Dateline NBC: Meet Logan Schiendelman Mother Hannah Schiendelman Father And Family

Logan Schiendelman

In this article, we shed light on the life of Logan Schiendelman mother, Hannah Schiendelman, and the details surrounding his father and family, offering a glimpse into their unique dynamics and experiences.

May 2016 saw Logan Drew Schiendelman disappear under inexplicable circumstances within Thurston County, Washington, where he was then living.

A student at Washington State University and a previously talented athlete during high school years at Tumwater High School, Logan left university after one year to return home, where he worked alongside living with his grandmother and half-sister.

Despite thorough investigation efforts by authorities, there has been neither concrete evidence nor potential suspects identified in connection with his missing person case.

Extensive follow-ups failed to produce significant leads regarding suspicions of drug use that initially surfaced for closer examination purposes only.

Although time has passed since his initial disappearance, Mr. Schiendelman’s family continues to search for clues that might help bring answers in hopes of resolving this perplexing conundrum surrounding his vanishing act.

Dateline NBC: Meet Logan Schiendelman Mother Hannah Schiendelman

Dateline NBC featured the heart-wrenching story of Hannah Schiendelman, a determined mother searching for her missing son Logan Schiendelman since May 2016.

She hasn’t left a single stone unturned in the process of finding him.

During an interview on the “Missing in America” podcast by Dateline NBC, Hannah candidly shared about Logan as a kind-hearted individual with a passion for music and sports that drive his everyday life activities.

Hannah recounted Logan’s disappearance day, highlighting one fateful moment when he encountered racist remarks at a party leading him to reach out to his mother for support as it had struck him emotionally.

Motivated by unwavering determination, Hannah has collaborated with investigators and engaged with the community in her tireless efforts to find her son and bring him back home.

Her strength and resilience are a powerful testament to a mother’s unconditional love and unwavering commitment to her missing child.

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Logan Schiendelman father – Who is He?

Logan Schiendelman did not have much of a relationship with his father growing up. His father was reportedly a Saudi Arabian native who left America before he was born, by contrast.

His mother, Hannah Schiendelman, found fulfillment chasing her artistic ambitions as she attended art school in Seattle, leaving him and an older half-sister under their grandma’s care for extended periods.

Logan Schiendelman
Logan Schiendelman had a passion for music and sports. (source: GoFundMe)

Regrettably, there is limited information about Logan’s absent father, as described by Ginny Gebo, his grandmother.

According to her, he departed before Logan’s birth, resulting in the absence of any subsequent relationship, which shaped a narrative void of an enlightened paternal figure to guide him throughout his upbringing.

To some degree, this absence of a father figure may have shaped Logan’s life.

Presently, the focus remains on unraveling the mystery surrounding Logan’s disappearance, with numerous campaigns dedicated to uncovering the truth of what transpired during that time.

The emphasis lies on piecing together the events related to his vanishing rather than delving into any potential relationship between him and his father, which holds less relevance in the current investigation.

Logan Schiendelman Family Details

Logan Schiendelman experiences a diverse upbringing under the loving care of maternal grandmother Virginia (Ginny) Gebo in Tumwater, Washington.

He belongs to multiple racial groups, such as African-American, Caucasian & Saudi Arabian heritage; however: limited involvement with his father remains an issue throughout his life.

Logan Schiendelman Mother
Logan Schiendelman with his aunt Tina, uncle Paul, and great-grandmother Lilian Schiendelman. (source: oxygen)

After completing high school education in 2015- Logan joined the Washington State University campus approximately 300 miles away from home.

However, he dropped out after finishing one year there due to a wavering direction around plans.

He returns home seeking support from grandmother Ginny and half-sister Chloe while earning a livelihood through several odd jobs like laundering facility work or farming.

Logan encounters several issues regarding drug usage during this period causing paranoia in his personality.

His grandmother also expresses concern about the same but provides unwavering support throughout these testing times for Logan to come through.

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