Delphi Killing Victim Libby German Parents: Meet Carrie And Derrick German

Libby German

Libby German parents are Carrie And Derrick German. Read the article to find more details about the case. 

In February 2017, tragedy hit the Indiana town of Delphi when 14-year-old Libby German and 13-years old Abigail Williams’s bodies were found.

They were hiking a peaceful walk in rural Delphi when their lives ended suddenly.

Abby and Libby were dropped off by their sister Kelsi German near the Monon High Bridge, approximately 65 miles northwest of Indianapolis, on February 13, 2017.

The girls had scheduled a time for a relative to come pick them up, but they never arrived. Around 5:30 p.m., the police were contacted regarding the missing girls.

Nearly five years later, a breakthrough in the case emerged. On October 26, 2022, detectives arrested 50-year-old Richard M. Allen, a local Delphi resident, at the Indiana State Police Lafayette Post.

Following his arrest, Allen was formally charged with the obvious murders of Abby and Libby on October 28.

The sincerity of this crime became national news when investigators released footage recorded by the girls themselves.

The video captured the disturbing image of a man closely following and eventually approaching them on the Manon High Bridge, deep within the Delphi woods.

Delphi Killing Victim Libby German Parents: Meet Carrie And Derrick German

Libby German’s parents are mother Carrie Timmons and father Derrick German. Her grandfather is Mike Patty.

In her interview following the arrest of a suspect in the Delphi murders case, Carrie Timmons, the mother of Libby, expressed the overwhelming emotions she experienced.

As the parent of Libby, who tragically lost her life alongside her best friend, Abby Williams, she revealed that the arrest brought a wave of shock and disbelief.

She felt like she was suddenly shocked by the news, making her repeat the nightmare.

Libby German Parents
Libby German parents are Carrie Timmons and Derrick German. (Source: Facebook)

Timmons disclosed that the disclosure of Richard Allen as the charged murderer took her completely by surprise.

She had long suspected that the perpetrator had some familiarity with Delphi, and the arrest validated this suspicion.

The small, close-knit community had been dealing with the tragedy for a while, and the possibility that the culprit was one of them just added to their suffering and sorrow.

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Libby German case update

In Delphi, Indiana, the bodies of Abigail Williams and Liberty German were discovered on February 14, 2017, near the Monon High Bridge Trail of the Delphi Historic Trails.

The girls had gone missing the previous day, and their disappearance had sent shockwaves through the community.

After a long and detailed investigation, a breakthrough occurred on October 26, 2022, when a suspect was taken into custody.

Just a few days later, on October 31, the suspect was formally charged with two counts of murder.

The details surrounding the murders, however, have been closely guarded by the police.

Despite the completion of autopsies, the cause of death for German and Williams has not been disclosed to the public, leaving the community in suspense.

Libby German
Abby Williams and Liberty German’s body was found on February 14, 2017. (Source: abbyandlibby)

Upon the arrest of the suspect, a man named Allen, the media attention intensified, leading Allen’s attorneys to seek a gag order to protect their client’s rights.

Despite the order, certain public filings have shed some light on Allen’s life since his arrest.

It has been revealed that Allen, a 50-year-old pharmacy technician at CVS, lived only 2.5 miles from the trail where the bodies were found.

Allen, however, has entered a plea of not guilty, maintaining his innocence.

In a 2017 police interview, he claimed to have been on the trail during the afternoon of the murders, as stated in the probable cause affidavit.

The investigation into the murders of Abby Williams and Liberty German continues, with hopes that justice will be served and answers provided to the grieving community of Delphi.

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