Nikki Cunningham Missing Case Details – Where Was She Last Seen? Age And Bio

Nikki Cunningham

The Nikki Cunningham missing case has caught the attention of many online. People are curious about whether she is found or not. For more information on the topic, please read the article below.

Nikki Cunningham, a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, has gone missing. She attended schools in the Cheatham County School District before enrolling at Nashville State.

Her disappearance in May 2023 has sent shockwaves through her community, leaving family and friends deeply concerned for her safety.

The last known sighting of Nikki was on May 5th in Moriarty, NM, where she was seen in the Company of Tyler Stratton. This disturbing turn of incidents has raised many red flags because Nikki has a troubling past of domestic violence.

The news of Nikki’s disappearance quickly spread, capturing the attention of both local and national media outlets. There is a growing concern that she may have been kidnaped or harmed, making it even more urgent to locate her.

Authorities and volunteers are conducting a thorough search of the area with great effort in hopes of finding any clues or leads.

Nikki’s family has made a heartfelt plea to the public, urging anyone who spots her to contact the authorities immediately.

Nikki Cunningham Missing Case Details – Where Was She Last Seen?

Nikki Cunningham, also known by her legal name Nikki Alcaraz, has gone missing under concerning circumstances. The last known sighting of her was on May 6th, and her previous text message was sent on May 8th. It is worrisome that Nikki has seemingly disappeared without a trace.

According to the available information, Nikki was believed to be traveling from Moriarty, New Mexico, to visit her family in southern California.

However, she never arrived at her intended destination. Her sudden stop during her journey has increased concerns and added to the mystery of her disappearance.

Nikki Cunningham Missing
Nikki Cunningham Missing oer a week and was last seen with Tyler Stratton (Source: Facebook)

Tragically, Nikki was with Tyler Stratton, who assaulted her and gave her injuries.

At the time of her disappearance, Nikki was driving a distinctive 2013 black Jeep Wrangler with the license plate TN/Cheatham Tag# U7272G. The vehicle can be identified by a “Mama Tired” bumper sticker and camouflage seat covers. They were traveling with a dog.

Based on the available information, it is speculated that Nikki may be located in New Mexico, Arizona, or the Los Angeles area of California.

Her family desperately hopes that Nikki has reached out to friends, as any information regarding her whereabouts could be crucial in the search efforts.

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Nikki Cunningham Age and bio

Nikki Cunningham, a 33-year-old woman, has been reported missing for over a week, and her whereabouts remain unknown.

Amanda Sanders has shared the most recent updates on Nikki’s case on Facebook, who is possibly one of her relatives or close people.

In a Facebook post on May 13, Amanda provided an update on Nikki’s disappearance. According to her seat, There has been a potential sighting of Nikki walking along 76 East Bound near Interstate 15 in Fallbrook, California.

There was no mention of Tyler, a Jeep, or a dog being with her during this sighting.

A recent update on May 15 suggests that Nikki may have been in the Oceanside area. At approximately 7:18 am, she was spotted at a 76/Old Grove store.

Nikki Cunningham Missing
Nikki Cunningham Missing: She has not been found yet (Source: Facebook)

According to witnesses, Nikki seemed upset and cried while asking for a phone charger. Regrettably, the store clerk didn’t have a charger to offer, but let her know she could purchase one.

Afterward, Nikki left the store. The store owner reviewed the surveillance camera footage to confirm the sighting and believed it was Nikki.

However, the clerk could not send a picture from the camera due to store policy, and the local Police department declined to review the footage since the incident had occurred earlier that morning.

Nikki was described as wearing black leggings and flip-flops embellished with bling.

Another sighting of Nikki was reported at the road junction between 76/Mission a couple of days ago. She was sitting on a blue tractor.

The search for Cunningham continues, and concerned individuals are urged to provide any information or leads that could help locate her.

It is distressing for her loved ones, who anxiously await her safe return.

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