Buddy Hield Net Worth : Car & Charity

Buddy Hield, a Bahamian brand professional basketball player, now associated with NBA, has accumulated a net worth of 6 Million $ so far.

Hield, throughout his career, won the John R. Wooden Award, followed by the Naismith College Player of the Year award, Oscar Robertson Trophy, Jerry West Award, and Sports News College Players Awards, respectively.

Born at Freeport Bahamas on 17th December 1992, he was attracted to play basketball from his childhood.

In the meantime, his mother admitted him to Sunrise Christian Academy at Bel Aire Kanas, where he learned basic education and some basketball skills.

Buddy Hield Struggling Hard on the Court
Buddy Hield Carrying the Ball on Hand is Struggling Hard on the Court                                Source: aroyalpain.com.   

Afterward, he played college basketball in Oklahoma. Then he made a position on the NBA draft in 2016 before being selected as NBA All-Rookie First Team. In short, Buddy has the record of hitting the fastest 1000 threes from 350 games.

Buddy has 546 thousand followers, 497 posts, and 546 followers on Instagram until now.

The mindset of every human being is developed by the environment where they grow up, and certainly, the role of the family has a significant role in setting the journey.

In fact, his mother taught what a child has to do in a school career, and her generosity was the key factor in introducing Buddy to social service.

To summarize in brief, he has dedicated his whole life to Basketball and Social Service till now.

Quick Facts

Name Buddy Hield, aka Chavano Rainier
Birth Date December 17, 1992
Age 31 Years Old
Parents Vincent Hield (Father) Jackie Swann (Mother)
Gender Male
Ethnicity Black
Profession Basketball Players
Nationality The Bahamas
Home Town Freeport, West Grand Bahamas
School Sunrise Christian Academy
College University of Oklahoma (2012-2016)
Zodiac Sagittarius
Marital Status Married
Wife Remi Martini
Kids 1 Daughter (Born in 2017)
Height 6 feet and 4 inches
Weight 100 Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Car Black Jaguar
Playing Career 2016-present
Salary 3.517 US Dollar (Annual)
Major Awards  NBA All-Rookie First Team
Jersey Number 16
Position Shooting Guard
Siblings Number 7
Net Worth $6 Million
Social Site Instagram
Merch Jersy
Last Update June, 2024

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Buddy Hield’s net worth as of 2021 is 6 Million dollars. To explain in brief, he signed a 4 years agreement with New Orleans Pelicans for 15 Million Dollars with exactly an annual $ 4.25 million salary. Then, from the 2019 season, he is playing for Sacramento Kings with a tentative $5 Million annual salary.

Buddy Hield, House and Car


In playoff seasons in recent years, Buddy Heild made some controversial remarks and said he was ready to bet house if his team Sacramento Kings does not reach the playoff.

Meanwhile, Buddy revealed he had collected enough money to buy the new house. However, reporters didn’t believe him, and then again, he replied, anyone, can’t bet on a pet dog and showed his attachment to the house where he is living.

To make it clear, it’s his style of telling his things that has nexus to his caring and upbringing. From here, there is no doubt that Buddy Hield is buying a new house soon.


Buddy Hield owns a beautiful black Jaguar car. The starting price of the Jaguar XF car in the market is $43,995, and its top R-Dynamic SE trim (MSRP) costs $49 995.

In brief, The Jaguar XF has a 60,000-mile warranty and is a luxurious midsize car.

Buddy Hield car
Buddy Hield and His Wife Posing for a photo in front of their Car           Source: terezowens.com

Since 2021 it has been completely modified and enhanced infotainment and safety measures, solved the shortcomings of the trim lineup, avoided sport brake wagon and V6 Engine.

Moreover, he has modified Car completely inside, and anyone who enters inside will know he is crazy about basketballs.

Buddy Hield Endorsement and Movies


Buddy Hield, popularly known as All-America from Oklahoma, agreed to a multi-year endorsement deal with Nike for footwear and apparel in 2016.

Similarly, Buddy Hield was hired and booked as an Athlete Speaker for a keynote speech, virtual meetings, corporate appearances, grand opening product announcements, moderated Q&A, or an exclusive meet and greet.

For more information, AthleteSpeaker helps anyone to get the sportswear of a favorite sports celebrity.


Being a basketball star Buddy Hield has been captured in various sports filmography. Some of the recent popular filmographies of Buddy Hield are- Rockets vs. Kings (2020), Kings Vs. Nuggets (2020), Kings vs. Rockets (2021), and Kings vs. Clippers (2021).

Likewise, other popular movies of Buddy Hield are After Dark with Rick Fox, NBA Inside Stuff, and Best of College Basketball.

Achievements and Awards of Buddy Hield

The breakthrough and achievements of Buddy Hield are presented here.

Awards and Achievements Year
First-team All-Big 12 (2 times) 2015 & 2016
Big 12 Player of the Year  ( 2 times) 2015 & 2016
Third-team All-American – AP, NABC 2015
Jerry West Award 2016
Consensus first-team All- American 2016
NBA All-Rookie First Team 2017


Buddy Hield owns a non-profit organization popularly known as Buddy Hield Foundation to develop youths through basketball.

Since then, he has initiated raising funds for uplifting marginalized and needy people in sports, education and developmental skills on basketball, and sportsmanship, including leadership and learning.

Likewise, the foundation is also providing scholarships to deserving candidates.

On account of Category 5 Hurricane Dorian in his homeland of the Bahamas, Buddy donated $100,000 to UNICEF USA.

Buddy Hield Lifestyle

It’s crystal clear that Buddy was raised in poverty in the Bahamas before his mother migrated to America with her children. Most importantly, drug smugglers aimed at using the Bahamian kids in their village.

Buddy was, however, aware of the impact on the upcoming generation; stepping ahead, he was far-sighted and selected the right way and was dedicated to his passion for becoming a basketball star.

Immediately after he achieved success and stood vehemently as a millionaire, he has gone back to his origin. Most importantly, he has conducted various awareness and donations to raise the living standard of that community.

Buddy Hield with His Mother
Buddy Hield with His Mother                                                                                                    Source: thecomeback.com

Similarly, He has been spending his leisure time with the kids and youths of the Bahamas in education and training. As an illustration, all his social works are carried under the banner of his esteemed organization named Buddy Hield Foundation.

In fact, his family consists of his wife Remi Martini, his daughter, and his mom. His latest post on Instagram reveals his love and affection for his wife, daughter, and mother equally.

Most of the time, Buddy pokes to his friends when they are out on vacation. Indeed his friends are quite aware, and that has not brought any issues to count. In another case, he loves to go to the gym club with his circle as well.


In fact, Buddy Hield has a very pathetic story in his career. He was born as the 5th child among his seven siblings, and his parents were not so rich enough to fulfill their average demands.

However, her mother was a brave woman who gave birth and lives to all those children and showed the good culture to be ideal human beings. So, Buddy is always proud of her mother.

Buddy Hield’s Mindblowing Playing Style Captured in 2020

Moreover, Buddy wanted to be different and better among his circle in the community from childhood and tried hard to succeed in his dream.

Eventually, Buddy appeared as the Bahamas in Basketball, one of the best to witness in Grade VIII. More precisely to say, this is the turning point in his career to reach in NBA.

Facts of Buddy Hield

Buddy Hield’s actual name is Chavano Rainier. In fact, his mother was a die heart fan of Bud Bundy, a drug dealer, so she found most of the character of Bud Bundy in Chavano and named ‘Bud.

Unfortunately, the drug dealer died, and she decided to change ‘Bud’ into ‘Buddy Hield.’

Indeed, the Bahamas environment was not good for the ideal development and civilization when Hield and his siblings were growing on. So, Hield’s mother, with her six children, migrated to America for a better education.

Buddy Hield Mother and Seven Sibling
Buddy Hield’s Mother and Seven Siblings                                                                          Source: Heavy.com, wikibio9

In fact, Heild remembered his past. In short, the neighborhood was rough, and they wanted to push kids on drugs. However, he avoided all those incidents and never faced any trouble from criminal gangs associated with drug trafficking.

Buddy Hield is a tireless, hard-working, and honest player. As a result, he takes failure as an inspiration. Similarly, he has also worked as a basketball coach in the School and college. Furthermore, it has also made a basketball court in the Bahamas to motivate youths in Basketball.

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How good is Buddy Hield on the Court?

Hield’s Performance is satisfactory on the court. Being a shooting guard, he has successfully guarded 10 players more than 10 total minutes throughout the season.

Who is the Wife of Buddy?

Remi Martini is the wife of Buddy Hield. Buddy had been in a relationship with Remi for many years. In brief, his wife is a fitness devotee and also a law school graduate. To this end, she has more than 15,000 followers on social media.

Does Buddy Hield have a child?

Yes, Buddy Hield has a daughter. She was born in 2017


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