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American singer, multi-instrumentalist, musician, songwriter, and record producer Chad Hugo has an incredible net worth of $55 million.

Charles Edward Hugo, mostly known as Chad Hugo, was born on February 24, 1974. He is best known for his musical band The Neptunes with Pharrell Williams.

Chad Hugo’s career started in 1994 with Pharrell Williams.

Chad Hugo during an interview with Romusa media

Hugo plays saxophone, keyboards, and guitar, whereas Williams is the drums guy.

In addition, The Neptunes were awarded The Producer of the Year award by The Source Awards in 2002. Later on, it was followed by The Billboards Music Award.

Hugo is also a member of the American hip-hop, Funk and Rock, N.E.R.D in the music industry.

He has produced numerous hits along with his production partner Pharrell Williams.

The popular record producer also has sponsored the albums for several popular singers and bands, including K-Pop, No Malice, Earl Sweatshirt, etc.

He also sang in three songs of the animation movie “The Spongebob Movie 2: Sponge out of Water” in 2015, along with his band N.E.R.D.

Till 2021, Hugo has written over a hundred songs and has done numerous remixes.

The average earning of this American music producer per record is $200,000 approximately.

Quick Facts

Full Name Chad Edward Hugo
Known as Chad Hugo
Nicknames Charles Hugo, C.Hugo, Neo-Thrift-Musica, Shimmy Hoffa
Birth Date 24th of February, 1974
Birth Place South Hampton Roads, Portsmouth, Virginia, United States
Residence Virginia, United States
Net  Worth $55 Million
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Years Active 1994 – Present
Horoscope Pisces
Father’s Name Pharoah Hugo
Mother’s Name Carolyn Hugo
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Rachel Hugo
Gender Male
Height 167 cm, ( 5′ 6″)
Weight 76 Kg, (167 lbs)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Record Producer, Multi-instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter
Instruments Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Saxophone, Bass, Vocals
Genre Hip hop, R&B
Marital Status Married
Ethnicity Filipino
Education High School
Sexual Orientation Straight
Children Three (Names Unknown)
Labels No Star Trak, Interscope, Fool’s gold, Columbia, I Am Other
Associated acts The Neptunes, N.E.R.D, Clipse, Jojo, Kenna, Paul Banks, Teddy Riley
Social Media TwitterFacebookInstagram
Last Update March 2024

Chad Hugo: Net Worth and Income

As of 2021, the American music producer Chad Hugo has an impressive net worth of $55 million.

Hugo is one of the richest music producers in America. His net worth comprises his work solely as a music producer and songwriter.

The music producer had his first earning in 1994. He bagged over $1.3 million on his record sales of the album Backstreet Boys with the American R&B group “Backstreet Boys.”

Furthermore, he made his highest of $32.4 million during the peak of his career in the year 2002.

The sum comprises his works with artists like Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Scarface, Nelly, Brandy, Snoop Dogg, etc.

In addition to his net worth, Hugo also charges a sum of over $200,000 to perform live with his band” N.E.R.D.”

The N.E.R.D members. Chad Hugo (Left), Shay Haley (Middle), and Pharrell Williams (Right)

Similarly, the American music producer has millions worth of real estate. However, his real estate has not been publicized.

You may also want to know about the music producer Calvin Harris who has been on top of the chart in the industry.

Chad Hugo: Houses and Cars


Hugo was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, and grew up in Virginia beach.

The American music producer has millions of worth of real estate with top of line studio. Despite having millions of dollars worth of real estate, Hugo hasn’t disclosed his real estate details.


Chad Hugo is an introvert when it comes to public appearances. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t go out that much.

The music producer has been seen driving around on several luxury cars. Rumors have it that he has a luxury collection of multi-million dollar cars.

However, the cars that Hugo owns have not been publicized.

Chad Hugo: Lifestyle and Vacations


Chad Hugo was born in the South Hampton Roads city of Portsmouth, Virginia, on February 24, 1974.

He was born to Filipino parents, and his father is a retired Navy Officer, whereas his mother was a laboratory technician.

Currently, he is living in Virginia, United States of America.

The music producer had always been passionate about music since a very young age. He then met Pharrell Williams in the seventh grade during a summer program.

Pharrell and Hugo both began working together and started playing in various bands.


Hugo loves to take breaks and spend time away from the hustle and takes trip to places.

Chad Hugo at Barcelona, Spain

He went on a trip to Barcelona, Spain, in late 2018.  Except that, no recent news has been publicized about the vacation.

Chad Hugo: Charity

Chad has been giving back to the public, but he likes to keep it to himself. Therefore, he has not been reported to be publicized in any public charity events.

Media, Awards, Books & Investments


Hugo has made soundtracks for more than 215 movies/series.

One of them is the “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” soundtrack for The Manny Pacquiao movie.

Except for the music produced, he has not starred in any films.


Chad Hugo has been one of the top music producers with numerous awards, shows, and albums.

In addition, Hugo has brought The Grammy Awards under the title “Best Pop Vocal Album” home. He shared the award with Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Sebran Ghenea, and Andrew Coleman for the album “Justified.”

Also, in 2002, Hugo received the Producer of the Year award by The Source Awards.

Along with The Grammy Awards, Hugo has been nominated for awards such as Golden Satellite Award, HMMA Award, Black Reel, and Primetime Emmy Awards.


The American music producer has not written many books. However, there have been practice books for the instruments and music written by Chad and Pharrell.

Some examples are Last Night (Piano/Vocal/Chords), I’m A Slave 4 U (Piano/Vocal/Chords), etc.


Chad Hugo’s impressive net worth is solely focused on the music he has produced. With this in mind, Hugo states that he has no other investment plans.

However, Hugo has record deals and affiliations with various record labels. Some of them include Fool’s Gold Records, Interscope Records, and Star Trak Entertainment.

The American music producer continues to acquire wealth by working in the music industry.

Chad Hugo: Career

Early Music

This famous American music producer began his music career during his school years where he met Pharrell Williams.

Hugo and Williams both met in a band class, and they began mixing beats. With his, they also began playing in various live bands.

With time, Hugo wanted to make more beats, but his parents were against it. Immediately Hugo and a friend of his stole a computer from their school library to make beats.

First Album

After the school days, Hugo and Williams both began working on occasional productions with Teddy Riley, who had recently opened a recording studio near the high school that Hugo and Williams attended. They worked with artists such as BLACKstreet and SWV.

Hugo and Williams started songwriting and production assignments several years later with artists such as N.O.R.E and Mystikal. The records became a hit, and this allowed them to produce for megastars such as Jay-Z.

Chad Hugo, later on, signed the BMG Music Publishing house on a music publishing deal to dive into greater heights of achievement.

The Neptunes for Fader Magazine

Hugo and Williams named their duo “The Neptunes.” In 2002, The Neptunes were named Producers of the year at both The Source Awards and the Billboard Music Awards.

In the same year, the album The Neptunes Presents: Clones was released. The album debuted at number one in August 2003.

Peak Career

Further, in 2004, The Neptunes won the Grammy Awards for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical.

Hugo has been described as the “Mr. Spock” to Williams by The Source Magazine regarding the teamwork of Hugo and Williams.

However, Hugo does have the ability to produce music away from the band. He produced Kenna’s 2003 album New Sacred Cow. He also produced Kenna’s second album, Make Sure They See My Face.”

Furthermore, in 2011, Hugo created a DJ team called “Missile Command,” teaming up with Daniel Biltmore. This duo signed a deal with Fool’s Gold Records to release their music.

Chad Hugo performing with N.E.R.D. at The Warfield in San Francisco in April 2009

Missile Command has released two mixtapes, i.e., 2011’s “Foolcast number 22” and 2013’s “Why Fight the Space Age?.” The mixtapes were a bridge between traditional DJ mix and new favorites.

In 2013, Hugo and the Malaysian artist Yuna collaborated on her album Nocturnal for the song “Someone Who Can.”

Later on, in 2014, Hugo worked with the K-Pop group Red Velvet for their song “Happiness.”

Eventually, in 2015, the American music producer reunited with his band N.E.R.D to produce three songs to The SpongeBob Movie 2: Sponge out Of Water”.

He also worked with Lamsu and P-Lo for the track “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” from The Manny Pacquaio Movie Soundtrack.

Finally, he teamed up with The Neptunes for Snoop Dogg’s album “Bush.”

3 Facts about Chad Hugo

  • Chad Hugo was given the nickname Mr. Spock and his partner Pharrell Williams with Captain Kirk by the Source Magazine. The names were given with regards to the popular pair in Slash Fiction.
  • Hugo has assisted Justin Timberlake in the composition of as many as nine songs in the famous album Man of the Woods.
  • Hugo initially played Saxophone and William played Percussion.


Is Chad Hugo Gay or Straight?

Chad Hugo is straight and has been married twice. His first wife was Rachel Hugo, and they separated in 2010. He again got married to Priscilla Lynch Hugo in 2014. They also have three children together.

What instrument does Chad Hugo play?

Chad Hugo is a multi-instrumentalist, and he plays various instruments. Some of them are Bass Guitar, Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, and Saxophone.

When did Chad Hugo’s career start?

Chad Hugo’s career started in 1992.

What kind of music genre does Chad Hugo do?

Chad Hugo is known for his different music styles and genres. However, he is best known for contemporary R&B and hip-hop music.

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