Cindy Crawford Tattoo: How Many Inking Does She Have? Meaning

Cindy Crawford tattoo

Cindy Crawford is an American supermodel, actress, and TV personality. What does a Cindy Crawford tattoo say? Does she have any tattoos on her body? Find out.

During the 1980s and 1990s, she was one of the most popular and successful models, appearing constantly on magazine covers, runways, and fashion campaigns.

She later began acting and starting business ventures as well.

In 2007, Crawford became an official supporter and celebrity board member of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which provides housing for families of hospitalized children.

She also serves on the honorary board of the California Wildlife Centre for animal conservation.

In 2021, Crawford recreated her famous Pepsi commercial with photographer David Yarrow to raise money for the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.

It is the hospital where her brother Jeff was treated for leukemia as a child.

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Cindy Crawford Tattoo: How Many Inking Does She Have?

Cindy Crawford is an iconic supermodel turned television personality who remains widely popular from her modeling days in the 1980s and 1990s.

Fans often wonder if the former Catwalk star has any tattoos herself. However, Crawford has never confirmed having any ink on her body.

While body art has never been part of Cindy’s brand, her son, Presley Walker Gerber, started getting extensive tattoos at a young age.

Cindy Crawford tattoo
A beautiful image of Cindy and her husband, including their two beloved children (Source: Daily Mail)

When Presley was just 15, he got his first tattoo and has continued adding.

Now in his early 20s, Presley has an estimated 26 tattoos covering parts of his body.

Some notable tattoos of Crawford’s sons are Angels, Misunderstood, Haha, Five Leaf Clover, and Lucky.

One of Presley’s tattoos, “MISUNDERSTOOD,” got into controversy.

The collection of bold, edgy tattoos signifies Presley embracing his path and personal self-expression, even if it diverges from his world-famous mother’s public persona.

While Cindy has no known tattoos, her son’s unusual and prominent body art has sparked controversy and kept Presley in the public eye.

Cindy Crawford’s son’s tattoo’s meaning

As discussed earlier, Cindy has not inked her body as of now. But her son has inked himself with several tattoos.

In addition, Presley has inked himself with 26 tattoos for the time being.

His tattoos include Angels, Misunderstood, Haha, Five Leaf Clover, Lucky, and many more.

Presley, a popular model, has some cool tattoos. On his right bicep, he has angel wings.

Cindy Crawford tattoo
When he was just a teenager, Presley confessed that he attempted to conceal his tattoo, which featured the word ‘Grateful’ in big letters on his forearm, by wearing a roomy hoodie (Source: Daily Mail)

Also, he shared a photo on Instagram that revealed a face tattoo under his right eye with the word ‘MISUNDERSTOOD,’ which was also controversial.

He has ‘HAHA’ inked on his left-hand fingers, and there’s a five-leaf clover on his right hand, 

The fingers on his left hand also have the word ‘LUCK’ tattooed.

Additionally, Cindy’s son has inked his body with several other tattoos with several meanings.

Where did Cindy’s son get his Tattoos? 

According to reports, Cindy’s son got a tattoo of “Misunderstood” on his face from a New York artist named JonBoy.

Presley shared this tattoo on Instagram while showing off his neck tattoos on both sides.

Cindy Crawford tattoo
An image of one of Presley’s tattoos of ‘Look Up’ which shows his faith towards God (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, the right side of his neck features the words ‘HU & HP,’ he expressed gratitude to artist Rafael Valdez for that particular tattoo.

Unfortunately, there’s no public information about when and where Presley got his other tattoos.

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