7 Designers to Watch Out at this Year’s London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

Designers to Watch Out at London Fashion Week!!

We find an unparallel balance of sense of style and fashion in London. The fashion sense of this city screams novelty and enthusiasm while maintaining its demure tradition.

Similarly, being home to many famous fashion designers and textile industries, finding fresh and ascending talents in London is not a big deal.

These emerging designers can challenge the status quo and aid in revolutionizing fashion. And to facilitate these up-and-coming designers, London Fashion Week (LFW) has become a significant platform.

A model walking the runway at London Fashion Week (Source: Pinterest)
A Model Walking the Runway at London Fashion Week (Source: Pinterest)

Coming to the present, this year’s London Fashion Week will use a hybrid working style, including both physical and virtual shows like breathtaking catwalk displays, presentations, dress exhibitions, appointments, and several other events.

And as this year’s LFW is within reach, let’s talk about those rising talents to look for at this event. Here is the list of seven designers to watch out for this year’s London Fashion Week!

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1. Molly Goddard
3. Daniel W. Fletcher
4. Conner Ives
5. Supriya Lele
6. Nensi Dojaka
7. Yuhan Wang

Designers To Watch Out For This Year’s London Fashion Week

#1. Molly Goddard

The London-born/London-based prolific dress designer Molly Goddard is definitely one of the emerging couturiers to look forward to at London Fashion Week.

The sheer talent launched her namesake label in 2014 and has already garnered the 2018 BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund.

Rihanna Donning Molly Goddard
Rihanna Donning Molly Goddard (Source: British Vogue)

To illustrate, her designs often employ lightweight and colorful fabrics, and they look lively and carefree. To add further, the parts of her dress use techniques such as hand-smocking, shirring, and layering.

Every fashion show represented by Molly exhibits imaginative, experimental, yet sophisticated notions. The avant-garde details she includes in her both fluid and casual fits highlight the play of fabric and volumes.

#2. RIXO

The story of premium womenswear brand RIXO started in 2015 with its two founders Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey, who are, in fact, best friends.

Rix and McCloskey went ahead with the vision to create an evergreen theme of wanderlust and free spirit for all their wearers.

To exemplify, RIXO fills the gap in the modern market, creating easy-to-wear feminine clothes with high-quality materials.

Model wearing a RIXO maxi dress (Source: Rent the Runway)(Source:
Model wearing a RIXO Maxi Dress (Source: Rent the Runway)

In the same way, the brand is concerned more with crafting timeless apparel rather than something that changes often with trends.

RIXO has won several big honors, including the British Fashion Council Fashion Award in 2017 and the Drapers Award for being the Premium Brand of the Year in 2018.

Lastly, the best thing about this brand is they greatly emphasize sustainable consumption and believes in being resourceful to our planet’s limited resources.

#3. Daniel W. Fletcher

Launched in 2015, Fletcher is a present-time menswear brand that is soaring high and definitely a name you should care about at London Fashion Week.

The founder of Fletcher, Daniel W. Fletcher, is a graduate of Central Saint Martins. The major highlight of Fletcher is that it blurs the limits between masculinity and femininity while maintaining a sense of style and grace.

Daniel W Fletcher Fall 2022 (Source: Vogue)
Daniel W Fletcher Fall 2022 (Source: Vogue)

The emerging designer had earlier learned a heap at big places like Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, and Burberry, after which he successfully started his own brand.

Fletcher has grown in quite a popularity in the fashion industry as this brand focuses on casual luxury. Likewise, we can witness several celebrities like Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, and Josh O’Connor wearing his clothes.

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#4. Conner Ives

Another brilliant graduate from Central Saint Martins, Conner Ives, is an equally important name one must seek during London Fashion Week.

Ives is a sheer talent who was contacted by Awoah Aboah after seeing one of his collections on Instagram. At that time, Conner was still in school and got the opportunity to create a dress for her at Met Gala, 2017.

Conner Ives Fall 2021 (Source: Vogue Magazine)
Conner Ives Fall 2021 (Source: Vogue Magazine)

Likewise, raised in New York, he has been successful to attract crowds and turn their heads in such a short span of time.

Mainly, Conner Ives’s collection represents a lovely mix of femininity and American spirit, which leaves audiences wanting more.

#5. Supriya Lele

Well, this critically acclaimed eponymous fashion label is swiftly becoming one of London’s most coveted brands.

Supriya Lele, the Indian-British designer, is a dream of the fashion industry as she draws a personal tale via art.

To detail, her work is an inspiration by her multicultural upbringing, which is reflected through her dresses.

Designers to Watch Out at London Fashion Week- Dua Lipa wearing Surpiya Lele (Source: POPSUGAR)
Dua Lipa Wearing Surpiya Lele (Source: POPSUGAR)

Graduated from the Royal College of Art, Supriya was awarded LVMH Prize in the year 2020.

Furthermore, while graduating, the designer held an exhibition to show her talent, which was supported by Fashion East.

Several high-profile celebrities like Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, and Ariana Grande have already been spotted wearing the creation of Supriya Lele. You should definitely check her out in the upcoming LFW.

#6. Nensi Dojaka

The sixth name on our list of emerging designers to look at during London Fashion Week is Nensi Dojaka.

Dojaka is an Albanian designer who has been living in London since she was 17 years old.

She won a hefty sum of €300,000 from LVMH in the year 2021, as well as trained there for a year.

Designers to Watch Out at London Fashion Week- Bella Hadid in Nensi Dojaka (Source: Pinterest)
Bella Hadid in Nensi Dojaka (Source: Pinterest)

Likewise, Dojaka has received the British Fashion Council Award. Her core design is associated with lingeries as she creates her own version of modern femininity.

The talented woman is one of the hottest designers on the block and already has built connections with high-profile celebs such as Sophie Turner, Emily Ratajkwoski, Bella Hadid, and many more.

During the Spring/Summer LFW (2022), Nensi laid out her extensive collection of impeccable lingeries, which received much credibility.

#7. Yuhan Wang

Chinese designer Yuhan Wang minutely analyzes and deconstructs elements from Chinese concepts of femininity and weaves them together with western society.

To illustrate, the brilliant lady is one of the most anticipated and emerging couturiers of London Fashion Week.

Moreover, Yuhan Wang’s designs are like dreamy dresses reflecting a hyper-feminine Victorian vibe along with some hints of strong messages.

Time and again, Wang pays homage to historical and traditional women’s clothing styles without overdoing and subtly blending them with contemporary styles.

Designers to Watch Out at London Fashion Week Models wearing Yuhan Wang (Source: Dazed)
Models wearing Yuhan Wang (Source: Dazed)

For instance, her recent collection of the last LFW was a stunning representation of the surge in domestic violence in the UK.

In the forthcoming London Fashion Week, remember to keep an eye out for Wang’s collection woven like a beautiful art!

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