Edward Norton Net Worth: Charity & Career

An actor, Producer, and Environmentalist, Edward Norton from the United States, has a jaw-dropping net worth of $300 million.

Edward Harrison Norton was born on August 18, 1969, in Boston, Massachusetts.

His father, Edward Mower Norton Jr., is a former Marine lieutenant who went on to work as an environmental lawyer and federal prosecutor, and his mother was a high school English teacher.

Oscar Nominated Actor Edward Norton.
Oscar-Nominated Actor Edward Norton.

Moving on, for his debut role in “Primal Fear,” he was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award.

Since then, the actor has risen to become one of the world’s highest-paid actors.

In fact, he was even published as “the tag ‘finest actor of his generation’ clings to him wherever he goes” by many press magazines.

Overall, he has won and been nominated for various prizes and accolades, including a Golden Globe and three Academy Award nominations.

In addition, he directed and produced the 2009 documentary By the People: Barack Obama’s election, which follows  Barack Obama’s political efforts from 2006 to his election victory in 2008.

He also serves as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity.

Quick Facts

Let us have a look at some of her details in brief.

Full Name Edward Harrison Norton
Known as Edward Norton
Date of birth Aug 18, 1969
Place of birth Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Age 54 Years Old
Marital Status Married
Children 1
Father’s name Edward Mower Norton Jr.
Mother’s name Lydia Robinson “Robin” Rouse
Siblings 2
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Leo
Education Yale University
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Height 6 ft (1.83 m)
Weight 79kg
Religion No religion
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Film Producer, Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Voice Actor, Environmentalist, Journalist
Years active 1993- Present
Net worth $300 million
Endorsements Speek, Draftkings, PRADA, Verizon
Social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Last Update May, 2024

Edward Norton Net Worth & Income

Edward Norton’s net worth is divided into two categories. To begin with, his own hard work and talent have helped him earn large sums of money in the film industry.

Secondly, his inheritance provided him with a huge chunk of money.

Edward Norton reportedly inherited tens of millions of cash from his grandfather’s businesses, according to sources.

Thanks to exceptionally intelligent (and early) technology investments, he has built a small fortune outside of acting, possibly more than acting wage.

His movie “Moonrise Kingdom” (2012) got critical acclaim and positive reception from audiences, grossing more than $68 million.

Despite receiving only poor reviews from critics, “The Bourne Legacy” became Norton’s highest-earning film at the time, grossing over $276 million worldwide.

In brief, Edward Norton currently has a successful film career, and with continued success, his net worth is expected to rise in the coming years.

Net Worth of Edward Norton in Different Currencies

Mentioned below is his net worth calculated in different currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 268,024,658
Pound Sterling £ 227,359,957
Australian Dollar A$ 429,000,268
Canadian Dollar C$ 389,949,075
Indian Rupee 21,416,912,356
BitCoin ฿ 43196.41988

Edward Norton Lifestyle & Vacations


Firstly, he keeps his personal life private and has stated that he has no desire to be a superstar.

Secondly, he feels encouraged to keep his private life private and opts for a “regular life.”

On the other hand, Norton is a hard worker with a strong desire to be professional.

Apart from being a brilliant actor, he also plays the guitar.

He, in fact, played the guitar for Courtney Love’s band “Hole” at two shows.


Edward Norton enjoyed his family vacation on Amalfi Coast in Italy in 2019.

Ed's Italian Vacation.
Ed’s Italian Vacation.

While enjoying the great weather in Italy, the 49-year-old actor was accompanied by his wife Shauna Robertson and other family members.

Back in 2011, the Incredible Hulk actor and his then-girlfriend now-wife Shauna Robertson were seen on vacation in Sardinia.

He also revealed how he once saved Leonardo Dicaprio while diving during their trip to Galapagos Islands.

Edward Norton: Houses, Cars


Edward Norton is the grandson of a well-known real estate developer and urban designer, so no wonder he knows a thing or two about houses.

In New York City, Edward Norton owns a 3 million apartment.

According to sources, the actor also owns a few Malibu houses.

Malibu House of Edward Norton.
Malibu House of Edward Norton.

However, he sold his beach mansion in Malibu, California, for $4.395 million, nearly a million less than the asking price in 2018.

He also has a Hollywood Hills house.


You might be assuming that this multi-millionaire actor, too, owns a variety of sports cars, luxury sedans, and SUVs.

But unlike our imagination Edward Norton is an environmentalist who is concerned about the planet’s future.

Hence why, when it was out, the actor purchased the BMW Hydrogen 7 automobile.

BMW Hydrogen 7 of Edward Norton's.
BMW Hydrogen 7 of Edward Norton’s.

Other than that, Edward Norton has some other vehicles, including a Range Rover and a Mercedes.

Edward Norton Movies, Investments, Endorsements & Book Publications


Over the course of his remarkable film career, Edward Norton indeed has appeared in a lot of films.

To give you a clearer understanding of how Edward Norton’s net worth grew to such heights, here’s a rundown of the top ten films in which the actor has starred.

  1. The Incredible Hulk 
  2. The Bourne Legacy
  3. The Italian Job 
  4. Sausage Party 
  5. Red Dragon
  6. The Score
  7. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  8. Primal Fear 
  9. Moonrise Kingdom
  10. Birdman


Norton has quietly acquired a reputation as a knowledgeable technology investor.

He also owns Class 5 Films, a production firm through which he created the comedy-drama “Thanks for Sharing” in 2012.

He was an early Uber investor and, aside from Uber founder Travis Kalanick’s parents, was the first to ride an Uber in Los Angeles.

Norton also invested in the analytics firms Kensho and EDO.

When Kensho was sold to S&P Global for $550 million in 2018, Norton was certainly the largest individual equity stakeholder at that time.

Similarly, he co-founded CrowdRise, a crowdfunding platform that GoFundMe acquired in 2017.


Norton signed a deal with Speek, which is a web-based conference call startup.

As we mentioned earlier that he is a tech lover, so unsurprisingly, Norton has also put money into the company.

In 2015 Ed Norton featured in the commercial of Draftsking, as he narrated it.

Edward Norton Alongside Daria Warbowy Showcasing LG's Prada Branded Phone.
Edward Norton Alongside Daria Warbowy Showcasing LG’s Prada Branded Phone.

Also, LG featured Edward Norton alongside Daria Warbowy to advertise its new Prada-branded phone in 2012.

Being a tech lover, he penned another deal with Verizon and appeared in another commercial.

Additionally, the company’s aim was regarding ‘OK Google’ hands-free command making it more useful even in helpless situations.

Book Publications

Edward Norton along with, Terry Schreiber and Mary Beth Barber, wrote a book with the title Acting: Advanced Techniques for the Actor, Director, and Teacher.

As the name suggests, it is simply a book which offers readers everything there could be they need to know.

From warm-up exercises to sensory tools for climate and environment, from one’s physical condition to one’s sense of smell and sight, and so on.

Readers will also receive detailed instructions on making the most of practice time and preparing for in-class scene work.


After graduating from high school, the stage and film actor worked for his late grandfather’s Enterprise Foundation.

It is a nationwide nonprofit that offers low-income residents in metropolitan cities with affordable home options.

Furthermore, Norton is the founder of the Solar Neighbors Program, which distributes a solar system to a low-income family through Enterprise Community Partners every time a celebrity buys one.

Similarly, he contributes regularly to the Grand Canyon Trust, the Wilderness Society, and Earthjustice, all of which were founded by his father.

Norton also serves on the board of Friends of the High Line, which is a New York-based organization.

It is dedicated to preserving a historic, abandoned railway line that extends a few floors above street level in Manhattan.

Edward Norton Being Appointed As 'Goodwill Ambassador Of Biodiversity' By United Nations.
Edward Norton Being Appointed As ‘Goodwill Ambassador Of Biodiversity’ By United Nations.

Above all, the actor thanks his father for developing in him a sense of environmental awareness.

In 2010, Edward Norton was named Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity by the United Nations.


Norton worked in theater for a while, and at the Signature Theatre Company, he wrote play scripts.

Norton received his first film job in the 1996 film “Primal Fear” after being noticed by a casting agency in 1995.

Later in 1998, he made amends in “American History X,” for which he received his second ever Academy Award nomination.

Furthermore, Norton’s career skyrocketed in 1999 when he starred alongside Brad Pitt in “Fight Club,” a part for which he trained in boxing, taekwondo, and grappling.

Edward Norton With Brad Pitt.
Edward Norton With Brad Pitt.

Moreover, 2014 was an excellent year for Norton.

He appeared in two Academy Award-winning films: The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Birdman.”

Similarly, the crime picture “Motherless Brooklyn” is directed, written, and produced by him in 2019.

Some Interesting Facts about him

  • He is of English descent, with minor elements of German, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), and Swiss-German.
  • Edward Norton has stated several times that he would have been a pilot if he had not chosen acting as a career.
  • He learned scuba diving since he was 16.

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Are Edward Norton and Brad Pitt friends?

Since Fight Club, Edward Norton and Brad Pitt have been friends. It was a game-changer for both Edward Norton and Brad Pitt when they co-starred in Fight Club in 1999.

Is Edward Norton difficult?

Despite his critical acclaim, Norton has a reputation for being tough to deal with, including instances where he edited the final cuts and rewrote screenplays against the will of other producers.

Will Edward Norton return as Hulk?

According to reports, Norton will not return to the Hulk at any cost as long as Feige is the boss and he and Norton are in conflict.

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