Who Is Derry Irvine Brother? Parents Wife And Children

Derry Irvine Brother and parents

People are curious to learn about Derry Irvine. After being enchanted by his political career, his supporters focus on Derry Irvine Brother, Parents, Wife, and Children.

Alexander Andrew Mackay Irvine, shortly Derry Irvine, is a politician. People have brought up his sibling and parents’ topic in the discussion.

Irvine is of Scottish origin. He is best known as a lawyer and judge. 

Also, people know him as a House member of the Lords of the United Kingdom. He represents the Labour Party. 

Between 1992 and 1997, Irvine served as Shadow Lord Chancellor. Also, he founded and led 11 King’s Bench Walk Chambers in the 1980s.

Eventually, Irvine served as a Deputy High Court Judge and became a Recorder.

The Labour Party member ascended to various levels in his Party and was appointed to the House of Lords in 1987.

Prime Minister Tony Blair appointed Irvine to the Cabinet position after the 1997 election. He served for 6 years and left the office in 2003.

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Meet Derry Irvine Brother

Baron Irvine of Lairgr Derry Irvine grew up with his family in Inverness, United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the known Scottish politician has kept his siblings’ information, including his brother, under wraps.

No sources have mentioned Irvine’s brother or any siblings. In short, there is no public information regarding Irvine’s siblings. 

Derry Irvine parents
Derry Irvine has not revealed about his siblings. (Source: Christs College Cambridge)

It could be possible that Labour Party member Irvine does not have a brother. Perhaps, he does have siblings, but they live secretly away from the limelight. 

His brother may have sought privacy and didn’t want his low-key life to be public.

Glancing at his life, Irvine seems busy with his professional career and may have no time for his family. Perhaps, his family must be proud of their close one’s achievements.

Irvine was a legal adviser to the Labour Party in the 1980s and was awarded a life peerage as Baron Irvine of Lairg on 25 March 1987. 

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Derry Irvine Parents And Family

Alexander Andrew Mackay Irvine, aka Derry Irvine came from an impoverished family. Reportedly, his Father, Alexander Irvine, was a roofer, while his mother, Margaret Christina MacMillan, worked as a waitress.

Irvine’s parents lived in Inverness, Scotland, where they raised him. His parents admitted him to the independent Hutchesons’ Boys’ Grammar School in Glasgow.

Irvine studied Scots law and graduated from the University of Glasgow. He became involved in debating being a member of the Glasgow University Union and Glasgow University Dialectic Society.

Eventually, he studied English law at Christ’s College, Cambridge.

However, there is no public information regarding Irvine’s extended family members. Perhaps, his family members want a private life away from the spotlight. Unlike Irvine, his family’s details are under wraps.

Derry Irvine Wife And Children

PC, KC Derry Irvine is famous by many names as Baron Irvine of Lairg and a Labour Party member. Also, PC KC Irvine is a known politician in the UK.

Derry Irvine wife and kids
Derry Irvine lives a low-key life. (Source: The Guardian)

Irvine tied the knot with Alison McNair in a private ceremony. The two began their romantic affair when McNair married Donald Dewar. McNair had an extramarital affair with Irvine.

Irvine and McNair have a son, Alistair. However, the marriage didn’t work out well, so they divorced. 

Speaking of their son, Alistair received the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. He was sentenced to 16 months in prison. In 2002, Irvine’s son pleaded guilty in the U.S. court for stalking and vandalism. 

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