Emi Wong Boyfriend 2024: Divorce With Ex Husband Chad

Emi Wong boyfriend

Emily Wong Lok-ting has built a popular YouTube channel focused on fitness, lifestyle, and travel content. Who is Emi Wong boyfriend? Find out.

Since launching her Emi Wong • StayFitandTravel channel in April 2017, she has attracted over 6 million subscribers.

Emily started her YouTube account back in 2014 and has since published nearly 600 videos with a total view count surpassing 900 million.

Her large subscriber base and high view totals demonstrate Emily’s success at engaging a global viewership through consistent and compelling online video content in the health, wellness, and tourism genres over the past several years.

Emi enjoys a considerable following on her Instagram account, where she regularly shares photos and videos predominantly related to her professional endeavours.

Her profile serves as a platform for showcasing aspects of her career, and the substantial number of followers indicates a strong interest in the content she shares in connection with her work.

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Emi Wong Boyfriend 2024

After her high-profile divorce from Chad in 2023, Emi Wong’s extensive fanbase and online followers have been eager to know if the popular YouTuber and social media star is dating anyone new in 2024.

Emi experienced huge success and rapid fame at a young age as an influencer, and her personal relationships have always drawn immense public intrigue.

Her marriage, household, and eventual split from Chad were all heavily featured across her social platforms over the years.

Emi Wong boyfriend
Beautiful image of Emi Wong and her mother (Source: Instagram)

Now single again, Emi has been completely focused on her booming career and channel after her breakup rather than pursuing any new romantic relationships.

While her fans may hope to see her with someone new, as of early 2024, Emi seems to be thriving on her own, devoted to her passions for health, fitness, travel, and creating engaging lifestyle content.

Emi Wong Divorce With Ex Husband Chad

Emily Wong first met her eventual husband, Chad, in September 2013. They dated for over six years before tying the knot in Phuket, Thailand, in February 2020.

After getting married, Emily and Chad initially lived apart for the first year before later moving in together. The couple had two pet dogs during their marriage.

Chad had regularly appeared in Emily’s YouTube videos, but his last appearance was in April 2022.

Emi Wong boyfriend
Emi Wong has more than 728k followers on Instagram (Source: Instagram)

On May 18th, 2023, Emily announced in a video that she and Chad made the difficult decision to get divorced after growing apart as they entered their 30s.

She explained that they had become different people over time, which prevented their marriage from making them happy anymore.

Emily also shared that she had dealt with a period of moderate depression. Despite meeting and marrying young, Emily and Chad ultimately determined they were no longer compatible partners.

Emi Wong’s net worth

Wong has achieved immense success and influence as a Hong Kong-based YouTuber and social media personality still early on in her career.

Her self-titled YouTube channel, which focuses on fitness, healthy lifestyle content, and travel vlogs, has amassed a substantial audience over the past several years.

As of 2024, Emi’s channel boasts an impressive 6.4 million subscribers and has racked up over 900 million total video views since its launch.

Emi Wong husband
An adorable image of Emi Wong celebrating Christmas (Source: Instagram)

Emi’s large subscriber count and high viewership result in significant daily traffic—an estimated 400,000 views per day on average.

Roughly 20% of these daily views come from YouTube Shorts, YouTube’s popular short-form video feature.

The channel’s extensive reach and viewership enable Emi to generate a steady stream of revenue through ads running on her videos.

She likely earns around $4,000 per day, which extrapolates to $1.4 million per year in income just from her main YouTube channel.

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