Dalton Janway Obituary: Death Cause And Family Details

Dalton Janway Obituary

After the tragic incident, Dalton Janway obituary has been the most searched topic recently. The 11- years old boy and his grandparents were shot to death.

Dalton, a fifth-grader at Sadler Arts Academy, along with his grandparents, Jack Janway and Terry Lynn Janway, were found dead in their Muskogee, Oklahoma home on the evening of June 26.

The heartbreaking discovery was made by police officers who had responded to a single gunshot heard moments earlier.

The news hits particularly close to home for NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, as the victims were his in-laws and young Dalton was his 11-year-old nephew.

The authorities are treating the case as a murder-suicide and conducting a thorough investigation to shed light on the tragic events that unfolded that fateful night.

Although the details surrounding the incident remain unclear, Muskogee Police Officer Lynn Hamlin assured the public that there is no ongoing threat to the community.

It is yet to be confirmed who is Dalton’s parents. The community mourns the loss of three precious lives and offers their heartfelt condolences to the grieving family.

Dalton Janway Obituary- Family Mourns The Loss

News of Dalton Janway’s tragic death and those of his grandparents are making the headlines on the internet.

Reports from the Muskogee, Oklahoma, police reveal that Jack Janway, Terry Janway, and their grandson Dalton were discovered with gunshot wounds following a disturbance call to their residence on Monday evening.

Dalton’s tragic demise has deeply impacted those who knew him.

Ronia Davison, the Principal at Sadler, expressed her heartfelt sorrow, describing Janway as a remarkable individual and a cherished friend to everyone around him.

Dalton Janway Obituary
Dalton Janway obituary: He was shot to death in his residence. (Source: NY Post)

Davison emphasized how Dalton’s classmates highly regarded him and admired his thoughtfulness.

Similarly, he possessed a unique ability to discern the needs of others and consistently spread kindness wherever he went.

Likewise, Janway’s remarkable capacity to embrace people for who they were and effortlessly develop connections made him stand out among his peers.

He made people feel comfortable and approachable with his warm smile and friendly manner.

Davison fondly remembered him as someone you couldn’t help but want to be around.

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Dalton Janway Death Cause 

The lifeless body of 11-year-old Dalton was discovered in a residence on Suroya Street’s 2800 block, having succumbed to a fatal gunshot wound.

An even more distressing discovery was made when authorities responded to a reported disturbance involving a firearm.

The deceased bodies of Jack Janway and Terry Janway, who were the parents of Chandra, Johnson’s wife, were found alongside young Dalton, Chandra’s nephew.

As investigations continue, law enforcement officials believe that Terry, the mother of Chandra, may have been responsible for the fatal shooting.

Dalton Janway Obituary
Police said Terry Janway is accused in her husband’s and her grandson’s apparent murder-suicide. (Source: NY Post)

Authorities are pursuing leads and examining evidence to give light on the events occurring while the purpose behind this heartbreaking incident remains unknown.

According to the local newspaper, the Muskogee Phoenix, law enforcement received an alarming 911 call at approximately 9:05 p.m. from an unidentified woman.

She reported a firearm disturbance before abruptly terminating the call.

Upon entering the residence where the disturbance was believed to have occurred, officers tragically discovered Dr. Jack Janway, Johnson’s father-in-law, lying motionless in the hallway.

Soon after, a terrifying gunshot resounded from somewhere in the house, adding to the tragic circumstances.

Dalton Janway Family Details

Dalton is recognized as the grandson of Jack and Terry Janway. Likewise, he is the nephew of Jimmie Johnson and his wife, Chandra.

As specific details about his parents remain undisclosed, authorities have also not revealed any information regarding his other family members.

His immediate family circle centers around Jimmie and Chandra Johnson, who tied the knot in 2004 and shared the joy of raising their two daughters.

Dalton Janway Obituary
Jack and Terry Janway and their grandson Dalton were found dead in Muskogee, Oklahoma. (Source: NY Post)

Tragically, recent reports have shed light on a distressing incident involving Dalton’s family.

According to the police, Terry Janway, Johnson’s mother-in-law, is believed to have fatally shot her husband and their grandson before turning the gun on herself.

As authorities continue their investigation, further information will be disclosed soon.

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