Donya Tesoro Boyfriend: Is She Dating Sandro Marcos? Relationship Timeline

Donya Tesoro Boyfriend

Who is Donya Tesoro boyfriend? There have been rumors about Donya dating Sandro Marcos, and neither of the parties has confirmed or denied these speculations.

Donya Tesor,o whose birthname is Dona Cresencia “Donya” Reyes Tesor, was born on April 5, 1991. She is a well-known Filipina politician.

Donya has been serving as the Mayor of San Manuel, Tarla,c since 2019. Before becoming a mayor, She was vice mayor from 2016 to 2019.

Furthermore, the politician was a councilor in San Manuel. She served there as a councilor from 2013 to 2016.

Tesoro played a role in National politics as a Municipal Councilor. She served there for over two years.

Tesoro was the Executive Vice President of the Lady Legislators League (4L) of the Philippines from 2016 to 2019.

Her achievement extends beyond her local role. Donya was recognized as one of the “Millenial Mayors” in mega Manila after her 2019 national election.

Donya’s contribution to the political field is commendable. She is working hard as a mayor to upgrade the living standard of people.

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Donya Tesoro Boyfriend: Is She Dating Sandro Marcos?

There have been persistent rumors regarding a romantic relationship between Donya Tesoro and Sandro Maros. Both of them belong to the Political arena in the Philippines.

Donya Tesoro Boyfriend
Donya Tesor, a mayor of Tarlac city, is rumored to be dating Sandro Marcus. (Source: Instagram)

Donya and Sandro occasionally interact due to their shared political involvement. However, these interactions do not necessarily imply a romantic relationship between them.

Despite their shared professional world, neither has publicly confirmed their potential relationship. So, there is no concrete evidence supporting these gossips.

Their lack of social media interaction has fueled this intrigue. Dony and Sandro Marcos do not follow each other on Instagram.

While some have speculated that they may be keeping their relationship under wraps, it’s important to note that both seem to be single as of now.

Donya and Sandro are both private persons. They do not share much on their social media except things that can be revealed.

Donya Tesoro’s rumored boyfriend,d Sandro Marcus, is carving a political path in the Philippines. He presently holds the representative position for Illocos Norte’s 1st congressional district.

Notably, Sandro is the eldest son of Philippine President Bongbong Marcos and First Lady Liza Marcos. This has added to the public interest surrounding his personal life.

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Donya Tesoro Relationship Timeline

As of 2023, Donya Tesoro is an accomplished politician. She appears to be single and focused on her career.

Donya Tesoro Boyfriend
Donya Tesoro is focused on her career and is unmarried. (Source: Instagram)

Donya is giving her all to strengthen her city. As the Mayor of Tarlac City, she is meticulous and works hard to serve her people.

The Mayor is known for her intelligence and dedication to politics. Her dedication and commitment have earned her the admiration of many.

While she may have had past relationships, his current relationship status remains undisclosed.

Donya might be seeing someone right now. However, it is common for people like Donya to hide certain aspects of her life.

People often speculate about Donya’s personal life. They even associate her with other prominent political figures.

However, these associations are primarily based on speculation, as Donya Tesoro has not confirmed any romantic involvement with anyone.

Her private life remains a mystery. Any assumptions about her personal life should be taken with caution.

In the public eye, The Mayor of Tarlac is known for her beauty and intelligence. People are highly interested in her private life.

Donya Tesoro boyfriend, if she has one, remains a riddle that is hard to solve. Many want to see her with Vico Sotto, Mayor of Pasig City.

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