Elliot Rodger Ethnicity And Religion: Where Are His Parents From?

Elliot Rodger Ethnicity

What is Elliot Rodger ethnicity? Find a glimpse into the family life and upbringing of the late 22-year-old college student.

Widely known as an American spree killer, Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger, aka Elliot Rodger, was a former college student. Likewise, he was the sole perpetrator of the 2014 Isla Vista killings.

Elliot died on May 23, 2014 in Isla Vista, California, United States. 

On Friday evening, the 22-year-old college student went on a killing spree that killed six people and injured fourteen by gunshot, stabbing, and vehicle ramming.

Also, several labeled him as a misogynist killer. The disturbing story made him an infamous figure and with time many searched for his backstory, including Elliot Rodger ethnicity and religion. 

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Elliot Rodger Ethnicity And Religion Revealed

Reportedly, Elliot Rodger was an English-American college student. Also, the lonely young boy turned into an introverted teenager.

Speaking of his religious affiliation, the notorious killer did not seem to enjoy any faith and practices. Also, he developed a self-personal belief and misogynistic thoughts. 

Elliot Rodger Ethnicity And Religion
Elliot Rodger Ethnicity: The killer embraced misogynistic thoughts. (Source: NBC News)

By 13, Elliot walled himself into the fictional gaming world of “World of Warcraft.” Likewise, his constant practices were the heroes and villains of online fantasy video games.

Elliot was also bullied in high school. There were incidents when students threw food at him and he was pushed into lockers.

Eventually, sex became agony and obsession for the notorious killer. In his journal, he wrote:

Finding out about sex is one of the things that truly destroyed my entire life. Sex, the very word fills me with hate. I would always covet it, I would always fantasize about it. But I would never get it.

Elliot developed severe destructive thoughts when he first moved to Santa Barbara as he started considering the possibility of having to carry out a violent revenge act.

Also, he thought of it as the final solution to dealing with all the injustices that he had to face at the hands of society.

His destructive fury drew him to misogynistic websites, writing “Start envisioning a place where women fear you.”

Elliot’s whole life was a volatile mixture of desire and denial. Hence, he always had hatred feelings towards people. 

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Meet Elliot Rodger Parents: Where Are They From?

American spree killer Elliot Rodger was born to Peter Rodger and Li Chin Rodger on 24 July 1991. Likewise, his parents hail from Lambeth, London, United Kingdom.

Also, other than Elliot, his parents have two children named Jazz Rodger and Georgia Rodger.

Reportedly, his father, Peter Rodger, worked in film. Also, he directed television commercials and worked on the hit film “Hunger Games.”

On the contrary, Elliot’s mother, Li Chin, served as a Malaysian-born nurse. Also, she previously worked as a unit nurse on the set of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”

When he was 5 years old, Elliot’s parents with him and his little sister Georgia moved to California. His father also revealed that things were good when his son was a child. 

Elliot’s father said that those first four, or five years of his life were the good wondrous years when his son was a little boy. 

Unfortunately, the killer’s parents, Peter and Chin, divorced when he was seven years old.

Elliot Rodger Ethnicity family
Elliot Rodger Ethnicity: The former student had a history of mental problems. (Source: CBS News)

After a year, Elliot’s father remarried a Moroccan actress named Soumaya Akaaboune. Reportedly, his stepmother had appeared in the Hollywood blockbuster “Green Zone.”

Rodger was seven when he began his long journey with therapy. As suggested by his father, Elliot’s rage grew long before the Santa Barbara shooting. Peter said:

Elliot had problems, but they weren’t so great that I would consider them overly worrisome. At the time, I never thought that he would ever be a threat to himself or he would be a threat to others.

Like other children, Rodger wanted to be part of the cool group but had trouble fitting in. Also, the killer’s parents moved him from school to school, trying to find a place where he could succeed.

Additionally, Elliot’s dad mentioned that he had very few friends in elementary school.

Rodger was quiet and shy as well. Also, he had OCD, always putting his plate in the same place at the dinner table, and always wearing the same clothes.

There were suggestions that Elliot could have had Asperger’s syndrome, though the troubled killer was never formally diagnosed.

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