Who Are Daniela Stranner Parents Peter Stranner and Rudylin Stranner?

Daniela Stranner Parents

Who are Daniela Stranner parents, Peter Stranner and Rudylin Stranner? Learn about their role in the actress’ life in the following paragraphs.

Emerging onto the entertainment scene in 2018, Daniela Stranner joined the prestigious Star Magic Circle after being spotted at a music festival.

Though she first started modeling, the Filipino-German actress pivoted to acting after a spur-of-the-moment audition with the legendary Mr. M launched her career with Star Magic.

This later led to her partnership with Rise Artist Studios.

The actress first appeared onscreen in the soap opera “Make It With You” before scoring her breakout starring role opposite Anthony Jennings in the 2021 film “Love at First Stream.”

Despite her fresh face, this former football MVP rapidly impacts the show business.

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Daniela Stranner Parents: Peter Stranner and Rudylin Stranner

Daniela Stranner was born on 25th September 2002, in Angeles City, Philippines, to parents Peter and Rudylin Stranner.

Her father, Peter, works in a private business, while her mother, Rudylin, is a homemaker who enjoys cooking and doing chores around the house.

She was raised in the Christian faith. In 2003, at age 1, her parents enrolled her at Westfields International School in Angeles City.

Daniela Stranner Parents
Photograph featuring a young Daniela Stanner alongside her parents and sibling. (Source: Pinterest)

She completed both primary and high school at Westfields, where she was active on the football team.

The model studied voice in both English and German and took singing and dancing lessons.

After graduating high school, the model was discovered at a music festival, which set her on the path to an acting career.

Though details on her parents are limited, it’s clear Peter and Rudylin Stranner provided a nurturing upbringing that allowed her to explore her diverse interests and develop her talents.

Daniela Stranner Ethnicity

With a Filipino mother and German father, Daniela Stanner has mixed ethnicity.

She was raised speaking both English and German and spent part of her childhood in Germany, honing her language skills.

This diverse background served her well as she pursued an acting career in the Philippines.

Having a mixed ethnic background gave the actress a multicultural upbringing.

She grew up immersed in both languages, even spending time in Germany as a child to become fully fluent.

Daniela Stranner Parents
Daniela Stranner comes from a family of mixed race. (Source: Pinterest)

Her ability to speak English and German has been an asset as she establishes herself as an actress in the Philippine entertainment industry.

The model’s blended Filipino and German heritage gives her a unique look and perspective that sets her apart.

Though she is still early in her career, her diverse background bodes well for connecting with broad audiences as her stardom continues to rise.

Daniela Stranner Siblings

In addition to her parents, Daniela Stanner grew up alongside two sisters, Connielyn and Gorez, and her brother Rico. As of 2023, her brother is attending FEU Diliman University.

Despite her rising fame, she remains close to her siblings.

This is evident in the August 2020 YouTube video “FAMILY DAY W/STRANNER FAMI,” which gave fans a glimpse into their bond by doing fun activities together.

Daniela Stranner Parents
Pictured: Daniela Stranner with her family members and cousins. (Source: Instagram)

Having two sisters and a brother, the model developed strong family ties.

Her experience growing up with siblings likely contributed to her personable nature and ability to collaborate well with others in the entertainment industry.

The support of Connielyn, Gorez, and Rico has undoubtedly been invaluable as Daniela navigates the world of show business.

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