bio

Erica Alonso

According to Erica Alonso autopsy report, there were no physical signs of trauma in her death. Her body was found in a dry creek in the Cleveland National Forest.

On Valentine’s Day in 2015, Erica Alonso, a vibrant 27-year-old woman from California, went on a night out. She went to a lively nightclub in Orange County, California, with her ex-boyfriend, Larry Rivera.

Before leaving, she confirmed to her sister that she would return home later that evening, but unfortunately, she never returned. Her absence left her loved ones in despair and uncertainty, desperately hoping for her safe return.

However, more than two months later, on April 27, her lifeless body was found in a dry creek bed within the Cleveland National Forest, adjacent to the Ortega Highway in California.

Tragically, she was discovered wrapped in layers of plastic bags and tightly bound with duct tape.

Erica Alonso Autopsy Report: What Was Her Cause Of Death? 

After 73 days of disappearance, Alonso’s body was discovered on April 27, 2015. The 27-year-old woman had vanished following an argument with her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, prompting concern and an extensive search.

Although no apparent signs of injury were found during tests conducted on her body, her autopsy revealed that her cause of death remained ‘undetermined.’

Further examination of Alonso’s body showed no evidence of trauma. The toxicology report indicated that her demise resulted from a fatal combination of alcohol and gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), with her system containing three times the legal alcohol limit.

Erica Alonso Autopsy
Erica Alonso autopsy report indicates that there were no physical signs of trauma in her death (Source: CDN)

GHB, also known as the date rape drug, was discovered in her system. While the police suspected an overdose, they could not definitively conclude the cause of death.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department classified her death as an overdose, claiming insufficient evidence to suggest foul play. However, inconsistencies arise when considering the circumstances.

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Erica Alonso Case Details

Erica and her former boyfriend, Larry, went to Sutra Lounge, a colorful nightclub known as the ultimate party destination in Costa Mesa, California.

Erica’s concerned sister contacted Larry the following day as she had not heard from her sister. Larry revealed that they spent the evening together but had a heated argument, causing Alonso to storm out of his apartment around 4 am. According to Larry, she left in her Honda Civic shortly after.

Erica Alonso
Erica went to a nightclub with her ex-boyfriend on 2015 February 15. (Source: crimejunkiepodcast)

Finally, on March 25th, a breakthrough came. Erica’s 2014 Honda Civic was discovered abandoned in a parking lot just a few miles from her parent’s residence. Strangely, all her belongings, except her phone, remained untouched in the vehicle.

Tragically, on April 27th, biologists struggled upon a decomposing human body in the Cleveland National Forest near the Ortega Highway. Medical professionals confirmed that the remains belonged to the missing woman Alonso after examination by medical professionals.

Erica Alonso Bio explored

Erica’s family suffers huge suffering after her death and is seeking justice.

She was a remarkable woman, full of charm, a bright personality, and unquestionable beauty, but her life ended short. She had a kind, family-oriented personality and a sensitive heart.

She had ambitious aspirations for her future, envisioning marriage, motherhood, and even continuing her education.

Erica Alonso
Erica’s family is seeking justice. (Source: NBC News)

Her family includes her devoted parents, Issac and Margarita Alonso, and her brother, Isaac Alonso. Despite their profound loss, the family’s determination to seek justice remains determined.

As indicated in the autopsy report, they are dissatisfied with the cause of Erica’s death. Her abandoned car was found in a neighborhood over 30 miles away from where her lifeless body was discovered.

She did not end up in that lonely creek bed by chance; someone deliberately placed her there. The Alonso family is desperate for the truth. She was the victim of a violent relationship, and the perpetrator was cleared by police far too swiftly.

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