Derrick Hilton Cancer Caused The Death: Illness And Health Before Demise

Derrick Hilton Cancer

Derrick Hilton cancer and his death news have spread over the internet. The coach of Socastee high school passed away on June 2, 2023.

Derrick has been the head coach at Socastee High School since 2016.

He had been a student at the school before graduating in 1998, so he was deeply connected to the school.

A proud Socastee High alumnus, he also played for the school’s football team under the guidance of former coach Dan D’Antonuy.

He even participated in the state championship game in 1998.

Tragically, on June 2, 2023, he lost his battle with cancer, leaving behind a profound sense of loss in the hearts of those who knew him.

Throughout his life, the coach had devoted himself to the betterment of Brave Nation.

He assisted his students in selecting suitable classes and provided unwavering support during their challenges.

His caring nature extended beyond the classroom, as he offered his guidance and compassion to his students’ families.

Derrick Hilton Cancer Caused The Death

Derrick, the cherished figure of Socastee High School, passed away on June 2, 2023, after battling cancer.

He was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cancer in October 2022, and his fight against the disease ended.

The school’s athletic director shared the heart-wrenching news of his passing, casting a somber shadow over the entire community.

Debra Q. Brooks, Hilton’s mother, tearfully expressed her memories of him, imagining his presence in heaven, playing basketball and coaching.

His loss resonated throughout the basketball community and among his loved ones, who came to pay tribute to his remarkable spirit.

Derrick Hilton Cancer
Derrick Hilton cancer was in stage 4. (Source: Facebook)

The basketball community at large joined in mourning, acknowledging the huge void left by the untimely departure of Coach.

The Boiling Springs Boys Basketball team sent condolences and offered prayers to his family and the community of Socastee.

Carvers Bay Boys Basketball also expressed condolences, highlighting Hilton’s significant role in their community.

They remembered him as a beloved friend and a constant presence at their events.

Prayers were extended to his family, coaching staff, players, Socastee High School, and the entire Socastee community during this difficult time.

The loss of this remarkable individual deeply saddens the high school and its members.

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Derrick Hilton illness And Health Before Demise

Derrick, the head coach of the Socastee High School men’s varsity basketball team, was diagnosed with cancer in October 2022.

Despite treatment, his condition worsened, eventually leading to his death.

Hilton’s fight was against renal cancer.

Many people would have stopped if faced with such trouble, but Coach handled the news remarkably.

After hearing the cancer news, he immediately worried about his kids, family, friends, students, and players rather than obsessing over his future.

This selflessness did not surprise those who knew him, as his thoughts and worries were always directed toward others, never himself.

Medical professionals delivered the distressing news that the cancer had reached stage four, spreading to his hips and lungs.

Derrick Hilton Cancer
Coach Derrick with his wife and his children. (Source: Facebook)

However, the community rallied behind Hilton when they learned of his diagnosis.

Students, staff members, and a local church joined to raise funds for his medical expenses.

In April, the Palmetto Pointe Church of God generously donated around $30,000 towards Hilton’s fight against cancer.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched in October 2022 to provide financial aid for his healthcare costs.

Beyond his coaching role, Derrick was a father of three children.

He cherished his roles as a husband, son, brother, uncle, and dear friend to many.

Though his dream of reaching the NBA as a player was not fulfilled, his position as the coach of the Socastee High School men’s varsity basketball team became a greater opportunity to inspire and guide young athletes.

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