Zara Lopez Wikipedia Bio – Who Is She? Business Net Worth And Age

Zara Lopez

Zara Lopez is a popular actress and model who rose to fame on TikTok.  As a rising star, she has made fans curious about her personal life. In this article, we will look into Zara Lopez Wikipedia to know everything about her.

Zara Lopez has over 4.8 million fans on her zaralopez999 account, where she posts comedy sketches and viral trends with her romantic partner.

She became active on TikTok in February, 2020 and quickly rose to fame with her funny and relatable videos.

She is also active on Instagram and Facebook, where she shares selfies and lifestyle content with her followers.

Zara Lopez Wikipedia Bio – Who Is She?

Zara Lopez is a popular actress, model, and TikTok star who has gained millions of fans and followers on social media.

She is known for her hilarious comedy sketches, viral trends, and pranks on her partner.

Zara is also one of the members of the Viva Hot Babes, a Filipino girl group and dance troupe.

She started her career as an actress and model in the Philippines, appearing in several movies and TV shows.

Some of her notable works include Dampi (2010), Mestizo: A Beautiful Boy (2012) and Reyna: Ang makulay na pakikipagsapalaran ng mga achucherva, achuchuva, achechenes (2006).

She became active on TikTok in February, 2020 and quickly rose to fame with her funny and relatable videos.

Zara Lopez Wikipedia
Zara Lopez with her partner. (Source: Instagram)

She often collaborates with her partner and makes fun of their age gap and cultural differences.

She also posts selfies and lifestyle content on her Instagram account, where she has over 228K followers.

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Zara Lopez Business – what does she do?

The TikTok star is not only an influencer and actress but also a business entrepreneur. Zara has her own business named Reece’s Yema.

Although Lopez started her business in 2017, her product went viral during the start of the epidemic.

Zara Lopez
Zara Lopez introducing new spread product named Sweet Reece’s. (Source: Instagram)

As the company has made a name for itself in the market, they have launched many other flavors in the market.

Zara and her sister Rhain are operating their business.

In an interview with Pilipino Mirror, Zara stated: “I really squeeze my mind to come up with a good business. There are already plenty of products in the market like cakes, cupcakes even glutathione. I don’t want to compete with these products head-on so I thought of coming up with Yema spread.”

Zara says she is grateful for the opportunity given to her.  She also states that she plans to expand her product line and create more flavors of yema in the future.

Zara Lopez Net worth revealed

Zara Lopez has an estimated net worth of between $100K and $1M as of 2023.

This impressive figure comes from her successful career in the entertainment industry, as well as her social media influence.

Zara Lopez also earns money from sponsored posts, brand deals, and merchandise sales on her Instagram account.

She posts selfies and lifestyle content, showcasing her beauty and fashion sense.

She also collaborates with other famous TikTok stars, such as Olivia Rodrigo, Pierre Boo, Marco Hall, and Kat Zoe Clark.

Zara Lopez is one of the most successful and influential TikTok stars in 2023.

She has a loyal fan base who love her humor and personality. She is also a talented actress and model who has a bright future ahead of her.

Zara Lopez Age – how old is she?

Zara was born on September 16, 1984, in the United States. She is 39 years old as of 2024. She is of Filipino descent.

Zara is a proud mother of her child named Sapphire. She is also an animal lover and has a pet dog named Coco.

Zara Lopez
Zara Lopez with her daughter Sapphire. (Source: Instagram)

Zara Lopez is a talented and beautiful woman who has achieved success in both showbiz and social media.

She is also a loving mother and partner who values her family above all else.

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