Is Danielle Isaie Pregnant With Husband Ashley Walters Baby 2023?

Danielle Isaie Pregnant

Is Danielle Isaie Pregnant? Amid the showbiz debate, a further controversy about the actress’s pregnancy speculation emerged. 

Beautiful British actress Danielle Isaie became famous for her films and television series roles. Likewise, she has appeared in Chewing Gum, Kill Your Friends, and more.

Also, audiences noted her role in other acting ventures, including Caught in a Trap, The Light, and Some Things.

Besides acting, Isaie has launched herself as a digital influencer. She has over 20 thousand followers on Instagram.

Isaie’s career blossomed at a young age. A children’s agent spotted her at the renowned drama school.

Danielle was born on 23 November 1982. Similarly, she hails from Payatas, Quezon City, Philippines.

Isaie has become one of the most seasoned stars in the British entertainment scene. Fans mainly know her for her exceptional comical talent.

She is famously known for her iconic role as Candice. Besides, she and her husband attend several award events, including the British Independent Film Awards.

Furthermore, Danielle recently heated up the screens, playing a seductive fashion student. She appeared in the comedy “Off the Hook” for BBC 3.

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Is Danielle Isaie Pregnant in 2023?

Gorgeous British actress Danielle Isaie has been viral lately for all the valid reasons.

Fans have asked, “Is Danielle Isaie pregnant again in 2023?” The truth is: No, The Chewing Gum actress is not pregnant in 2023. 

Instead, she was pregnant back in 2013. According to trustee sources, Isaie officially became a mom in August 2014.

Danielle Isaie Pregnant
Danielle Isaie Pregnant: The actress first became a mother in 2013. (Source: The Guardian)

Her husband, Ashley Walters, took to social media to announce that his wife gave birth to a baby girl. The pair named their daughter Amaya Love Walters.

Likewise, Danielle and Ashley welcomed their second child, a son named River Leslie Walters, in October 2016. 

The viral news stirred the attention as many families and friends congratulated the pair for beginning a new chapter of their lives.

Similarly, Danielle’s pregnancy news ended up on several media sites and caused a viral moment. 

Internet folks praised the British actress and her rapper husband for their positive gesture, but some trolled them. The rapper’s loyal fans defended him, saying it’s his personal affair and the pair can make their own choices.

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Meet Danielle Isaie Husband Ashley Walters 

British actress Danielle Isaie tied the knot with her long-time partner Ashley Walters on 22 June 2013. The lovely pair is expected to continue their married life for eternity.

Danielle Isaie’s husband, Walters, is a famous British rapper. The couple recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, proudly showcasing their love for each other.

Danielle and her husband were dating long before their marriage. The big reveal came years after the actress was pregnant with the rapper’s child.

Danielle’s partner, Ashley Anthony Walters, stage name Asher D, began his career in 1992. He was born on 30 June 1982. 

Ashley and Danielle have been open about their relationship. In an interview with The Guardian, the rapper revealed that he wanted to become a solid dad.

Danielle Isaie Pregnant and husband
Danielle Isaie Pregnant: The actress and her husband became parents for the second time in 2016. (Source: The Mirror)

Ashley first became a father as a teenager. He said he didn’t want to repeat his father’s mistakes. 

Becoming a dad for the eighth time, Ashley learned a greater value of fatherhood. He said: 

I have grown up being a father. I was 17 when I became a dad. I was a child bringing up a child. I was not capable of understanding what a father was meant to be.

During a family interview session on the official site in November 2016, the rapper opened up about his unusual situations and married life. 

Eventually, Ashley made a sweet, romantic proposal. The suggestive words spark a positive buzz, resulting in pregnancy rumors, never confirming whether they are real.

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