Eduardo Saverin Net Worth: Lifestyle, Facebook & Other Investments

Eduardo Saverin

Brazilian-born entrepreneur, angel investor, and one of the co-founders of Facebook, Eduardo Luiz Saverin flaunts a bodacious net worth of $19 billion as of April 2024.

Mr. Saverin is most famous for co-founding Facebook with his Harvard classmate Mark Zuckerberg back in 2004.

To be blunt he was Facebook’s very first investor, providing the start-up $15,000 in late 2003.

Eduardo Severin
Eduardo Severin (Source: Yahoo Notícias)

And since 2009, he’s based his activities in Singapore. He even renounced his US citizenship in 2011.

Asides from Facebook, Eduardo is also the proud co-owner of B Capital which he co-founded with veteran capitalist Raj Ganguly.

As of this writing, the fund has roughly $3.5 billion in assets management.

Eduardo Saverin | Quick Facts

Eduardo Saverin’s net worth as of April 2024 is a whopping $19 billion. Here are a few quick facts about Eduardo Saverin.

Full Name Eduardo Luiz Saverin
Better known as Eduardo Saverin
Date of Birth March 19, 1982
Birth Place Sao Paulo, Brazil
Citizenship Brazil (1982 – Present)

United States (1998 – 2011)

Current Residence Singapore
Age 42 Years Old
Net Worth $19 Billion
Source of Income Investments, Businesses
Profession Angel Investor, Entrepreneur
Notable Investments Facebook, Lyft, Ninja Van
Capital Firm B Capital
Education Harvard University (AB)
Fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi
Club Phoenix S.K. Club
Ethnicity Jewish-Brazilian
Nationality Brazilian
Religion Jewish
Mother Paula Saverin
Father Roberto Saverin
Marital Status Married
Spouse Elaine Andriejanssen
Children N/A
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Pisces
Social Media FacebookTwitter
Last Update April 2024

Eduardo Saverin | Net Worth and Income

As of this writing, Eduardo Saverin’s net worth sits at around $19 billion.

A massive chunk of his earnings comes from Facebook the world’s largest social media network.

He owned approximately 53 million Facebook shares, valued at roughly $2 billion in 2012 when the company decided to go public.

Facebook’s IPO was the biggest tech IPO at the time.

Most of Saverin’s earnings have come in the form of capital gains either from his personal investments or from his capital group.

Eduardo Saverin | Net Worth in Different Currencies

Eduardo Saverin’a net worth is a whopping $19 billion as of April 2024. Just for the sake of clarity, here’s a diversified look at Eduardo Saverin’s net worth in different currencies including the blockchain crypto Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 18.55 Billion
Pound Sterling £ 15.79 Billion
Australian Dollar A$ 27.46 Billion
Canadian Dollar C$ 24.44 Billion
Indian Rupee ₹ 1,518,784,000,000
Bitcoin ฿ 814,112.76

Eduardo Saverin | Real Estate, Cars, & Jets

Real Estate

This multi-billionaire boasts a property portfolio fit for a King.

Mr. Saverin is known to have properties in the United States, Brazil, and Singapore.

Reports indicate that Eduardo owns $10 million worth of real estate in the United States.

While it is also estimated that his property in Brazil is worth nearly $20 million.

The specifics of both these terms are yet to be known so do take it with a pinch of salt.

The Beverly Hills of Singapore (source: Mansion Global)

However, it is a well-known fact that he owns more than one luxury home in Singapore given that Singapore is his base of operations since the late 2000s.

In 2014, he spent $60 million on a penthouse in one of Singapore’s tallest residential buildings to settle down with his wife.

Similarly, in 2019, he splashed out $167 million for a home on two acres of land in Nassim Road where the ultra-wealthy live.

The area has also been dubbed the Beverly Hills of Singapore.


Eduardo Saverin’s net worth as of April 2024 is an eye-watering $19 billion.

And honestly, we would not be surprised to see a bunch of highly exotic cars just sitting there collecting dust in his garage.

However, the billionaire has been spotted driving a Bentley around the roads of Singapore from time to time.


It is also reported that the billionaire flies around town in his private jet.

The exact specifics of the model and pricing of the jet is not yet clear.

But one can easily assume that the billionaire investor has all sorts of luxuries set to comfort him in his flight across the globe.

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Eduardo Saverin | Lifestyle and Vacation

With a bodacious net worth of $19 billion, Eduardo Saverin was once prominently known as the billionaire playboy.

Since his engagement to Elaine Andriejanssen the playboy mantle has dropped.

However, the title of a billionaire is not changing anytime soon.

He got married in June of 2015 and has been residing in Singapore since 2009.

Elaine herself hails from a wealthy family that runs a number of businesses in Indonesia.

Eduardo and Elaine
Eduardo and Elaine (Source: BiographyPedia)

Back in 2011, Mr. Saverin renounced his US citizenship citing his interest in working and living in Singapore.

This coincidentally happened just before Facebook went public which in turn saved Eduardo $700 million in capital gain tax.

Mr. Saverin enjoys a lavish lifestyle and before his marriage, he was often seen in the most exclusive clubs spending a boat load of money.

Although the partying has somewhat diluted since his marriage, he still resides in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Singapore.

However, Mr. Saverin is extremely tight-lipped about his private life and he rarely gives interviews.

He highly values his privacy and attends a few of the many public events he is invited to speak at.

Coming to the vacation part of things, we do know for a fact that he visits Brazil a number of times a year.

Eduardo Saverin | Charity and Donations

The tech billionaire also tends to give back to the community from time to time.

In 2010, he launched an online charity platform, Aporta.

The charity platform supports the underprivileged in South America and around the world.

Similarly, he makes anonymous contributions to other firms and charitable organizations time and again.

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Eduardo Saverin | Facebook, Investments, and Films



Eduardo Saverin’s most notable investment has to be the initial $15,000 he provided for Facebook.

In 2003, while at Harvard, Saverin was approached by Mark Zuckerberg who pitched his idea for TheFacebook.

As per their agreement, Eduardo provided funds to buy servers for the site and maintained the positions of Chief Financial Officer and business manager of TheFacebook.

And along with Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes, TheFacebook launched in February 2004.

By the time TheFacebook became just Facebook, Eduardo maintained 34% ownership.

Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg During Their Time at Harvard (Source: Business Insider)

However, his ownership would be reduced to 24% when Facebook decided to accept investments from Peter Thiel.

After that transaction occurred, Facebook would then go on to issue 9 million founder shares which excluded Eduardo.

This caused Saverin’s stake to be reduced to less than 10% which in turn led to a counter lawsuit from both parties.

Albeit, Eduardo and Facebook settled for an undisclosed amount out of the court.

And when Facebook finally went public in 2012, Eduardo’s stake was valued at $2 billion.

B Capital

Ultimately, in 2015 Mr. Saverin alongside Raj Ganguly founded B Capital, a venture capital firm.

The capital firm has been investing its funds heavily in Southeast Asia, most notably in India.

It is estimated that the firm oversees around $3.5 billion across four offices and two funds.

Similarly, in 2016, the fund closed in deals worth about $140 million across Asia.

The deal included $30 million in regional logistics start-up ‘Ninja Van’ which has since grown to be one of the leading courier companies in southeast Asia.

Other Investments

Except for the aforementioned big investments, Eduardo also made early investments in significant start-ups.

Lyft, Qwiki, Jumio, ShopSavvy, Denso, etc. are a few to name.


Given the private life of a billionaire investor, Mr. Saverin has not made any silver screen appearances to date.

Nevertheless, he was portrayed with great elegance by young actor Andrew Garfield in the 2010 film ‘The Social Network.’

Unknown Facts about Eduardo Saverin

  • Mr. Saverin was a competitive chess player from 1997 to 2001.
  • Among his various interests, Saverin considers meteorology as one the most intriguing.


Does Eduardo Saverin still have his Facebook shares?

As per the proxy statement issued by Meta Platforms in 2022, Eduardo Saverin still maintains 2% ownership of the Company.

Why did Eduardo Saverin renounce his US Citizenship?

As per his official statement, Mr. Saverin renounced his US citizenship because of his “interest in working and living in Singapore.”

However, his action has generated a controversy that he did so to avoid paying taxes which he has denied time and again.

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