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Ali Wong

Ali Wong’s net worth is $5million.

Ali Wong is a comedian, writer, and actor renowned for her writing in the comedy industry.

The Vietnamese and Chinese American writer is also active and known for her stand-up comedy.

Her Netflix comedy specials “Hark Knock Wife” “Baby Cobra” got her well-recognized.

Other than that, she also appeared in  “Inside Amy Schumer,” “American Housewife,” “Are You There, Chelsea?“, “Fresh off the Boat.”

The comedian majored in Asian American Studies and graduated from UCLA.

Wong starter her career while she was 23 years old with stand-up comedy.

Ali-Wong- Net-Worth-2021-Update

Ali Wong posing for a shoot

She moved to New York City from San Francisco to pursue her interest in comedy.

Soon after, she was performing stand-up comedy almost nine times in a night.

Ali believed in herself, boosted her self-esteem in comedy, and used her skills to bring joy to sad people.

The actor has expanded her talents all over and is also an exceptional writer of the famous show “Fresh Off the Boat.

Let’s look at her list of quick facts to know her better.

Quick Facts

Full Name Alexandra Wong
Nick Name Ali Wong
Age 42 years old
Date of Birth 19 April 1982
Place of Birth Pacific Heights, San Francisco, USA
Nationality Vietnamese and American Chinese
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession Writer, Comedian, Actress
Height 5ft 1 inch
Weight 57 kgs
Color of eye Black
Color of hair Black
Horoscope Aries
Shoe Size 6 US Size
Education San Francisco University High School
College University of California, Los Angeles
Father’s Name Adolphus Wong
Mother’s Name Tam Wong
Marital Status Married
Spouse Justin Hakuta
Children 2 Daughters
Social Media Instagram  Facebook Twitter
Net Worth $5 million
Last Update July, 2024

Ali Wong: Net Worth and Income

 Ali Wong has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

In her early days, she got a role in shows where she appeared in numerous episodes.

Ali made $10,000 from shows like “Hey Girl,” “Best Week Ever,” which contributed to her net worth.

Till 2015, she was earning over $500,000 from her roles in “Black Box,” “Inside Amy Schumer,” “Savages.”

These shows were the source of income these days which helped built Ali Wong’s net worth.

Ali was making $25,000 income from her writing and acting in the early days of her career.

She makes most of her income through appearing in sitcoms and also standup comedy.

Other than that, Ali Wong’s net worth is rising due to her role as voiceover actress and director.

Her net worth doubled from just a span of one year, i.e., 2017 to 2018.

Ali earns an estimated amount of almost $1.5 million in a year as of her gross revenue.

The Netflix show “Hard Knock Wife,” released in 2018, was a major success that played a huge role in Ali Wong’s net worth and income.

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Ali Wong: House and Cars


Ali Wong lives in a luxurious home in Culver City, California.

She shares this lavish home with her husband and children worth between $700,000 and $1.5 million.

She also owns a home in New York City worth $950,000. The one-story home in New York consists of a surrounded outbuilding along with mosaic tile art in it.


There isn’t any information currently available on what kind of car does Ali Wong drives or own.

Ali Wong: Lifestyle and Vacation


Wong isn’t seen living a super luxurious lifestyle by spending money, like any other celebs though she has a big net worth.

Instead, she lives a lifestyle of becoming a more successful jokester and star.

She is aware of her success, but she realizes that years of hard work and being on a stage have led to her successful lifestyle.

The charismatic comedian decided to become a stand-up comedian a decade ago and remained consistent, from doing shows nine times a night to earning fame through 2016’s “Baby Cobra.”

Wong performing for her comedy special while 7 months pregnant

She often gets candid about wearing an $8 dress on her first show and how far she has come along.

Wong’s lifestyle also includes talking about important topics like her miscarriage.

She is very open to talking about it and states why any topics aren’t off-limits on stage while she is performing.

The quirky star also became transparent and revealed that her lifestyle includes the use of Ayahuasca Mushroom to get high.

She shockingly revealed that her husband and herself regularly tripped on a mushroom during couple’s trying times.


Ali Wong has been spotted vacationing in Hong Kong while making a stop for her “Milk and Money” tour.

The comedian was seen eating good food around the city and was chilling with big star player Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha Curry.

They were having dinner at Hong Kong Lounge, enjoying inner sunset Korean soul food.

Ali also posted a picture of the vacation with her daughters, who were seen pulling her hair.

The star captioned the picture, “When your hair becomes the main source of toddler entertainment so everyone else can eat in peace,” reflecting her great sense of humor.

Ali Wong: Charity

In 2020,  The Center for Asian American Media(CAAM) collaborated with Ali Wong for a luncheon to raise funds for CAAM.

The luncheon was conducted where fans and supporters of CAAM talked with Ali about her journey and raised critical funds.

She has also donated her infamous black and white maternity dress that she wore while appearing on her Netflix special “Baby Cobra” to the Smithsonian Museum.

In past years, Wong is also seen donating to ACLU, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, legal, and advocacy organization.

Movies, Investments, Endorsements and Book Publication

Movies and TV Shows:

The 39-year-old star has appeared on numerous movies like her Netflix rom-com “Always Be My Maybe” to famous movies like “Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn,” “Savages,” “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” “Hero.”

The movies have been quite successful in the box office, which states Ali Wong’s increasing net worth.

Always Be My Maybe-movie
Wong’s poster for her movie “Always Be My Maybe.”

The movie “Ralph Breaks the Internet” made $350.1 million at the box office. Her voice was utilized on renowned “The Angry Birds Movie,” which made $352.3 million at the box office.

Star’s other hit, “Savages,” made $83 million when it had a budget of $45 million.

Further, she has appeared on renowned shows like “American Housewife,” “Are You There Chelsea,” “Black Box,” which helped to build Ali Wong’s net worth.

Her well-known comedy stand-up special with Netflix is also a big deal for her.

It is said that Wong is offered $10 million for the stand-up special.

Ali Wong made around $945,000-$1,575 million from acting, writing, and stand-up comedy, which hugely contributed to her $6 million net worth.


Ali Wong’s net worth has been invested in wise things like on her own online business.

She owns a merch shop where she sells products for moms, babies, home products, and men.

Her products sell well where the products cost $30 to $8o with ranges of product from onesies to “Jungle Asian” theme items.

Also, Wong stated that she utilized her income to pay her Harvard graduate husband’s student loan of $70,000.

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Wong adds good value to her net worth from endorsement through Instagram.

She earns an average of $800-$1400 per post on Instagram.

Also, she builds her income from doing commercials.

Ali appeared on a campaign of Droga5 where she appeared as Coors Pure’s voice of a can, i.e., a brand new variety of brew which is organically certified.

Book Publication

In 2019, Wong published her self-written book titled “Dear Girls,” which was a hit among readers.

The book is represented as a collection of letters for her two daughters where she writes about her energetic youth, sexual details, and role as wife and mother to her kids.

Further, she discussed her role as an “accidental” sibling and her struggle to connect with her mother.

Wong has also revealed her experience and career struggle as an Asian woman trying to achieve success in the comedy field in her book.

The book is priced at $12.99 in the market.

The book represents her humor and undeniable success which has contributed to building her net worth.

Ali Wong: Career

The comedic genius started her career as a 23-year-old in stand-up comedy.

She was so good at delivering dialogue with jokes and humor that she was confident about what she is doing on stage.

Wong herself calls her comedy in her early days “disgusting” as she would talk about the guys she went out with on her comedy skits the next day that included topics like erectile dysfunction.

Being a struggling Asian American woman, Ali used to face a lot of backlashes where people cited her jokes as very dirty.

For now, she has achieved milestones in her decade-long career, from making $10 million from her stand-up special to starring as lead on movies like “Always Be My Maybe.”

She even came up with her stand-up special when she was pregnant at 7 months.

Ali Wong - Hard Knock Wife
Poster for her comedy special “Hard Knock Wife.”

Her extraordinary comedic writing can be seen on the famous show “Fresh Off the Boat,” where she was motivated to act as well.

Wong gracefully delivered a performance on “Baby Cobra” by highlighting humorous topics related to marriage and motherhood, which was a big success.

3 Facts about Ali Wong

  1. Ali Wong was greatly inspired by Eddie Murphy and would memorize his work from Murphy’s Saturday Night Live performances and comedy special “Delirious.”
  2. Ali’s family used to talk so much about Keanu Reeves’s Asian background, which is why she featured him in her movie “Always Be My Maybe.”
  3. Wong is the first stand-up comedian to sell out a total of 8 shows in San Francisco’s Masonic Theater.


“My goal is really to just make people laugh with integrity, like, with something that I still find funny.”

“In order to be the best comic, you have to perform in a wide diversity of rooms.”

“A lot of people get into stand-up as a back door into acting or something. But I really like writing jokes and telling jokes”.


What is Ali Wong’s ethnicity?

Ali Wong is American- Chinese from her dad’s side and Vietnamese from her mom’s side.

Why did Ali Wong stop appearing on “American Housewife”?

Ali could not work on American Housewife as she revealed the work environment was really toxic and decided to leave it to protect herself from the discrimination.

Did Ali Wong really write “Always Be My Maybe”?

Yes, Wong was a co-writer along with co-star Randall Park and Michael Golamco.



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