Mariah Carey Tattoo Meaning And Design: How Many Inkings Done?

Mariah Carey tattoo

Mariah Carey tattoos, their meanings, and designs represent her distinctive nature and extraordinary personality, making them a source of admiration for her fans worldwide.

Mariah Carey is a multi-talented American entertainer known for her wide vocal range and chart-topping songs.

Known as the “Songbird Supreme,” Mariah Carey holds Guinness World Records for her writing skill and unique melodic singing style, using a broad 5-octave range.

As an influential pop culture icon, Carey is credited with popularising hip-hop-infused pop music and the practice of releasing alternate song remixes.

Moreover, her holiday hits like the hugely successful “All I Want for Christmas is You” have earned her the nickname “Queen of Christmas.”

Over her decades-long career, the singer, songwriter, producer, and actress has left an indelible mark on popular music.

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Mariah Carey Tattoo Meaning

Mariah is a viral singer and songwriter with fans worldwide who are curious about her life, including her tattoos and their significance.

While Carey has generally kept her tattoos out of the spotlight, a few have become publicly known.

One image that went viral on social media revealed a butterfly tattoo on Carey’s lower back, with the name of her now ex-husband Nick Cannon integrated into the wing design.

Mariah Carey tattoo
                                                            A picture capturing Mariah displaying her butterfly tattoo. (Source: Pinterest)

Butterflies have long held special meaning for Carey and have featured prominently in her music, including providing the name for her 1997 album “Butterfly.”

It’s fitting that, among the few tattoos Carey is known to have, one is this orange butterfly inked prominently on her lower back.

Mariah Carey Design: How Many Inkings Are Done?

Carey has generally been very private about her tattoos, rarely speaking about them in public over the years.

As a result, details remain scant regarding when, where, or how many tattoos she has gotten.

The one tattoo Carey has confirmed is the orange butterfly design on her lower back, as seen in the viral photo incorporating her ex’s name, Nick Cannon.

Mariah Carey tattoo
                                            Mariah Carey thanks @juliedelibran for the beautiful dress that she is wearing (Source: Instagram)

However, beyond that butterfly tattoo, it’s unclear if Carey has any other tattoos or how many she might have.

Some sources speculate the iconic singer and songwriter may have one or two other small tattoos, but Carey has not provided any information to validate those rumors.

Whether she got the orange butterfly tattoo on her back when she was with Cannon, earlier in her rise to stardom, or at some other point remains a mystery.

Mariah Carey’s net worth

In addition to her wildly successful music career, Mariah Carey has built an impressive real estate portfolio over the years, contributing to her estimated net worth of $350 million.

She has owned lavish homes in glamorous destinations like New York and Beverly Hills. The singer recently sold her Atlanta mansion for over $4 million.

A significant portion of Carey’s wealth has come from the enduring popularity of her holiday hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

Mariah Carey tattoo
                                                             Mariah was at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on November 3, 2023 (Source: Instagram)

According to a 2017 report in The Economist, Carey earned more than $60 million in royalties from that festive 1994 track until 2016.

Given that the song consistently gains more popularity each holiday season, it is reasonable to assume that its earnings have been steadily increasing over time.

Furthermore, Mariah Carey is one of the wealthiest singers, songwriters, record producers, and real estate agents.  

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