Did Raoul Moat Kill His Ex Girlfriend? Victims And Case Details Explored

Raoul Moat

Did Raoul Moat kill his ex girlfriend has been the most searched question on the internet as people are curious to know more about the case. This article will provide you with insight on the victims and case details as well.

In the summer of 2010, shocking news of a man shooting his ex-girlfriend and her new partner circulated in the United Kingdom.

The killer was Raoul Moat, who was also an ex-prisoner and was running from the local police after shooting his ex-partner to death.

The case has again come to the public’s attention after a new ITV true crime drama, The Hunt for Raoul Moat, was introduced and was based on the real case.

Moreover, people on the internet are curious to know more about the case. Continue reading to find out more about the case details and the victim.

Did Raoul Moat Kill His Ex Girlfriend?

 As per the sources, the murder shot his Ex partner Samantha Stobbart. Moat and Samantha had been dating for six years before the attack. The couple together had a young daughter. 

The killer only had one prior conviction for common assault despite the fact that he had been detained twelve times and been charged with seven different offenses.

Stobbart lied to him about her new boyfriend being a police officer when she was incarcerated because she was afraid of him.

Did Raoul Moat kill his ex girlfriend
The killer’s ex-partner lost her eye sight due to the incident. (Source: The SUN)

However after hearing the news Raoul was not happy and wanted to take revenge from his ex girlfriend and her new partner for the betrayal.

Moreover, the killer went to take revenge from his ex partner after his release. According to I News, Moat’s Facebook status read: “Just got out of jail, I’ve lost everything… Watch and see what happens.” as just prior to the attacks.

Furthermore, Samantha luckily survived the incident, but she has lost her eye sight due to the horrifying act by her ex-partner.

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Raoul Moat Victims – Revealed

Ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart, her new boyfriend Chris Brown, and policeman David Rathband were the murderer’s victims.

Brown was killed, Stobbart was admitted to the hospital, and Rathband spent close to three weeks in the hospital before taking his own life on February 29, 2012.

Raoul Moat
The victim Chris Brown who was shot by Raoul Moat. (Source: The Mirror)

On March 16, 2012, family members and other law enforcement personnel attended the late police officer’s funeral at Stafford Crematorium.

According to Radio Times, the murder’s ex-girlfriend wanted to take her own life after losing her eye sight but decided to live for her young daughter.

In addition, she also mentioned that she has been traumatized by her ex-partner’s act and still sleeps with her lights on.

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Raoul Moat Case Details – Explored

Having been released from Durham Prison on July 1st, Moat is said to have visited Stobbart and her new partner, 29-year-old karate instructor Chris Brown, at their Birtley home early on July 3rd.

Brown left the house at 2:40 in the morning to confront Raoul but was fatally shot with a shotgun at close range.

Stobbart was shot through the glass in the arm and abdomen. She was rushed to the hospital for liver surgery and placed under armed protection.

Raoul Moat
The ITV drama The Hunt for Raoul Moat has caught many peoples attention as it is based on the true event. (Source: ITV)

Police Constable David Rathband was shot at 12:45 a.m. on July 4th while seated in a police car on the roundabout of the A1 and A69 roads close to East Denton.

According to sources, Moat called the police 12 minutes before shooting PC Rathband in order to taunt them and inform them of his upcoming actions.

On July 10, 2010, the murderer shot himself after being surrounded by police officers. The officers claimed that no shots were fired by them; in fact, they wanted Moat to surrender.




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