Carlton Pearson Family: Wife Gina Marie, Parents And Kids

Carlton Pearson Family

Carlton Pearson family included wife Gina Marie, parents Rev. Adam Louis Pearson and Lillie Ruth, and children Julian and Majeste.

Carlton D’Metrius Pearson, born on March 19, 1953, was a prominent American minister and gospel music artist whose impactful journey in faith and music left an indelible mark.

Hailing from San Diego, California, Pearson’s spiritual odyssey found its roots at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, where he received an education and forged a significant mentorship with the renowned Oral Roberts himself.

Immersed in the world of gospel music, Pearson lent his voice to the World Action Singers during his university years, showcasing a commitment to his faith and a talent that would resonate through his future endeavors.

Following his time at Oral Roberts University, Pearson continued his association with the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association, where he served as an associate evangelist, further solidifying his position in the evangelical community.

In 1981, Pearson took a bold step and founded the Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center, later renamed the Higher Dimensions Family Church.

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the church quickly burgeoned into one of the largest congregations in the region, boasting an average attendance of over 6,000 during the 1990s.

Pearson’s charismatic leadership and musical contributions shaped his community’s spiritual landscape and established him as a significant figure in American gospel music and ministry.

Carlton Pearson Family: Wife Gina Marie

Carlton Pearson, the American preacher, author, and gospel singer, was once married to Gina Marie Gauthier, a woman of diverse talents and accomplishments.

The couple exchanged vows in 1993, marking the beginning of a journey that would later encounter significant challenges.

Carlton Pearson Family
Carlton Pearson with his ex-wife Gina Marie. (source: The US Sun)

Gina Marie Gauthier, originally from Lake Charles, established herself as a respected Transformational Human Development Trainer and Coach, showcasing her leadership in ontological coaching— the science of being.

Before her union with Carlton Pearson, Gina served as the director of constituent services for Rep. William J. Jefferson, displaying her dedication to public service.

A graduate of Louisiana State University with a degree in general studies concentrating on psychology and business administration, she furthered her education with graduate work in public administration at L.S.U.

Gina’s commitment to personal and professional development led her to found R.E.A.L. Enterprises (Radical Expansion through Authentic Living), a versatile enterprise promoting transformational education and executive coaching.

As an international speaker and workshop facilitator, she shared her expertise on a global scale.

The complexities of life tested the marital bond between Carlton Pearson and Gina.

Despite filing for divorce on August 25, 2015, Gina dismissed her petition on May 19, 2016, suggesting a complex journey of reconciliation or evolving circumstances within their shared history.

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Carlton Pearson Parents And Kids

Carlton Pearson, born on March 19, 1953, in San Diego, California, was the son of the Rev. Adam Louis Pearson and Lillie Ruth Johnson Pearson.

Raised within a religious household, his father served as the pastor of St. John’s Church of God in Christ in La Jolla, California.

Carlton Pearson Family
Carlton Pearson pictured with his ex-wife and their two kids. (source: Ghanafuo)

Growing up with one brother and four sisters, Pearson’s early inclination towards spirituality became evident when he initiated his first “church” at the tender age of 6, using pie pans as makeshift tambourines.

In 1993, Pearson married Gina Marie Gauthier, and together, they had two children who brought diverse passions to the family.

Their son, Julian D’Metrius Pearson, has chosen a more private life as the founder and C.E.O. of JKrown Films.

On the other hand, their daughter, Majeste Amour Pearson, displayed a love for music from a young age, undertaking classical piano lessons at four and later delving into musical theater.

Majeste made her national debut on the FOX reality singing competition “The Four: Battle for Stardom.”

The Pearson family reflects a rich tapestry of spirituality, creativity, and diverse talents.

Sadly, Carlton Pearson’s passing on November 19, 2023, marks the end of a life that left an indelible mark on his family and the broader realms of gospel music and ministry.

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