Gigguk Wife: Meet Sydney Poniewaz Married Life And Age Gap


Gigguk Wife Sydney Poniewaz is a content creator with a large following on Instagram. Let’s learn about her more, alongside Gigguk’s married life and the age gap between the two. 

Garnet Maneetapho is an accomplished online personality widely recognized by fans as “Gigguk.”

His humorous critiques of anime and otaku culture have earned him respect within these fandoms as a podcaster and YouTuber. He is based in Thailand but is originally from Brighton, England, where he was born in 1990 to Thai immigrant parents.

He built his online presence during the mid-2000s through the YouTube channel “The Anime Zone,” which he started in 2006. And with great success, while playing, family members gave him nicknames, allowing him to be recognized under “Gigguk.”

In 2012 he diversified into parody content creation with abridged versions of well-known anime series such as Rebuild of Evangelion or even producing EvAbridged shows that showcase humoristic talents and insightful views on popular anime trends.

Given his unique blend of styles that combine wit with commentary, Gigguk enjoys large audiences worldwide.

Gigguk Wife: Meet Sydney Poniewaz

Sydney Ann Poniewaz, mostly known as Sydsnap, is one talent worth knowing about!

An American YouTuber with solid acting skills, Sydney Poniewaz was born on April 12, 1995. She is passionate about anime and manga; it’s no surprise that over 721k people subscribe to her YouTube channel!

Creating insightful reviews and exciting discussions about the genre provides fans everywhere with engaging content signature only to SydSnap herself.

Gigguk Wife
Gigguk is married to his wife, Sydney. (source: Twitter)

Her charming attitude and genuine enthusiasm resonate with individuals worldwide who can’t seem to get enough of her work.

Via Instagram, where Sydney has 115k subscribing followers, she offers glimpses into her behind-the-scenes experiences or shares updates on her ongoing projects.

As a popular content creator named SydSnap, this young lady has made a name for herself in the online community!

She has collaborated with YouTuber Gigguk, a partnership introducing the lovable Grandma Himehajime persona, now drawing even more fans to her already-devoted audience.

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Gigguk Married Life Details

The celebration of Garnt Maneetapho (Gigguk) and Sydney Poniewazs’s (Sydsnap) marriage on June 5 marked an exceptional moment for the couple.

The story of how two YouTubers have progressed together through various significant landmarks and exhilarating experiences makes for a unique tale.

Gigguk is known for his comedic rants and reviews on anime and otaku culture. (source: progameguides)

Their journey began when they married in the UK in November 2019. They subsequently relocated to northwestern Tokyo, joining the GeeXPlus agency backed by Kadokawa to promote anime and Japanese culture.

It’s striking that Sydsnap showcased her tremendous voice acting skills in Gigguks’ popular parody series EvAbridged, based on Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Her contribution gradually brought them closer, leading to a deeper connection between the YouTubers.

Gigguk later proposed to Sydsnap, who said yes, happily, solidifying their mutual understanding and commitment to each other.

They continue to share similar interests and passion for anime culture and enjoy a life filled with various experiences together.

Gigguk And Sydney Age Gap

Gigguk was born on May 31, 1990, and Sydney Ann Poniewaz was born on April 12, 1995, hence, they share an age gap of five years. While Gigguk is the older of the two, the age difference is not considered significant and is a common occurrence among married couples.

The couple’s age gap has not hindered their relationship or collaborative efforts.

They frequently join forces to create engaging content on videos and podcasts, showcasing their shared interests and love for anime and otaku culture.

Although Gigguk and Sydney have chosen to keep many aspects of their personal life private, they occasionally share glimpses of their togetherness through social media posts featuring pictures.

Ultimately, age differences in relationships are subjective and vary from couple to couple. The age gap becomes inconsequential as long as mutual understanding, respect, and shared interests exist.

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