Eddie Levert Wife Passed Away – What Happened To Martha Levert? Children And Net Worth

Eddie Levert Wife Passed Away

There is news on the internet that Eddie Levert Wife Passed Away. To know more about this news and to know more about Eddie Levert read the article below.

Eddie Levert is a famous and well-known American producer, singer, and songwriter in Bessemer, Alabama. 

He is best known as the lead vocalist of the R&B group The O’Jays, which he co-founded in the late 1950s with Walter Williams and William Powell.

One the biggest R&B acts of the 1970s, The O’Jays were recognized for songs like “Love Train,” “Back Stabbers,” and “For the Love of Money.” The group’s sound was defined by Eddie’s strong and soulful voice.

That contributed to their success both critically and commercially.

Eddie has produced a number of solo albums, including “I Still Got It,” “The Last Man Standing,” and “Did I Make You Go Ooh,” in addition to his work with the O’Jays.

Also, he has worked with other musicians and appeared in films and TV series.

Eddie Levert is regarded as a legend in the music business because of his ability, commitment, and contribution to the soul and R&B genres.

Eddie Levert Wife Passed Away – What Happened To Martha Levert?

Martha Levert (born 1942 – died 2020) was a citizen of the United States. 

She was Eddie Levert’s previous wife (Actor, Singer and Songwriter). She afterward dissolved her married relationship with him.

Martha died on January 2, 2020. Carlysia Levert, her granddaughter, also paid a tribute on Instagram.

Her grandma had died in the morning, she wrote. Yet, she praised God for allowing her to talk with her.

Eddie Levert Wife Passed Away
Levert with the band. (Source: Instagram)

Her uncle Sean and father Gerald perished in the past as well. In the meantime, she prayed to God for her grandmother. On the other hand, Maratha was so close to her grandchildren and children.

She also spent as much time as she could with them before passing away. Ms. Levert also participated in community service activities. She always encouraged New York’s social groups.

Martha died naturally at home, where she had lived many happy years with her adored husband and children.

The news of Martha’s death devastated everyone who knew and loved her.

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Eddie Levert Children

Eddie and Martha exchanged vows in the year 1966; however, the exact marriage date is unknown to us. Eddie and Martha were parents to two sons.

Gerald Levert was also a successful musician and songwriter. He passed away in 2008. Sean Levert was their younger son. According to some reports, he was killed in 2006.

Eddie Levert Wife Passed Away
Levert’s band poster, the O’JAYS. (Source: Instagram)

The loss of family members within a short period was undoubtedly a difficult time for Eddie and the family. Eddie and his children stayed close despite their loss and supported one another through the difficult years.

They have been outspoken about their love for one another and the value of family, and they continue to remember their loved ones.

Although, after 40 years of marriage, Levert separated from Eddie. Mt. Levert then married Raquel Capelton.

Eddie Levert Net Worth

The music legend has an estimated net worth of 18 million dollars. This figure shows us that Eddir has had a successful and long career in the music industry.

Despite all the fame and success, Eddie’s career has not been without hurdles.

Eddie Levert Wife Passed Away
Eddie with his new missus. (Source: Instagram)

His wife Matha’s death was clearly a tough moment for him, and it is apparent that her death influenced his career. However, Eddie has continued to record music and perform and remains a respected figure in the music industry.

Eddie and the family have remained strong after the time of Martha’s death, and they continue to commemorate her memory.

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