Jordan Fineanganofo Mental Health – Is He Diagnosed With Psychosis?

Jordan Fineanganofo

Due to Jordan Fineanganofo mental health issue, he has been in Long Bay Hospital under the control of the police. Read the article to find more details about the case.

Jordan, a 21-year-old individual, has recently faced severe charges for the alleged murder of paramedic Steven Tougher inside an ambulance on April 14, 2023.

The tragic incident has left many questioning the motivations behind Fineanganofo’s brutal assault on Tougher.

Despite being on the police’s radar for minor infractions, there seems to be no previous interaction or connection between the perpetrator and the victim.

Quickly responding to the offensive act, law enforcement officers utilized a Taser to stop Fineanganofo at the crime scene.

He was arrested and taken into custody on charges related to the paramedic’s untimely demise.

The exact circumstances and underlying reasons behind this horrifying event remain uncertain. 

Jordan Fineanganofo Mental Health – Is He Diagnosed With Psychosis?

Fineanganofo is accused of fatally stabbing paramedic Steven Tougher at a McDonald’s parking lot in southwest Sydney. He is currently receiving treatment for significant mental health issues in a hospital.

His lawyer, Javid Faiz, informed the media that he is undergoing an evaluation and has been diagnosed with psychosis.

Presently, he is being held at Long Bay Hospital under the supervision of the police.

Jordan Fineanganofo Mental Health
Jordan Fineanganofo mental health: He is in hospital. (Source: Bigfooty)

The tragic incident unfolded when Tougher, taking a meal break at Campbelltown McDonald’s after completing a night shift, was approached by the individual believed to be his attacker.

Authorities allege that Fineanganofo forcefully opened the rear doors of the emergency vehicle and proceeded to stab the paramedic repeatedly.

After the incident, Tougher was immediately rushed to Liverpool Hospital in critical condition but tragically succumbed to his injuries later.

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Jordan Fineanganofo Health Update 2023

Jordan is accused of the murder of Steven Tougher, a 29-year-old man.

He is currently receiving medical treatment in a hospital under the watchful eye of the police due to his mental health condition.

Daily Mail Australia has revealed this information. In August 2021, he was admitted to the Macarthur Youth Community Mental Health Facility in Campbelltown, a suburb southwest of Sydney.

Jordan Fineanganofo
Steven Tougher was married to Madison for around five weeks before he died. (Source: NY breaking)

During a scheduled appearance in the Parramatta Bail Court in April, Fineanganofo was absent.

The reason for his absence was that he was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation, as he had been charged with the murder of paramedic Steven Tougher.

The court proceedings disclosed that the police were seeking an urgent court order to conduct a forensic procedure on the Raby resident to preserve any potential evidence.

Jordan is set to make another appearance in court on July 12, where further legal proceedings regarding his case will take place.

Jordan Fineanganofo Murder Case Update

Jordan, the alleged perpetrator of a horrific and fierce attack, will remain in custody on remand.

The incident unfolded when Steven Tougher, a dedicated paramedic, was nearing the end of his shift and taking a meal break in the back of his vehicle at a fast food restaurant car park on Queen Street in Campbelltown at approximately 5.30 am.

Tougher took a shocking assault, suffering a staggering 50 stab wounds. He was swiftly rushed to Liverpool Hospital in critical condition but unfortunately died.

Jordan Fineanganofo
Steven Tougher allegedly suffered 50 stab wounds in a McDonald’s parking lot in Campbelltown, western Sydney. (Source: NY breaking)

Furthermore, he has since been arrested and formally charged with murder. He has already spent more than ten weeks in police detention.

He will continue to be held in jail until his next court date for an additional two weeks.

The parking lot, which saw the tragic loss of Tougher’s life, has been transformed into a temporary memorial.

Numerous bouquets, a stethoscope, and an NSW Ambulance helmet decorate the touching scene as emotional memorials to the deceased paramedic.

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