Jill Scott Sexuality: Is She Lesbian? Partner And Dating History

Jill Scott sexuality

Jill Louise Scott MBE is a former English professional footballer renowned for her role as a midfielder. What is Jill Scott sexuality? Find out. 

Standing at an imposing height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.81m), Scott earned the nickname “Crouchy”.

Her football journey began when she left her hometown club Sunderland to join Everton in 2006.

She played a vital role in securing the Blues’ victories in the FA Women’s Premier League Cup in 2008 and the FA Women’s Cup in 2010. 

Recognized for her exceptional talent, Scott was honoured as the FA Players’ Player of the Year in 2008 and FA International Player of the Year in 2011. 

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Jill Scott Sexuality: Is She Lesbian?

What is Jill Scott sexuality? The football player is openly gay and has been in a committed relationship with her long-term partner, Shelly Unitt.

Her openness about her sexual orientation indicates that she is attracted to individuals of the same gender.

However, it is essential to note that her sexuality has not had any negative impact on her flourishing career in sports.

Jill Scott sexuality
Jill Scott is open about her sexuality (Source: Instagram)

Being open about her identity has allowed the football player to embrace her true self authentically, creating a supportive environment for herself and others who may relate to her experiences.

By publicly acknowledging her relationship with Shelly, she sends a positive message about inclusivity and acceptance in the sports community.

Her talent and dedication have been the primary drivers of her success, proving that one’s sexual orientation does not define one’s abilities or potential in the sports arena.

Jill Scott partner Shelly Unitt

During March 2020, Scott made a public announcement of his engagement to Shelly Unitt, her partner, with whom she had been in a committed relationship for a long period of time.

The football player, Scott, marked a joyous milestone in their journey together as a couple.

In addition to her professional achievements as a footballer, Jill, along with her partner Shelly Unitt, ventured into the business world.

Jill Scott sexuality
Jill Scott and Shelly Unitt are engaged (Source: Instagram)

They co-own a coffee shop called Boxx2Boxx Coffee, which is located in Manchester.

The coffee shop provides a platform for Jill and Shelly to pursue their passion for the beverage industry and create a welcoming space for coffee enthusiasts in the city.

Through their engagement and their joint business venture, Jill Scott and Shelly Unitt demonstrate a strong partnership that extends beyond their personal lives.

Their story inspired others to pursue both personal happiness and professional fulfilment while embracing the journey of life together.

Shelly Unit is an active user of social media platforms, regularly posting pictures and videos featuring her partner, Jill.

Together, the football player and Shelly share glimpses of their vacations and adventures in various destinations.

Jill Scott Dating History

Jill is known for being a private person who chooses not to divulge details about her past relationships.

She values her privacy and prefers to keep her personal affairs out of the public eye.

This decision to maintain a level of secrecy regarding her romantic history might stem from her desire to protect her personal life from unnecessary scrutiny and intrusion.

Jill Scott sexuality
Jill Scott has not disclosed about her past relationship details (Source: Instagram)

As a celebrity, it can be challenging to maintain privacy in the face of media attention and public curiosity.

Her choice to keep her previous relationships undisclosed allows her to maintain control over what aspects of her life she shares with the world.

By focusing on her career and keeping certain aspects of her personal life off-limits, she can focus on her career, creative endeavours, and public persona without unnecessary distractions.

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