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American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor Cam’ron have an astounding net worth of $6 million.

Further, Cameron Ezike Giles is his birth name who was born in Harlem, New York City.

Besides being a rapper, actor, he is a businessman, record executive producer, and philanthropist.


Confessions Of Fire, his debut album, was a commercial success on a global scale.

Feels Good, on which he collaborated with Usher, and another song named Horse and Carriage helped his album reach number six on the Billboard top 200.

He founded two hip-hop rap groups called the U.N. (Us Now) and The Diplomats.

Cam’ron’s career spans more than two decades and includes numerous highly praised albums that have received RIAA Gold and Platinum certification.

In addition, he has appeared in several films, including “Paper Soldiers” and “Paid in Full.”

Cam’ron has worked successfully in business as an entrepreneur and philanthropist in many organizations.

In addition, Cam’ron made his director & screenwriter debut in Killa Season which he starred as the main character.

In this article, we will be discussing his net worth, real estate, charity work, and so on.

But first of all, let’s check out quick facts about the famous American rapper Cam’ron.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about the American rapper Cam’ron.

Birth Name Cameron Ezike Giles
Celebrated/Professional Name
Nickname Killa Cam
Date of Birth  4 February 1976
Age 48 years old
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation  Straight
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name Fredericka Giles
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Passed Relationship N/A
Wife/Spouse No
Children 1 (Cameron Ezike Giles Jr.)
Race/Ethnicity African American
Birth Place/City Harlem, New York, United States
High School
 Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics
Profession Rapper, Songwriter, Actor, Record Executive, Businessman, Entrepreneur
Nationality American
Net Worth $10 Million
Career 1993 to present
Genre Hip hop, East Coast hip hop
Instruments Vocals, Guitar & Drums
Associated acts Dipset, Children of the Corn, U.N., AraabMuzik, Berner, Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa
Height 6 ft. 1 inch (185 cm)
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Weight 80 kgs (176 lbs)
Associated labels
Killa, Diplomat, Cinematic, E1, Asylum, Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam, Epic Untertainment, Sony Music
Website Cam’ron Official
Social Media Twitter, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook
Last Update June, 2024

Net Worth and Income

American rapper, songwriter, and actor Cam’ron has an incredible net worth of $6 million.

Further, this amazing source of wealth is mostly from his career as one of the finest rappers.

Aside from his rapper’s career, some of the other sources such as actor, record executive producer, the business also contribute to his net worth.

However, his prime source of wealth is sales of his albums, and he has sold over 500 thousand copies of his records.

In 2002, his album Come Home with Me was certified as a platinum record by RIAA. The record sales of this album alone were $1 million.

Likewise, the following year, Cam’ron collaborated with the hip hop group named The Diplomats and released an album that became his back-to-back hit album.

Furthermore, this album was entitled Diplomatic Immunity, which was yet another certified platinum by RIAA and made sales of $1 million.

Similarly, in 2004 he recorded and released two new albums, Purple haze and Diplomatic Immunity 2, that recorded half a million copies each.

Subsequently, he earned an estimated $55000 from his three albums released from 2009 to 2011.

Cam’ron highest-selling albums list

Cam’ron’s Lifestyle

American rapper Cam’ron was born on February 4, 1976. Further, he was born to Fredericka Giles, a single mom and raised cam’ron.

Cam’ron went to Manhattan Centre for Science and Mathematics High School.

During his childhood, Cam’ron was fascinated by basketball and used to play basketball his whole weekend.

Further, He mostly played with his friends Mase and Jim Jones, who, in fact, are now rapper just like Camron.

Despite being a prominent basketball player, Cam’ron lost a scholarship for basketball due to his low grades in Class.

Moreover, His friends introduced Cam’ron during his teenage to Christopher Latore Wallace, also known by his stage name the Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G. was well renowned as the best rapper and songwriter of the 80s.

Unfortunately, Camron was into drug smuggling once after he dropped out of college.

Despite all these circumstances, Cam’ron focused and devoted his life to music which he why he is one of the best rappers in the music industry.

Cars, Watches, Jewelry & Clothing


The American rapper Cam’ron loves to buy luxurious cars and has few custom-designed fancy automobiles.

Cam’ron has a classic SUV, a Range Rover 2003 model valued at roughly $10,000.

Further, he listed this 2003 Range Rover for sale on the famous auction site eBay.

Likewise, Cam’ron’s listed his 2003 Range Rover with the starting price of a whopping $180,000

Furthermore, he owns one of the most costly SUVs, the Rolls-Royce Phantom, which starts at $300,000 and may go up to $400,000.

Most recently,  Cam’ron bought a custom-designed pink Audi Q5 worth $50,000.

Cam'ron with his Audi
Cam’ron with his Audi

In addition, He also owns a Lamborghini Gallardo, a fancy sports car that costs over $215,000.


Cam’ron loves to wear Swiss Luxury watches of the Rolex brand.

Furthermore, The price of this elegant watch starts from $8 thousand and increases as per the custom design order.


The American rapper Cam’ron too, wears amazing jewelry items just like most of the rappers.

Further, It is a bit hard to picture the rapper without their fancy chains and rings.

Similarly, Cam’ron has pieces of jewelry such as chains, rings worth $300000.


Cam’ron is known for his fancy fashion sense and loves wearing mesmerizing outfits.

Furthermore, he owns his own clothing brand, which can be bought from Red Bubble’s online website.

In addition, Cam’ron was seen wearing an enthralling baby pink outfit during the award show in 2002.

Cam'ron in his baby pink outfit
Cam’ron in his baby pink outfit

Moreover, the American rapper likes to flaunt this iconic outfit time and often.

Investment & Endorsements


Cam’ron’s participation in investments and endorsement deals has also contributed to making his total net worth $4 Million.

Further, he has invested part of his wealth in establishing his own record label.

The American rapper Cam’ron named his hip-hop record label Diplomat Records (Dipset) in 2001.


The American rapped has several lucrative endorsement deals with popular brands and companies.

Further, he signed an endorsement deal with the liquor company named Sizzurp liquor in 2002.

Moreover, cam’ron was a spoke model and also been featured in the commercial of Sizzurp liquor.

Similarly, several labels have been endorsed, such as Cinematic, E1, Asylum, Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam, Epic record labels.

Likewise, several famous shoe brands such as Nike and Reebok have endorsed Cam’ron.

In addition, it is estimated that the famous rapper earns half a million annually from his endorsement deals.


In 1985, he began his career with a rap group named Children of the Corn.

However, this group didn’t last long due to the sad demise of Bloodshed, a member of the group, in 1997 due to a car accident.

After the dismissal of the group, cam’ron focused more on a solo rapper career.

As cam’ron was acquainted with the Notorious BIG since childhood, this helped him get signed by the famous record producer Lance Rivera.

After signing the contract with Lance Rivera, he immediately released his debut alum named “Confessions of fire” in 1998.

Horse & Carriage was his all-time hit song and was number nine on both the R&B and rap charts.

In 2000, his second album S.D.E. (Sports Drugs & Entertainment), was released on Sony and Epic Records by the music executive of Mottola Media, Tommy Mottola.

Moreover, this album featured his childhood friend Jim Jones and other famous rappers, including Destiny’s Child, Juelz Santana.

Likewise, Cam’ron and Jim Jones formed a group named The Diplomats in 1997.

Later, the diplomats were the Hip-hop based rap group and were signed by the popular record label “Roc-A-Fella” in 2001.

In 2002 he released yet another album entitled “Come Home With Me.

Cam’ron, with his group The Diplomats, released their first album, “Diplomatic Immunity” in 2003 and released “Diplomatic Immunity 2” in 2004.

Later in 2005, Cam’ron felt the lack of advertisement for his albums from the “Roc-A-Fella” record label and decided to terminate his contract with them.

Soon after, he left the Roc-A-Fella, which the Warner Music Group signed.

Furthermore, Cam’ron established his own record label called “Dipset West.

In addition, The American rapper has his own clothing brand named “Dipset USA” in collaboration with fashion designer Mark McNairy.

Cam’ron’s Charity Works

Cam’ron was raised by a single mother and had to deal with various issues as a child, including poverty, peer pressure, and drug use.

Furthermore, he understands how tragic and horrible life can be, which is why he contributes to as many charities as possible.

Further, Cam’ron provided free concert tickets and part of concert income to non-profit organizations which help the black community.

Moreover, he donated all the money made from sales of his studio album named Purple Haze.

The Purple Haze record made $50000, which was eventually donated to AIDS charity.

Cam’ron hails from Harlem, so he is active with most of the Harlem Academy charitable foundation’s projects.

In addition, He has indulged himself in charity organizations such as the Equal Justice Initiative, One America, People’s Action Institute, and 100 Black Men of America.

Likewise, he has participated in few fundraising programs of the Drug Abuse Foundation and Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS).

Some Interesting facts

Cam’ron was a prominent basketball player during his high school days; he was on the list of top 25 players of the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics School.

The American rapper cam’ron was into drugs and alcohol since his high school days; however, he gave up alcohol consumption in the year 2002 whilst he suffered an ulcer and hernia.

Cam’ron was shot by a mugger who was attempting to carjack him in 2006. Cam’ron, fortunately, was able to flee the mugger and drive himself to a nearby hospital.

FAQs about Cam’ron

What is the real name of Cam’ron?

Cameron Ezike Giles is the real name of the famous American rapper Cam’ron.

What is the net worth of Cam’ron?

As of June 2021, the net worth of Cam’ron is $6 million.

When did Cam’ron begin his career?

The American rapper Cam’ron began his career in 1985 with the rap group called Children of the Corn.


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