Dorit Kemsley Sister Debbie Lemel Gross, Siblings And Parents

Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley Sister Debbie has piqued the interest of fans of the American fashion designer and television personality, as the sisters seem to have a close bond with each other.

Dorit Kemsley is a renowned American fashion designer and television personality who skyrocketed to fame as a main cast member on the popular reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Since joining the show in its seventh season, the designer has established herself as a prominent figure and a fan favorite.

In 2017, she followed her passion for fashion and design by launching her swimwear brand, Beverly Beach by Dorit, which has garnered significant attention and success.

Kemsley’s talents go beyond fashion design and television, as she has expanded her creative pursuits into the bridal industry with her collection called Nektaria. This demonstrates her versatility and ability to excel in different areas.

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Dorit Kemsley Sister Debbie Lemel Gross

Dorit Kemsley has a younger sister named Debbie Lemel Gross, who plays an important role in her life.

Debbie resides in Boca Raton, Florida, and is the proud owner of “Bespoke Travel,” a travel agency she runs alongside her husband, Bruce David Gross.

Together, they have a teenage daughter named Brayden Ariella Gross, who embodies a positive outlook on life instilled by her parents’ strong family values.

The TV star and her sister, Debbie, have a strong bond that is evident on social media.

Dorit Kemsley Sister Debbie Lemel Gross
Pictured: Dorit Kemsley with her sister, Debbie Lemel Gross, and brother, David (Source: Bravo TV)

When the fashion designer’s husband, PK, posted a photo of them together on Instagram, she called her younger sister her “BFF,” showing how close they are as best friends forever.

The designer playfully responded with emojis, reflecting their loving relationship.

Even though they live in different states, the sisters maintain close connections and support each other. They cherish their time together and show the world the importance of family and the unbreakable bond they share.

Dorit Kemsley Siblings

In addition to her close relationship with her younger sister, the TV personality has an older brother named David.

The trio shares a special bond and is often referred to as the “three Musketeers.” He works as a real estate agent in their home state of Connecticut.

David is happily married to Valerie Schnipper Lemel, and together, they have two children: a son named Daniel and a daughter named Drew.

The fashion designer holds her brother in high regard and has expressed her appreciation for his constant support and the happiness he brings to her life.

Dorit Kemsley Siblings
Dorit Kemsley with her older brother, David, when they were young  (Source: Bravo TV)

The Kemsley siblings, known as the “three Musketeers,” have shared many special moments that highlight their strong sibling bond.

They treasure their memories together, demonstrating the importance of family and the lasting connections they share.

Even with their busy lives, they make an effort to maintain their relationship and keep their bond strong.

She deeply admires her brother and appreciates his constant support, which shows their love and appreciation for each other as siblings.

Dorit Kemsley Parents

Dorit was born on July 14, 1976, in Woodbridge, Connecticut. Her parents played a significant role in shaping her values and character. Her father, Shalom Lemel, is of Israeli descent and has worked as a technician.

Despite his Israeli roots, he spent most of his life in Woodbridge. Her mother, Rachel, was born in Morocco and grew up in Connecticut.

Rachel comes from a family of strong women, including her mother Lola, and her aunts and grandmothers, who have influenced her perspective on motherhood.

Rachel’s educational background is not known, but she had a job at Yale University at some point in her employment history, indicating her accomplishments.

Shalom and Rachel have been proud parents, raising their three kids. Shalom particularly takes pride in the TV star’s work on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and often supports her by promoting episodes on his Instagram page.

Dorit Kemsley Parents
Together with her father, Dorit Kemsley walked down the Isle. (Source: Instagram)

The designer’s upbringing in a family with diverse backgrounds and strong bonds has influenced her life and career.

She has credited her mother, Rachel, and the other women in her family for teaching her valuable lessons about motherhood and for shaping her into the person she is today.

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