Alix Earle New Boyfriend: Is She Dating Braxton Berrios?

Alix Earle New Boyfriend

Alix Earle new boyfriend has been the most searched topic on the internet, with many wanting to learn if she is dating Braxton Berrios. Let’s learn about it alongside Alix’s dating history via this comprehensive article.

Alix Earle has undoubtedly made a name for herself as an influential TikTok star and social media influencer. 

She is focusing on makeup, fashion, and lifestyle content that never fails to captivate audiences.

Similarly, she has established an impressive fanbase exceeding 3 million Instagram followers through remarkable engagement with online followers.

However, Aside from cultivating an engaging virtual presence, Earle remains committed to academic pursuits as part of the University of Miamis’ class of 2023.

She is majoring in business administration and marketing, reflecting her interest in the business panorama and determination to deepen her knowledge in this domain.

Before garnering widespread recognition on social media platforms.

Earle actively sought diverse work experiences that shaped her journey thus far.

Alix Earle’s versatility is evident as she actively contributes to the operations at Hazel Boutique in New Jersey, showcasing her passion for fashion and style.

Additionally, she takes on an internship role at Earle, a family-owned business specializing in road construction and paving.

Alix Earle New Boyfriend: Is She Dating Braxton Berrios?

People are showing great interest in “Alix Earle New Boyfriend” as they are curious to know more about her relationship.

Grabbing headlines across platforms, social media sensation Alix Earle confirmed her relationship with Braxton Berrios, the talented wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins.

Alix Earle New Boyfriend
It is confirmed! Alix Earle New Boyfriend is Braxton Berrios. (source: pagesix)

It was at the ESPY Awards 2023, where the presence of the couple together on the red carpet created quite a stir since it took place on July 12th of this year.

Fans had already been whispering about this pair’s possible romance, given how often they were spotted enjoying each others’ company during various outings leading up to this occasion.

However, it was undoubtedly clear when Earle released a TikTok video on June 26th.

The video features a brief clip showing her hugging and kissing Berrios shirtless in her bedroom.

It didn’t take long for her loyal following to identify him in no time positively.

The couple further solidified their connection by spending quality time together in the Hamptons during a weekend getaway and attending the Palm Tree Music Festival on June 24th.

This association captured dedicated fans’ and media circles’ attention.

Alix Earle, one who shines brilliantly via TikTok, has now found love in Braxton Berrios, a notable professional athlete.

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Alix Earle dating history

Alix Earle has gained popularity as a prominent figure on TikTok and a recognized name within social media circles.

Her dating history boasts several noteworthy relationships, including one with professional baseball player Tyler Wade.

Alix Earle New Boyfriend
Alix Earle has split from Tyler Wade after three months of dating. (source: justjaredjr)

Their courtship lasted approximately three months in 2022 before reaching its end.

During a TikTok Live session, Earle verified their breakup by mentioning that one contributing factor was Wade’s hesitation to share photographs of them on popular social media channels.

Born on November 23rd, 1994, in Murrieta, California, Tyler Wade attended Murrieta Valley High School.

He then started a college baseball career at The University Of San Diego.

His outstanding performance led him to be chosen by The New York Yankees during the fourth round of the sought-after Major League Baseball (MLB) draft held back in 2013.

Wade made his impactful debut for The Yankees during a Major League Baseball (MLB) game held in 2017.

He successfully managed to cement his reputation as an asset for his team until The Angels acquired him following a trade agreement during mid-2022.

Despite its relatively short duration, the romantic bond between Earle and Wade swiftly garnered attention due to the intriguing combination of their backgrounds in entertainment and sports.

Regardless of the split, both parties have remained steadfast in nurturing their respective professions and personal aspirations.

Alix Earles’s dating history is a testament to her journey through intimate connections within the public eye, with her involvement with Tyler Wade standing tall among others as an especially remarkable encounter.

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