Ellie Harrison Illness Raynaud’s Disease Condition And Health Update 2023

Ellie Harrison Illness

Ellie Harrison Illness, Raynaud’s disease, causes her blood vessels to narrow due to the reaction of cold or stress. Despite this challenge, her determination has made her a popular presenter in Countryfile.

Ellie Harrison is a British television presenter and naturalist. She is known for her work on various nature and wildlife programs.

The presenter, Ellie, has gained recognition for co-presenting the popular show “Countryfile” since 2009. 

Apart from being a presenter at “Countryfile,” She has contributed to other programs like”Daily Planet,” “Michaela’s Wild Challenge,” and ” Secret Britain.”

Born on November 17, 1977, Ellie grew up in rural Gloucestershire. Her family maintained their smallholding cultivating fruits and vegetables and keeping chickens.

Ellie has been involved in several other programs. Also, She was associated with “Country Tracks,” ” The Great British Winter,” and “The One Show.”

She has also hosted shows on the Discovery Channel. Ellie presented on “Daily Planet”  and “Outrageous Act Of Science.”

Ellie Harrison Illness Raynaud’s Disease Condition And Health Update 2023

Ellie Harrison’s illness, Raynaud’s disease, makes her job even more challenging. Moreover, the presenter has encountered extreme weather conditions, which can possibly trigger her disease.

Ellie Harrison Illness
Ellie Harrison’s illness, Raynaud’s Disease, has brought her lots of discomfort and pain. (Source: Countryfile.com)

Ellie has shared that this condition has posed significant challenges for her. Raynaud’s syndrome is a disorder that affects the blood vessels in extremities such as fingers, toes, and lips.

Triggered by cold weather, stress, or anxiety, Raynauld’s disease can cause temporary spasms of blood vessels.

Ellie can feel discomfort and pain, especially when working outdoors for extended periods. Moreover, pain and discomfort can hinder performing simple tasks.

Even though Raynaud’s syndrome isn’t life-threatening, it can have a crucial impact on a person’s daily life and emotional well-being.

She often has to deal with freezing weather. She would feel maximum pain that would make her cry.

It’s clear that her determination and dedication to her job have pushed her in life. Ellie Harrison’s positive attitude to her work has made her a popular presenter on “Countryfile.”

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Who Is Ellie Harrison Husband?

Ellie Harrison is engaged to her fiance Matthew Goodman. The couple has been together since 2005 and got engaged the same year.

Ellie Harrison Illness
Ellie Harrison and her fiance Matthew Goodman have been together for 15 years. (Source: Dailymail)

Her partner, Matthew Goodman,n is a physician. Furthermore, they have maintained their relationship for nearly 15 years.

Despite being engaged for a substantial amount of time, Ellie and Matthew have chosen not to tie the knot in marriage. 

Instead, they have shown their commitment to each other uniquely. On their 10th anniversary, Ellie reportedly had scarification done on her arm as her dedication to Matthew.

Sacrification involves creating designs on the skin by superficially cutting it. This unconventional gesture reflects the deep connection between Ellie and Matthew.

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Ellie Harrison Has Children With Her Partner Matthew Goodman

Ellie Harrison and Matthew Goodman have been together for almost 15 years. They have three children together.

Ellie Harrison has two daughters and a son. Her daughter, Red, and Lux, are nearly 13 and 11. She was then pregnant with her youngest son.

Ellie decided to conceal her pregnancy from the public while continuing to film for the program.

The reason for her hiding her pregnancy was the filming of a segment centered around Storm Abigail. The storm fetched heavy rain and strong winds to the country.

 Ellie faced an internal dilemma of whether to reveal her pregnancy or maintain secrecy to participate in the filming of the action-packed storm coverage.

Ellie reflected on this decision in her own words: “he had comprehended from his first pregnancy to keep quiet if he wanted to do the fun stories.”

This insight offers a glimpse of Television production. Presenters like Eillie must follow various considerations during pregnancy while contributing to the show.

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