Celine Boutier Sister Christie Boutier And Brother Kevin Boutier

Celine Boutier Sister

Even as her followers continue to search Celine Boutier sister, the French professional golfer has chosen to keep her family life private, focusing primarily on her thriving sports career. 

Celine Boutier Mari, shortly Celine Boutier, is a French professional golfer who has carved an impressive path on the green. She made her territory in the global golf scene.

The female golf champion’s focus is steadfastly set on her improving career. 

Although Boutier’s athletic progress has been the talk of the town, some fans still speculate about her family background and sibling details. 

The discretion has left many wondering about Celine Boutier sister and family details. 

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Celine Boutier Sister Christie Boutier And Brother Kevin Boutier

After the French professional golfer, Celine Boutier defeated Canadian golfer Brooke Henderson by a huge margin of six strokes, many began searching “Celine Boutier sister and brother.”

The talented female golfer inspired the world, winning her first major tournament, the 2023 LPGA Evian Championship. 

Regarding her sibling, the professional golfer has a twin sister named Christie Boutier. Supposedly, twins share a close bond, and it is no exception for Celine and her twin sister, Christie. 

Likewise, Celine has a brother, Kévin, who shares a tight-knitted bond with his sister.

Celine Boutier Sister and parents
Celine Boutier Sister: The professional golfer spent a holiday with her family in Venezia, Italy. (Source: Instagram)

Boutier’s parents shifted to France from Thailand, where they raised Celine and her siblings.

Reportedly, Celine and her siblings grew up visiting Thailand. The three siblings waited each summer to visit the rest of her extended family in Thailand.

Twins by birth, Celine’s sister couldn’t be more different than her. However, her sister does not play golf as she pursues her career much away from the spotlight.

Meanwhile, Celine’s brother, Kevin, is much invested in the sport like his professional golfer sister.

The French professional’s brother is a certified golf instructor. Kevin developed an interest in golf much like his sister.

He won 3 conference championships at the collegiate level in Arkansas. Likewise, he went ahead to caddie for Celine in 2017.

As of now, Celine’s brother competes professionally on various mini-tours in Florida, teaching all aspects of the game to golfers of distinct ages and skills.

It is safe to say that Celine’s siblings have had an immense role in her success in golf.

Although her sister has a very private life and tends to stay away from the noise of Celine’s professional career, Christie’s love for her twin sis is much apparent.

As she climbs up in the golf scene, she will always be backed by the unconditional affection and support that her siblings provide.

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Celine Boutier Family And Parents

French professional golfer Celine Boutier was born on 10 November 1993 to Christophe and Jacqueline. She is a native of the Paris suburb Montrouge, Boutier.

Reportedly, her family was originally from Thailand and was later adopted by French families. 

While there is limited information available about Boutier’s family, it is evident that they have been a source of unwavering support for the golfer as she battles it out in several tournaments.

Celine Boutier sister
Celine Boutier’s family has supported her sports career. (Source: The Guardian)

Celine’s parents prefer to stay out of the media limelight. However, her parent’s involvement in their daughter’s sporting career is much more evident.

While the female golfer has not been much vocal about their specific contributions to her life and sport, she has always praised and been close to them.

Celine’s family has been a constant pillar of support throughout her entire journey. Since her early days as an amateur golfer, her family has been by her side, contributing to her growth.

She would have had a hard way to make it through the highly competitive sport with its ups and downs without her parents and siblings.

She currently ranks at No. 15 in the Women’s World Golf Rankings. Celine’s parents would be extremely proud of their daughter.

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