Daphne Guinness Net Worth: Fashion & Lifestyle

Daphne Guinness, the English socialite, fashion designer, heiress, and film producer, has an impressive net worth of 100 million dollars.

She is known for her bold personal style and her devotion to the couture. Guinness’s fortune is mainly sourced from her primary profession, fashion designing.

Daphne Guinness
Daphne Guinness

Daughter of the brewery heir Jonathan Guinness and renowned French artist Suzanne Linsey, Daphne is a prominent fashion world icon.

Furthermore, the fashion muse expresses her artistry in the form of singing as well.

Quick Facts

Following are some quick facts about the fashion designer.

Full Name Daphne Diana Joan Susanna Guinness
Date of birth November 9, 1967
Age 56 years old
Gender Female
Place Of Birth  Hampstead, London, United Kingdom
Nationality English and Irish
Profession Fashion Designer, Actor, Model, Art Collector, Film Producer, Socialite, Musician, Author
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Religion -not known-
Ethnicity Mixed (British, Irish, French, Scottish)
Residence London
Height 5′ 8″ (172 cm)
Weight 192 lbs (87 kg)
Color Of Hair Platinum blonde and black streaks
Color Of Eye Brown
Social Media  Instagram
Body Measurement -not known-
Father’s Name Jonathan Bryan Guinness
Mother’s Name Suzanne Lisney
Siblings Catherine Ingrid Guinness, Sebastian Walter Denis Guinness, Thomas Guinness-Taylor, Valentine Guy Bryan Guinness, Aster Guinness, Diana Guinness, and Jasper Jonathan Richard Guinness
Marital status Single (Divorced)
Education St Mary’s, Wantage
Spouse Spyros Niarchos (m. 1987–1999)
Children Nicolas Stavros Niarchos, Ines Sophia Niarchos, Lex Spyros Niarchos
Website https://www.showstudio.com/news
Net Worth 100 million USD
Last Updated December, 2023

Daphne Guinness Net Worth and Income

The beer heiress Daphne Guinness has an impressive net worth of 100 million US dollars.

Daphne accumulated this fortune working as a model and fashion designer. To detail, Daphne designs dress, perfumes and jewelry.

Some of the major names Guinness has worked with are Akris, NARS, MAC, Karl Lagerfeld, Philip Treacy, and Gareth Pugh.

Likewise, she also has maintained her position as a musician and has produced few films.

Daphne has been honored with Best Dressed Women in 1989, 1990, and 1994. Moreover, she was a Hall of Fame- Women inductee for her recognition.

Net Worth of Daphne Guinness in Different Currencies

Given is the net worth of the famous fashion designer Daphne Guinness in different currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 84,227,500
Pound Sterling £ 72,019,500
Australian Dollar A$ 132,225,000
Canadian Dollar C$ 123,236,500
Indian Rupee 7,435,300,000
BitCoin ฿ 2,950

Houses and Cars

New York Apartment

This contemporary-style apartment is spread on 4,118 square feet, which Daphne purchased in 2008 for $11.73 million.

Well, in 2012, Guinness listed this apartment following a lawsuit of 1 million. While this may be true, the apartment was sold for 11.3 million dollars.

An apartment
Inside the New York Apartment of Daphne Guinness

The 995 fifth avenue house looked like a modern art gallery with halls and ceilings of mirrors.

To illustrate, the apartment features three bedrooms located in a large building near the Metropolitan Museum of Arts.

Daphne teamed with an architect Daniel Romualdez who gave an artistic twist to this apartment. The bloodred carpet was spread over the property, and the living room appeared very chic, with matching sofas.

Similarly, the bathroom was also mirrored entirely, with a bathtub.

Moreover, the art pieces are fantastic which were assembled by Guinness herself. One of the most prominent pieces was the butterfly painting by Damien Hirst.

Furthermore, the apartment was filled with books in most of the sections as the artist loves reading. This beautiful apartment has windows facing north and west.

London Home

The luxury house of Daphne Guinness located in London was listed for £7 million.

The beautiful house sports two-floor flats spanned 2,900 square feet. Furthermore, the house features three bedrooms, designed by Daphne herself.

The kitchen
Inside the kitchen of Daphne’s London house

The property boasts an outdoor terrace overlooking central London views. About it, the terrace is perfect for hosting parties and gatherings.

Talking about the interiors, the house features high ceilings and fitted bookshelves. The living room is spacious, with comfy couches and a fireplace.

Other bedrooms are equally comfy with big wardrobes offering plenty of space for clothes.

Likewise, the master suite includes a sophisticated bathroom with a joint music system. Furthermore, there is an open dine-in kitchen and two guest bedrooms.

The house has maintained its originality with a touch of modernization.

Irish Home

This grand mansion is located in a picturesque area, spanning 8,773 square feet.

The Irish Home
The Irish Home

Guinness rented this beautiful property back in 2010, which now is listed on the market for €10,000 per month.

To illustrate, the house sports a stunning spiral staircase, parquet floor, a library, kitchen/pantry, home office, and several other features.

Furthermore, the grand ancestral mansion of the Guinness family, located in a place 30 miles away from Dublin was also listed for £24 million in the market.


The cars owned by the fashion designer have not been disclosed yet.

In an interview, the designer revealed owning an army-jeep, but its details have not been out. She mostly takes a cab or hires a Porsche when she is in California.

Daphne Guinness at Met Gala

Moreover, at the 2011’s Met Gala, Daphne was also spotted in a beautiful white car with a red leather interior.

Lifestyle and Vacation


Daphne avoids alarms and wakes up naturally around 7 AM. Post waking, she takes a cup of English tea giving her fuel for the day. Her breakfast routine is never steady, and she even skips it if not feeling hungry.

Daphne spends some time cross-training, or else, she opts for swimming. She is not a fan of the shower and always takes a hot bath, adding a dash of olive oil to the water.

Everybody knows Guinness loves doing make-up, and she has even worked for some of her favorite brands- Charlotte Tilbury, M.A.C., Tom Ford, NARS, and so on.

The heir-turned-designer is fond of mixing her perfumes, and her hairstyle is something that carries her identity.

Known for experimenting with her dress, when in a dilemma, she opts for a Chanal suit or knee-length dress by Alexander McQueen, sometimes adding a veil or a turban.

Hand Jewelry

Daphne is renowned for wearing heel-less shoes. Her go-to pairs are either Natacha Marro or Noritaka Tatehana.

Guinness loves wearing jewels and has a soft spot for brooches.

Stepping out of home, she carries her essentials in a handbag which she never forgets.


About Daphne Guinness’s vacation, there are no such particular details disclosed. However, her work takes her to different places in the world, and she constantly is traveling for it.

Daphne Guinness and Bernard-Henri Levy
Daphne Guinness with her French lover Bernard-Henri Levy

In October 2016, Daphne was spotted with her rumored lover Bernard-Henri Levy returning from lunch they did in Mayfair, London.

Recently, in April 2021, she shared a glimpse of her photoshoot in Maui through her Instagram on Earth’s Day.


Daphne Guinness was the founder of The Isabella Blow Foundation. Isabella Blow was a magazine editor who died on May 7, 2007. Daphne started her career with Isabella, and in her memory, Guinness founded the charity foundation.

The foundation ran for nine years and made many contributions. The main objective of the Isabella Foundation was to promote British fashion throughout the world.

Likewise, the trust created funds and scholarships for students who wanted to pursue their careers in fashion.

Moreover, the foundation organized different exhibitions to collect the fund, raising awareness about mental health and depression.

Daphne did vacate her wardrobe, auctioning her clothes and stuff to benefit the Isabella Blow Foundation.

Furthermore, Guinness has made contributions to Small Steps Project, a registered humanitarian organization. She auctioned her expensive personal items through the project.

In 2008, she attended the Hoping Foundation benefit event cladding in a bell-shaped dress. The same year, she walked in two different shows kept to raise money for disaster victims. The show was arranged by Naomi Campbell.

Moreover, she auctioned a part of her closet to raise money for Womankind Worldwide in 2008. The charity looked after domestic violence and women’s issues.

Recently in 2021, she started an initiative to support young students who want to pursue BA and MA fashion design courses. The artist will offer a scholarship to the students taking such courses in Central Saint Martins’.

Similarly, there are numerous other small charities she often donates to.

The charity works by famous singer Enrique Iglesias.

Acts, Investments, Endorsements, and Book Publications


Talking about the movies, Daphne has starred in The Murder of Jean Seberg, a 2011 film by Joe Lally, and in Shakki, a sci-fi short film of 2012.

Moreover, she played the role of Lady White Snake in the movie The Legend of Lady White Snake. It was a short film related to ancient Chinese legend, released in 2015.

Similarly, Guinness is also a film producer, and she has produced three films up until now; The Phenomenology of Body, Mnemosyne, and Cashback. Among them, the short movie Cashback was nominated for an Academy Award.


Daphne Guinness is a singer as well. And, she has made her appearances in several music videos.

Currently, there are more than 30 songs by the artist which can be accessed through Spotify. Some of her albums are Revelations (2020), Daphne and the Golden Chords (2018), Optimist in Black (2016), and so on.

Moreover, there is a documentary made on Daphne’s musical works and preferences directed by David Barron. The documentary was released in 2014 with the title Daphne Guinness: The Last Leveller.


Daphne Guinness’s major investments include couture along with producing music and films.

She invests her time and money into fashion, where she works with several brands and is the owner of her clothing lines, perfumes, and jewelry.

Perfume by Daphne Guinness
Perfume by Daphne Guinness

Her first perfume, Daphne, entered the market in 2009. Guinness teamed with Antoine Lie and the house of Comme des Garcons for this scent.

Daphne frequently holds and participates in fashion exhibitions. She has her own collection for sale. Truly, Guinness is one of the most stylish women living.


Daphne is the collector and mad lover of haute couture. She has worked with numerous big brands such as Chanel, Dior, Alexander McQueen, NARS, and Givenchy. She has walked and designed for them.

Guinness is known for wearing heel-less shoes, mostly customized for her. The fashion stylist has been seen walking in Mary Jane’s shoes.

Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga
Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga, wearing heel-less shoes

In 2009, Daphne was the first person to wear the armadillo shoes designed by the late Alexander McQueen. The pair was also featured in Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video.

Well, the two fashion eccentrics Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga are friends. And, they both are the queen of gravity-defying shoes.

Daphne Guinness, the face of Akris

Likewise, several times Guinness has graced the covers of big magazines such as Bazaar, Vogue, Telegraph, Zoo Magazine, and many more. One of the prominent photoshoots was for the Spring 2010 edition of Akris.

Furthermore, she has been associated with Maybach, a German car that is a part of Mercedes-Benz.

Book Publication

On October 25, 2011, Daphne Guinness teamed up with Valerie Steele and wrote a 124-pages book titled “Daphne Guinness,” depicting her Daphne’s flamboyant personality couture collection.


Daphne Guinness was born in 1967 to Jonathan Guinness and Suzanne Lisney. Her father was a 3rd Baron Moyne-a brewery heir, and her mother was a popular French beauty.

Born in a rich family, she grew up in pleasant residences all over Ireland and England.

At the age of 19, she married a Greek business magnate, Spyros Niarchos. They gave birth to three children; Nicolas Stavros Niarchos, Lex Spyros Niarchos, and Ines Sophia Niarchos. However, after 11 years, in 1999, the couple got divorced.

Daphne remembers her marriage life as her bird-cage period, and after the divorce, she started following her passion for arts and music.

In 2010, she appeared on the spring edition of the Akris campaign. She never stopped since then. She spent years exhibiting her clothes and kept making a name for herself as an icon of the fashion industry.

Daphne Guinness with late Alexander McQueen
Daphne Guinness with late Alexander McQueen

Daphne was a good friend of Alexander McQueen, and after his suicide, she revealed feeling slightly abandoned. She lost one more close friend, Isabella Blow, with whom she worked at the beginning of her career.

The ale heiress has proved herself in the couture and fashion design world and has become an inspiration for many.

Interesting Facts of Daphne Guinness

  1. Daphne is an avid gum-chewer. To detail, she always keeps a supply of Nicorette gums in her bag and probably chews like 10 pieces in a single day.
  2. The beer heiress fonds classical music. Moreover, she once dreamt of becoming an opera singer.
  3. Guinness did spend her childhood in an 18th century home in Spain where Salvador Dali was her neighbor. She has enjoyed her summer swimming in Dali’s pool.

Frequently Asked Questions about Daphne Guinness

Who is Daphne dating now?

Since 2008, Daphne Guinness has been seen together with Bernard-Henri Levy, a French philosopher. The couple met each other in 2005, and in an interview, Guinness addressed him as the love of her life.

How does Daphne Guinness maintain her body?

Guinness eats extremely little. While this may be true, she mostly lives on nutrient shakes and Red Bull. In an interview, when she was offered a lunch, she proclaimed- “I’ll eat when I’m dead.

How does Guinness create her signature hairstyle?

Guinness is known for her platinum hair color with a black streak in the middle. Originally, the hairdresser made a mistake, but eventually, the specific hairstyle became her identity. Daphne is known to carry an emergency stock of peroxide and style it herself if needed at times.

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