Cristine Reyes Boyfriend 2023 Marco Gumabao: Moved On After Divorce With Ex Husband

Cristine Reyes Boyfriend

Cristine Reyes Boyfriend has embraced a new chapter in her love life with  Marco Gumabao in 2023, marking a fresh start after her divorce.

Cristine Reyes is a renowned Filipino actress, model, and dancer who has made a significant mark in the Philippine entertainment industry.

Born as Amina Klenk Amirul on February 5, 1989, in Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines, local media often calls her the “Ultimate Star” for her exceptional acting skills and immense popularity.

Reyes has been active in the entertainment world since 2003, and appearances in numerous television shows and films have marked her career.

Her acting talents have earned her several awards and accolades, including the Best Actress award at the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival for her outstanding performance in the movie “Kaleidoscope World.”

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Cristine Reyes Boyfriend 2023 Marco Gumabao

Cristine Reyes, the renowned Filipino actress, has embarked on a new chapter in her love life.

She is currently in a loving relationship with the actor Marco Gumabao.

Despite a six-year age difference, with Reyes at 34 years old and Gumabao at 28, their connection seems solid and genuine.

Reyes has openly expressed her admiration for Gumabao, referring to him as the “perfect boyfriend” who understands her deeply.

Gumabao, in return, has stated that their relationship is exclusive, and they enjoy spending quality time together.

He has also emphasized that he fully embraces Reyes’ role as a single mother and sees no issue with it.

Cristine Reyes Boyfriend
Cristine Reyes is a Filipino actress, model, dancer, and endorser. (source: cosmo)

Their relationship has been graced with sweet moments, including interactions with Reyes’ daughter Amarah from her previous marriage with Ali Khatibi.

Gumabao has even gone as far as to express his belief that Reyes is “the one,” and he envisions a future where they will stand the test of time.

Cristine Reyes and Marco Gumabao are rising stars in the entertainment industry, and their love story is capturing the hearts of many.

As they continue their journey together, it’s evident that their affection for one another knows no bounds, proving that age is just a number when love is in the air.

Cristine Reyes Moved On After Divorce With Ex-husband

Cristine Reyes, the famous Filipino actress, has gracefully moved forward following her separation from her ex-husband, Ali Khatibi, in 2019.

The spotlight has recently shone on Reyes’ romantic life as she has been spotted in the company of actor Marco Gumabao.

In April 2023, the couple made their affection public, sharing glimpses of their blossoming relationship.

Despite the challenges of a previous marriage, Reyes and Khatibi have demonstrated remarkable maturity and civility as they co-parent their daughter, Amarah.

Their positive co-parenting relationship extends to attending their daughter’s school events together, earning admiration and praise from observers.

Cristine Reyes Boyfriend
The two have a six-year age difference, with Reyes being 34 and Gumabao being 28. (source: Instagram)

Reyes’ ability to move on from her divorce with Khatibi while maintaining a harmonious co-parenting relationship highlights her focus on providing the best for her daughter.

As Cristine Reyes embraces her new love story with Marco Gumabao and continues co-parenting with Ali Khatibi, she inspires many with her capacity to handle life’s changes gracefully and positively.

Cristine Reyes Relationship timeline

The accomplished Filipino actress Cristine Reyes has journeyed through several relationships over the years.

 In 2003, Cristine Reyes was in a relationship with actor Mark Herras.

Their connection was one of the early chapters in her romantic history.

A few years later, Reyes found love in the arms of actor Dennis Trillo from 2007 to 2008.

Reyes embarked on a relationship with actor Rayver Cruz from 2010 to 2013.

Their romance added another chapter to her romantic timeline.

In 2013, Reyes was involved with actor Derek Ramsay.

Her relationship with Ramsay brought another layer of experience to her life.

The actress’s life significantly turned when she married Ali Khatibi in 2016.

Although they parted ways in 2019, they have admirably maintained a healthy relationship as co-parents to their daughter, Amarah.

Reyes’s present chapter of love features actor Marco Gumabao.

Their relationship began in March 2023 and became public in April 2023, adding a fresh, exciting page to her romantic timeline.

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