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Celine Dion

One of the most successful musicians in history, Celine Dion reportedly has a net worth of $800 million, making her the third wealthiest artist in the world as of this year.

Now, who can forget the most iconic movie of all time Titanic, and its beloved Love Theme, “My Heart will Go On” yes, we are talking about Celine Dion here, who taught us what music with such emotions could do to us.

The one who is Celine Dion for the world was born with the name Celine Marie Claudette Dion on 30 March 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada, to a French-Canadian descent.

Celine Dion
Celine Dion (Source: Encyclopedia Britannica)

Having achieved a record for sales of over 200 million worldwide, she remains the best-selling artist of all time.

46 year old artist has received five Grammy Awards, including Album and Record of the Year for “Beauty and the Beast”(1991), “With The Color Of My Love(1993)“, “Falling Into You(1996)” and  “My Heart Will Go On(1998).”

The Titanic singer is also regarded as one of the most influential vocalists in pop music.

She had a string of successful albums in French and English and was the recipient of countless honors.

Various genres, such as pop, rock, gospel, R&B, and soul, have inspired her music.

Moreover, She was also the first Canadian to receive a gold record in France in 1983.

She was dubbed the “Queen of Adult Contemporary” by Billboard for having the most number-one songs on the radio format. Clearly, it is indeed a remarkable thing for a female artist.

She was also the first artist to sell 10 million albums in Europe since Michael Jackson the king of pop. Such a hard-won success that no artist has accomplished since.

Quick Facts

Full Name Celine Marie Claudette Dion
Known as Celine Dion
Date of birth 30 March 1968
Place of birth Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada
Age 56 Years Old
Marital Status Rene Angelil (married 1994- died 2016)
Children 3
Father’s name Adhemar Dion
Mother’s name Therese Dion
Siblings Youngest of 14 siblings
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Aries
Education Ste Marie Des Anges Elementary School, Charlemagne
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Light Brown
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 55kg
Religion Roman Catholic
Nationality Canada, Switzerland
Ethnicity White
Profession Singer
Years active 1980- Present
Net worth $800 million
Awards & Honors
  • Grammy Award (1998)
  • Order Of Canada (1998)
  • Grammy Award (1996)
  • Grammy Award (1992)
Website celenedion.com
Social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Last Update June, 2024

Celine Dion: Net Worth and Income

As of 2021, her net worth is estimated to be $800 million, making her one of the richest singers in the world.

Celine Dion’s $800 million net worth is linked to her international renown, but she makes money from more than just album sales.

She made $37.5 million in 2019 alone, according to Forbes.

Celine Dion has made roughly $400 million since the start of her A New Day tour in 2003, delivering 70 gigs every year.

This makes Dion the highest-paid performer in Vegas, with  $500,000 per concert.

Dion During one of her concerts
Dion During one of her concerts

Her 717-show residency from 2003 to 2007 is still the highest-earning musical residency of all time, making about £300 million and attracting nearly three million people.

Celine has made millions from her other ventures in addition to her musical talent.

To summarize, It’s no wonder, given her iconic hits, she makes such an impressive net worth.

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Celine Dion Lifestyle & Vacations


Unquestionably, Celine Dion’s wedding gown was one of the most expensive, with the singer opting for what is regarded as one of the most iconic gowns ever made.

It’s no surprise, then, that the outfit reportedly cost $25,000 to design.

One of the Most Beautiful Day Of Her Life, The Day She Got Married.
One of the Most Beautiful Day Of Her Life, The Day She Got Married.

Dion was unable to take her children to genuine waterparks. So there it was, a massive waterpark in her Florida Mansion.

The way she lives in her mansion, more like a castle, surely makes us think of any royalty descent rather than a pop singer.

Celine has recently become something of a style icon for many of the big personalities due to her dedication to constantly wearing the most up-to-date styles.

For years, Celine is said to have used the services of private chefs. No lie-in, we can see how busy this diva can prepare a meal for her family.

Despite living in a six-bedroom house, she appears to prefer relaxing with a magazine or spending time with her children.


The French Canadian claimed it had become custom for their family to visit the border state for the holidays until Rene could not go due to illness in 2016.

For their annual family ski trip, the singer takes her three children to Montana, famous for its Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.

Celine Dion Houses, Cars, Jet & Watch


The five-time Grammy-winner currently lives with her family in Henderson, Nevada.

Celine’s Florida Mansion, it’s got 20,000 square feet; she sold her Juniper Mansion for $28 million after losing her husband.

Her Gigantic Mansion In Florida.
Her Gigantic Mansion In Florida.

Celine used to live in a magnificent mansion in Laval, Quebec.

In 2016, she sold that property also.

Of course, Big personalities like her can have a place anywhere, especially in Paris.

Celine's Beautiful Paris Apartment.
Celine’s Beautiful Paris Apartment.

Looking at the pics of her mansions, one can surely say she has excellent taste and an amazing ability to find beautiful real estate.


As the wealthiest woman, for sure, she must have a fleet of cars. But these are the ones she loves to drive in often.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

She possesses an automobile that is as beautiful as she is.

Mercedes Owned By Her.
Mercedes Owned By Her

Maybach 62

It is regarded as one of the world’s greatest automobiles. Therefore the $500,000 price tag must be justified. Now that is the real beauty on four wheels to die for.

 Private Jet

As fabulous as she is, she owns her own private jet.

Celine Dion is said to have paid $42 million for a Bombardier BD 700 Global Express XRS.

And, This Speaks Volume.
And, This Speaks Volume.

In fact, It has three huge seating spaces that can accommodate 12-16 persons.

Maintaining and hosting a gigantic airplane that is large enough to contain numerous bathrooms and a full kitchen is believed to cost around $3 million each year.


Celine launched a watch collection named “Celine Dion Quintessential Timepieces” in 2013.

Furthermore, the Stainless Steel watches with elegant design costs between $99 and $249.

Celine Dion: Movies, Investments, Book Publications & Endorsements


Celine: Through the Eyes of the World is a documentary–concert film about Celine Dion, the Canadian singer.

It provides viewers with a glimpse of Celine’s career during 2008- 2009.

Celine Dion, alongside Sam Heughan and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, appeared in the romantic drama called “Text for You.”

Additionally, Filming is now started in London, with a completion date set for late 2021 in the United States.


Apart from her music career, she has invested in some other businesses as well.

She co-owned the talent management business Les Productions Feeling Inc., often known as Feeling Inc. or Feeling, in Quebec with her late husband.

With tennis players Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf and basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, she also launched the popular nightclub Pure at Caesars Palace.

Celine was also the owner of the Nickels Restaurant business until 1997.

She was so into Golf that she bought Club de Golf Le Mirage in the 1990s.

Moreover, Dion has spent up to CAD$15 million ($11.3 million) on the 6,000-yard plot of land in Quebec.

Book Publications

Celine Dion: My Story My Dream

Anyone wondering about the real persona behind this emotionally driven voice? It’s a beautifully crafted portrait of a wonderful woman who has never shied away from a challenge.

Written By Celine Dion Herself.
Written By Celine Dion Herself.

Not only her voice but you will fall in love with her words also. That’s how much it is beautifully written by her herself.


Celine Dion, 51, has been announced as the celebrity representative for L’Oreal Paris since 2019.  This marks her first time to be involved in a beauty contract of this kind.

As a renowned Canadian Singer, she has also contributed her voice to the Air Canada commercial campaign song You and me.

Celine Dion Parfums, which has made over £654 million in retail sales,  after the renowned singer inked a deal with Coty, Inc  in 2003

Celine Dion has started a children’s clothing line, a collection named CELINUNUNU, that is gender-neutral in 2018.


Celine Dion has volunteered for or donated to the following organizations:

  • Aid Still Required
  • Artists against racism
  • Angels Place
  • American Heart Association
  • Autism Speaks

Celine Dion is a supporter of the causes listed below.

  • Adoption
  • Bullying
  • Creative Arts
  • Children


She was born to a musically inclined family and was the youngest of 14 children, who started singing at the tender age of 5.

Rene Angelil, her late husband and her long-time manager, was the one who first recognized her ability.

The Man Who Believed In Her, Her Beloved Husband.
The Man Who Believed In Her, Her Beloved Husband.

It was the 1990s when she debuted with Unison and rose to international stardom as she sold over a million copies worldwide.

Where Does My Heart Beat Now,” from the debut album, earned her first top ten songs on the US Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number four.

Celine Dion has won numerous prizes and honors for her global success in the music industry, including 5 Grammy Awards, 12 World Music Awards, 7 American Music Awards, 7 Billboard Music Awards, 21 Juno Awards, 39 Felix Awards, and many more.

Dion’s current album, Courage, has been a commercial success.

She’s also recently released an exclusive Apple Music documentary.

Interesting Facts About Her

  • Drake reportedly opted to get a tattoo of Celine on his body after having a Beatles tattoo. Although it was supposed to be a heartfelt gesture, it seems she couldn’t support it.
  • Rene Angelil, Dion’s future husband and manager, first met her when she was 12 years old, and he was 38 years old in 1980.
  • She was ridiculed at school and named “Vampire” because of her teeth and slim physique.

And at last, to all the Titanic Lovers, here is the video to make your day. Definitely, worth watching.


How did Celine Dion lose weight?

In an interview, she revealed Ballet Classes undoubtedly, helped her to lose weight.

What is Celine Dion’s accent?

Celine Dion’s voice has a heavy French (Canadian) touch to it.

How much was Celine Dion’s husband worth?

Her late husband Rene Angelil’s Net Worth was $400 million.

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