Donny Pangilinan Sister, Hannah Pangilinan, Ella Pangilinan Age Gap

Donny Pangilinan Sister

The Pangilinan family is well-known, with Donny Pangilinan Sister. Let’s explore the age gap between Donny, his sister Hannah, and another sister, Ella.

Donny Pangilinan, a multi-talented Filipino personality, has swiftly risen to prominence in the entertainment world.

Born on February 10, 1998, in Manila, Philippines, he embarked on his career journey in 2016 as a VJ for Myx, a popular Philippine pay TV channel.

Donny made his film debut in “Walwal,” a Regal Entertainment production, and has since continued to make his mark in the acting world with roles in films like “James & Pat & Dave” and “He’s Into Her.”

Not confined to acting, Donny has also ventured into music, releasing singles like “Did You” and “Wings.” 

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Donny Pangilinan Sister

The Pangilinan siblings, Donny, Hannah, and Ella, have been making their mark in various fields, each pursuing their individual paths and celebrating shared milestones.

The younger sister, Hannah Pangilinan, has garnered recognition as a prominent YouTuber and singer.

Her online presence has attracted a significant following, and she recently inked a deal with Universal Records, a notable achievement in her music career.

The bond between Hannah and her brother Donny is heartwarming, evident in the sweet birthday greetings she shares for him on social media, showcasing their close relationship.

Ella Pangilinan, the elder sister of the trio, has maintained a more private profile than her siblings.

Donny Pangilinan Sister
Donny Pangilinan has two sisters, Hannah and Ella. (source: pop)

While not much is known about her career or personal life, she recently achieved a significant milestone by graduating from college, a feat celebrated alongside Donny and Hannah.

Their shared graduation symbolizes their academic achievements and robust family support system, with proud parents Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa congratulating them on their successes.

The Pangilinan siblings continue to be a close-knit unit, each carving their unique paths while celebrating their shared journey and accomplishments.

Donny Pangilinan Sister: Donny Pangilinan, Hannah Pangilinan And Ella Pangilinan

The Pangilinan family, consisting of Donny, Hannah, and Ella, shares a close-knit bond, with each sibling pursuing their unique paths and celebrating shared milestones.

Understanding the age gaps between them adds a layer to their intriguing dynamic.

Donny Pangilinan, born on February 10, 1998, is the elder brother.

Hannah follows as the younger sister, born on July 22, 2000, marking a nearly two-year age gap between them.

Their relationship is characterized by a supportive and affectionate camaraderie, evident in the sweet birthday messages they exchange on social media.

In contrast, Donny is the younger sibling when it comes to Ella.

Donny Pangilinan Sister
The Pangilinan siblings are close and supportive of each other. (source: rappler)

As of 2022, Ella is 26 years old, with her birthdate falling on July 13, 1996, while Donny’s birthdate is in 1998. This age gap of approximately two years places Ella as the elder sister.

Their interactions on social media platforms further showcase the genuine love and closeness they share as a family.

The Pangilinan siblings are bonded by blood and the deep-rooted support and care they have for each other as they navigate their respective journeys.

Donny Pangilinan Family 

Donny Pangilinan hails from a family deeply entrenched in Philippine entertainment and media.

With many talents and achievements, his family, known as “Team Pangilinan,” is celebrated for their contributions to the industry and advocacy for family and wellness.

Donny’s parents, Maricel Laxa and Anthony Pangilinan, are pillars of the Philippine entertainment and motivational speaking arenas.

His mother, Maricel Laxa, is a distinguished actress and television host whose presence on screen has left an indelible mark.

On the other hand, Anthony Pangilinan is a revered motivational speaker and author known for his wisdom and inspiring words.

The Pangilinan siblings extend beyond Donny, encompassing Hannah, Ella, Benjamin, and Solana.

Hannah has made a name for herself as a YouTuber and singer, while Benjamin excels in basketball.

While less known in the public eye, Ella is an integral part of this closely-knit unit, and Solana, the youngest, adds a touch of youthful exuberance to the family dynamic.

This remarkable family tree also boasts an illustrious branch through Donny’s uncle, talent manager Angeli Pangilinan, married to the renowned singer Gary Valenciano.

Their son, Gab Valenciano, follows in the footsteps of his media personality family members.

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