Ed Vaizey Wife Alex Vaizey: Married Life And Kids

Ed Vaizey Wife

Exploring the marital journey and the information regarding Ed Vaizey wife, Alex Vaizey: A Closer Look at Their Married Life and Children

Edward Henry Butler Vaizey, Baron Vaizey of Didcot, PC, is a British Conservative politician, media columnist, commentator, and barrister.

He served as Minister for Culture, Communications, and Creative Industries from 2010–2016 and was Member of Parliament for Wantage from 2005–2019.

A regular Conservative pundit, the barrister has written columns for The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Times, and The Daily Telegraph.

He is also a frequent broadcaster, appearing on BBC radio and Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff.

In 2010, Vaizey made The Guardian’s Film Power 100 list and had a cameo in 2012’s Tortoise in Love as an Oxfordshire MP.

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Ed Vaizey Wife, Alex Vaizey

Alex Holland “Vaizey” is globally known as the wife of Ed Vaizey. She is originally from Hammersmith, England, in the United Kingdom.

Before her marriage, her maiden name was Alex Holland. After getting married to the politician, she took on his last name. She is believed to be a legal advisor based in Hammersmith, England, where she and her husband reside.

The couple has two children: a son named Joseph and a daughter named Martha. Ed Vaizey’s wife maintains a relatively low public profile compared to her political husband.

Ed Vaizey Wife
Ed Vaizey’s wife, Alex, has supported his political career since the beginning. (Source: abtc)

Details about her background and professional experience are limited. But Ed Vaizey’s wife is known to be a lawyer who has supported him throughout his political career, including before becoming his wife in 2005.

The pair has predominantly maintained the secrecy of their family affairs, nurturing their son and daughter jointly away from the public spotlight.

Ed Vaizey Married Life

Vaizey married Alex in September 2005 after 18 months of dating her. He decided she was the woman he wanted to spend his life with after their year and a half of courtship.

He waited until after the UK general election in May 2005 to propose, wanting to ensure he had a steady job as an MP before taking that step.

Once elected, their wedding was held that September in the chapel of the House of Commons.

Ed’s best man at the wedding was fellow Conservative MP, Michael Gove.

Ed Vaizey Wife
Ed Vaizey’s wife is said to be his legal advisor. (Source: TG TIme)

Though the media columnist is a prominent politician, he said their wedding day would not be a political event.

It was focused solely on their love and future as a married couple. The two have now been happily married for over 15 years.

By his own account, becoming an MP and marrying his partner were the political commentator’s two most significant life milestones.

Their married life since 2005 has largely stayed out of the public spotlight as they’ve raised their children together.

Ed Vaizey Kids

Ed and Alex Vaizey have two young children together: a son named Joseph, age 6, and a daughter named Martha, age 4.

According to specific online reports, it’s claimed that they live with their children in Wantage, Oxfordshire, although some articles suggest their residence is situated in Hammersmith, England.

The barrister has spoken publicly about how becoming an MP and representing Wantage in Parliament was a lifelong dream. Nonetheless, he emphasizes that his most crucial choice was tying the knot with Alex.

Ed Vaizey Wife
Ed Vaizey photographed with the children of Chilton County Primary School. (Source: Twitter)

Though his political career is a massive source of pride and accomplishment, the British politician values his family most.

The political commentator and Alex have maintained a relatively private family life while raising their kids out of the public spotlight.

At just 6 and 4 years old, their children have spent their short lives growing up with a politician for a father.

But Ed’s priority has always been being a loving husband to his spouse and a dedicated dad to the kids, despite his professional responsibilities. The couple cherishes the time spent together as a family in Oxfordshire, away from his public role.

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