Dancing Queen: Donie Burch Age Husband Kids And Instagram

Donie Burch Age

Donie Burch Age is a very curious topic for the Dancing Queen community. The dancer has been creating a lot of buzz with her steps in the reality TV show, Dancing Queen. Discover her little-known life in this article.

Donie Burch is a professional partner of Iliah Vinikovskiy and participates in the Pro-Am division as a ballroom dancer.

She previously worked as a buyer at Bergdorf Goodman’s and is currently the Director of Retail for Broadway Dance Center.

The Dancing Queens docuseries on Bravo, which debuted on May 9, 2023, features her as one of the six competitors.

In the field of retail buying and merchandising, Donie Burch is a well-known name with an extensive career spanning several prominent organizations.

Donie, who previously worked for Tootsies and Uniqlo, is a Retail Buyer/Merchandiser at Broadway Dance Center in New York.

Moreover, the ballroom artist has a degree in dance from Southern Methodist University, where she studied from 1996 to 1999, therefore, her love of dancing should not be disregarded.

Her experience in the dance industry probably helped her land her current job at Broadway Dance Center, where she is in charge of choosing and purchasing goods for the retail store.

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Donie Burch Age

Donie Burch Age seems to be around her mid-thirties. The accomplished dancer is relatively private regarding her age and the actual date of birth. 

However, considering her looks and agility onstage, she was supposedly born in the early 80s.

Every little detail that surfaces about her is analyzed and dissected by her fans, who are desperate to know more about the enigmatic star.

Moreover, Donie’s sense of accomplishment and self-assurance has been strengthened by ballroom dancing in a novel way.

Donie has been dancing her entire life and studied dance performance in college. (Source: Facebook)

Donie feels most at ease being herself on the dance floor, whether for technical improvement during a class, a ballroom dancing competition, a stage showcase performance, or simply having fun at a dance party.

The external world vanishes for Donie when she participates in Dance With Me; all that matters are the steps, exploring and expressing her feelings and fully connecting with herself.

Donie Burch Husband

Donie is currently single. The artist seems to focus on a more important aspect of her life, dancing.

However, she did have a husband whose whereabouts are still unknown to the public.

Donie once said, “I feel like when I achieve something in dance, my personality is at its fullest, showcasing the real me.”

Donie with her dancing partners Alek (left) and Orlov. (Source: Instagram)

Speculating from her Instagram, it seems she is single, who might have separated from a relationship.

However, the star has never addressed the issue regarding her romantic love life in any of her interviews, social media, or any other platforms.

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Donie Burch Kids

She does, however, have nephews and a niece that she adores dearly. Her Instagram photos make the love between them quite evident.

Vivien, a 12-year-old niece, is her niece, supposedly. The two have a very special bonding. They are seen very often on Donie’s Instagram handle enjoying each other’s company.

Donie with her relatives after they surprised her. (Source: Instagram)

Even though Donie is known for her privacy, her fans can’t help but speculate about her personal life.

They are always looking for clues and hints about her relationships, her interests, and her daily life.

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