Raymond Goh Death Cause And Obituary: How Did He Die?

Raymond Goh Death

The news of Raymond Goh death has deeply shattered his family, friends, and the entire world.

Raymond Goh was a veteran television newscaster, master of ceremonies, and public-speaking trainer. Beyond broadcasting, Goh made contributions in other fields as well.

He was a founding member of the Asian branch of the World Customer Service Rating Board. He was well-known for leading seminars in English and Malay hosting.

His linguistic aptitude was evident in his ability to engage audiences in both languages.

 Raymond Goh will be remembered as “the man with the golden voice” for the innumerable fans and admirers he attracted throughout his life.

He had demonstrated by the sizeable Instagram following he attracted.

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Raymond Goh Death

Today at 10.40 am10.40 am, Raymond Goh, 62, lost his life. He was a well-known personality in Malaysian television and public speaking.

On behalf of their family, Faridah Teh, his widow, broke the devastating news and expressed their deep grief.

Goh, renowned for his eloquence and golden voice, profoundly impacted the lives of many individuals in the nation.

He fought bravely against the symptoms of a stroke, but he gently passed away this morning.

Raymond Goh Death
Raymond Goh’s passing has left a profound void in the hearts of his family, friends, and countless admirers (Image Source: thestar)

In his 20s, disc jockey Raymond Goh began his famous broadcasting career in the early 1980s.

After rapidly catching their notice with his captivating English language abilities and approachable personality, he began working for TV3 in the late 1980s as a newscaster for their English news bulletin.

Goh’s appearance on TV3 became recognizable over 14 years. He switched to presenting a radio show on Astro’s Talk Radio in the early 2000s.

His flexibility made him a highly sought-after master of ceremonies on many occasions.

He also hosted international sporting events and current affairs programs.

Raymond Goh Death Cause: How Did He Die?

The loss of Raymond Goh has significantly affected his family, friends, and the country. He passed away 13 days after being hospitalized for a stroke. And the effects of this medical condition finally caused him to die at 62.

At 1.20 pm1.20 pm, his wife, Faridah Teh, confirmed the tragic news and expressed the deep sadness that befell their family.

“It is with deep sorrow and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Raymond Goh,” the statement said, recognizing his influence on many lives across the nation.

Raymond Goh Death
Raymond died due to a stroke. (Image Source : therakyatpost)

The eloquent and golden-voiced Raymond Goh heroically fought the consequences of the stroke before succumbing to it.

Funeral prayers will follow Asar prayers at Masjid At-Taqwa in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, and he will be laid to rest in the Bukit Kiara Muslim Cemetery.

They will remember Raymond Goh for his substantial contributions to broadcasting and public speaking as they struggled with the loss.

Throughout his long career, Raymond Goh had positions as a newscaster, radio host, and master of ceremonies for international events.

All of his former coworkers are dedicated to maintaining his extensive professional legacy. His contributions to public speaking and broadcasting are still an inspiration.

The love and support he received from his friends and supporters at this challenging time provided proof of his tremendous influence on many people’s lives.

Raymond Goh Obituary

All those who knew Raymond Goh, personally and via the radio, will forever carry his death in their hearts.

Raymond was more than just a television personality. He was a seasoned newscaster, master of ceremonies, and public-speaking instructor. He was deeply connected with his audience. 

He had an unrivaled capacity to capture audiences with his eloquence and kind nature, making him a mainstay in Malaysian media for many years.

Raymond Goh was a passionate supporter of quality in public speaking. He was a customer service person outside his radio job.

He led courses in both Malay and English and was a founder member of the Asian division of the World Customer Service Rating Board.

Beyond the studio, he was dedicated to encouraging good communication. His impact as a mentor and coach will continue to motivate future generations.

Raymond Goh’s departure leaves an indelible mark.  Those fortunate enough to have known him will forever remember his voice, wisdom, and influence.

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