Dr Tyler Bigenho Wife And Married Life: Wikipedia And Age

Dr Tyler Bigenho Wife

Who is Dr Tyler Bigenho wife? Amid the social media debate, an additional query about the Indonesian-American Chiropractor’s married life speculation surfaced.  

Dr Tyler Bigenho is a self-made Indonesian-American Chiropractor. Likewise, Bigenho has gained significant popularity with experience spanning over several decades.

Bigenho currently resides in Newport Beach, California. Also, he is the CEO of CleanSpine Newport Beach, CA. Moreover, he is a Licensed Chiropractor.

Bigenho has achieved a remarkable feat. Likewise, he is regarded as a legendary figure in the local community.

Expanding his ventures, Bigenho has identified a potential career opportunity. Also, he has left an indelible mark in the society.

Bigenho was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. Likewise, his journey began when he joined the business ventures.

Besides his career as a Chiropractor, he is a famous social media star. He has accumulated millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 

Likewise, the viral TikTok star accomplished an extraordinary milestone and developed his talent.

Bigenho’s achievements demonstrate his passion. Similarly, the viral creator’s work highlights his dedication and determination to pursue his goals.

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Meet Dr Tyler Bigenho Wife

Talented Chiropractor Dr Tyler Bigenho wife is spotlighted as he impresses audiences with his excellent skills and spine-cracking videos. Likewise, he has fixed several celebrities’ joint adjustments. 

Dr Tyler Bigenho has not tied the knot as of this writing. Similarly, he is dating his girlfriend, Jales Aurora.

On 6 December 2022, Aurora explored a “Do you FilpiKnow?” segment with her partner Tyler in one of their YouTube videos. She wrote: 

You might know Dr. Tyler as your favorite ASMR chiropractor, but did you know he’s an honorary Filipino?

Dr Tyler Bigenho’s partner, Jules Aurora, is a famous singer and actress. Likewise, she began her career in 2015.

Dr Tyler Bigenho Wife and partner
Dr Tyler Bigenho Wife: The Chiropractor with his partner, Jules Aurora, in a fun interview. (Source: YouTube)

Aurora first posted weekly singing covers on Instagram and YouTube. Eventually, her social media presence grew to over 200 thousand followers.

Dr Tyler Bigenho’s partner then launched herself as an actress and a model. Similarly, she became a Grammy Award-winning artist Macklemore.

Aurora headlined concerts with Apl.de.ap of The Black Eyed Peas. Also, she sang at several sporting events. Besides, she has modeled for many national campaigns for Disney, Sexy Hair, and more. 

However, Bigenho has lived his life maintaining privacy and secrecy. So, he has kept his wedding plans with Aurora under wraps. 

Perhaps the mesmerizing mair plans to marry soon. Their relationship ages like a fine wine. 

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Dr Tyler Bigenho Married Life And Kids

Speaking of Dr Tyler Bigenho’s married life, the Chiropractor is not married yet. Also, he has no kids as of this writing.

Learning about the Chiropractor’s married life might be exciting for his supporters. However, Bigenho keeps his wedding plans under wraps. 

Bigenho partner’s unwavering support has been a cornerstone of his success. Actress and singer Aurora’s love gives Tyler the encouragement and strength to excel in a demanding field.

Moreover, the two might plan to start a sweet family soon. This will show a testament to their love and commitment. 

Dr Tyler Bigenho Wikipedia And Age

Chiropractor Dr Tyler Bigenho is a known name in the YouTube community. Likewise, his ASMR and body-cracking videos are viral on TikTok.

Tyler is the CEO of Clean Spine. Likewise, his chiropractic clinic is located in Newport Beach, California.

Tyler’s TikTok and YouTube channel serve as the best platforms to watch satisfying chiropractic treatment videos. His videos often feature favorite celebs like Jaya and Luna Maya.

Dr Tyler Bigenho Wikipedia
Dr Tyler Bigenho’s complete body crack treatment releases instant pain in his patients. (Source: YouTube)

The man has gained significant popularity and has entertained audiences worldwide as a master of his trade.

Eventually, Bigenho’s interest grew and became a lifelong commitment. Besides, his appointments and videos show his experience.

Nevertheless, the Chiropractor’s channel is a natural monument to his skill. The man continues to fix both celebrities and typical patients.

The self-made man’s deliberate choice to keep his career blooming is strategic. Bigenho generates buzz as he prepares to launch his new venture. 

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