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Bryan Cranston

The net worth of the veteran actor Bryan Cranston is $40 Million. Bryan made his fortune largely as an actor besides film production and direction.

Bryan Lee  Cranston is an American actor, movie director and producer, and screenplay writer.

He is famous for his roles as Walter White in the AMC crime drama series The Breaking BadHal in the Malcolm in the Middle, Stan Grossman in Little Miss Sunshine, and Dr. Tim Whatley in the NBC sitcom Seinfeld, as well.

The actor was born on March 7, 1956, in Los Angeles, California. His father was Joseph Louis Cranston, an actor and a former boxer, and his mother, Annalisa, was a radio actress.

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston (Source: Wikipedia)

Actor Cranston had, indeed, a troublesome childhood. The family environment was not sound, and they even lost the house when Bryan was 12. Thus, the maternal grandparents raised the children.

Cranston has a passion for chemistry since childhood. Hence the lively character Walter White was derived from his passion.

The actor graduated from Cagona Park High School, where he was a member of the chemistry club. Later, Actor Bryan graduated with police science from Los Angeles Valley College in 1976.

Bryan Lee started his career from the stages, and yet, he writes and directs TV Shows and Sitcoms.

In this article, we will go through his net worth, income, and lifestyle in brief.

Quick Facts

Here are some tabled facts on Bryan Lee Cranston in a glimpse.

Born Name Bryan Lee Cranston
Nickname unknown
Date of Birth March 7, 1956
Height 5 feet 10 inches ( 177.8 cm)
Weight 167.5 pounds (76 kg)
Age 68 Years Old
Country of Origin United States of America
Birth Place/City Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Religion atheist
Profession Actor, Writer, Director
Career 1994-present
Net Worth $40 Million
Gender Male
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Green
Sexual Orientation Straight
Zodiac Sign Pisces, the Fish
School Cagona Park High School
College Los Angeles Valley College
Father’s Name Joseph Louis Cranston (1924–2014)
Mother’s Name Audrey Peggy Sell (1923–2004)
Siblings 2 ( Kyle, Amy)
Marital Status Married
Spouse/Wife Name Robin Dearden
Children/Kids Name 1 kid (Taylor Dearden Cranston)
Last Update June, 2024

Bryan Cranston | Net Worth & Income

From a stage performer to the big television Character, Bryan Lee has accumulated a decent wealth. To be honest, the Actor is not super-rich like Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt. However, $40 million is more than enough wealth to live a celebrity’s life.

Breaking Bad main character’s primary source of income is from the movies and shows, as an actor. Despite that, he accumulates wealth from endorsement, voice-over, screenplay writing, and movie production and direction.

At the height of his career, Actor Bryan Lee made $225 thousand per episode of The Breaking Bad. Again, the series aired 62 episodes over five seasons, and you can imagine the size of receipt the actor Bryan Lee Cranston had.

Here are his latest movies latest grossing

Movies Sales
Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (2012) $216,391,482
Godzilla (2014) $200,676,069
Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016): $143,528,619
Argo (2012) $136,025,503
Power Rangers (2017) $85,364,450
Contagion (2011) 75,658,097

Bryan Lee Cranston | House, Cars & Watches

Bryan, aka Walter White, has more than enough wealth to live a luxurious lifestyle. The actor’s $40 million wealth resides not only on cash but also in properties, vehicles, and jewelry.


The Breaking Bad actor resides in a 2450 square feet beach house in Los Angeles, California, near Hollywood, with his wife and children.

Bryan Cranston in his House
Bryan Cranston in his House

He was also raised in Los Angeles by his grandparents, which might be why he couldn’t move out.

The actor has also bought properties in Maui Island to enjoy holidays.


Cranston is very much fond of vintage cars. The audiences can only see this private guy’s passion for these in his movies because he doesn’t post much about his cars on social media.

bryan cranston with his Mustang
Bryan Cranston with his Mustang

His collection ranges from German Mercedes Benz, Japanese Toyota, and American Ford Mustang, as well.

He owns one of the Chrysler 300, which costs $50,000. Besides Cars, Bryan is interested in Horses, as well.


Lee Cranston wears a classic Reverse Jaeger-LeCoultre watch. The price of the watch starts from $15 thousand and increases as per the custom design order.

Bryan Cranston | Lifestyle & Vacations

The Veteran actor, Bryan lee, is sort of a private guy for the audience. However, he enjoys the company with family and friends.

Cranston seeks happiness within his work, and most importantly, within his soul. We can see him discussing philosophies and spirituality in talk shows. Furthermore, he does Yoga and meditation.

Actor & Director Bryan Cranston has classic masculinity, just like James Bond.

Cranston was married to writer Mickey Middleton from 1977 to 1982 for 5 years. Later, the actor was married to Robin Dearden in September 2008. Dearden is an actress who played roles in Last Chance (1999), Myron’s Movie (2004), and Wooly Boys (2001).

Bryan Cranston with his Family
Bryan Cranston with his Family

Cranston and Dearden had a daughter on February 12, 1993, Taylor Dearden Cranston. She, too, followed the path of her parents. She was also appeared in The Breaking Bad series in 2010, along with her father.

Besides acting, movies, and writing, Bryan has an interest in sports, too. He used to play baseball for his high school club. In fact, his favorite teams are the Philadelphia Phillies and the LA Dodgers in MLB.

If you are a fashion & modelling enthusiast, you might be interested in Alissa Violet.


Bryan loves to travel. We can see his passion for traveling in his posts on Instagram and Facebook, sipping whisky.

His photography skills are like fragrance added in the gold. Bryan seems to love to go places filled with greenery, animals, and birds, more than artificial cities and historical places.

Bryan Cranston enjoying vacation
Bryan Cranston enjoying vacation

He captures alluring photos so that we fans can enjoy his trips, as well.

Award-winning actor Bryan’s favorite holiday destination is Hawaii, Maui island.

Bryan Cranston | Charity

Lee Cranston serves for various causes, from AIDS abolition to praising the good works of the LA Fire Department. Currently, he is engaged in promoting mental health awareness amidst the pandemic.

He partnered with Frontline Foods to help save local restaurants and feed frontline heroes during the pandemic.

In the presidential election, 2020, he raised the voice of the ex-prisoners, who had completed their sentence, to vote.  He is a true believer in Democracy.

Bryan Cranston | Movies, Endorsements & Book Publications

Movies & Shows

In his 40 years of film career, Bryan, aka Walter White, did 62 Feature films, 3 Theatre, 96 Television, and 2 Web series. Some of his significant projects are listed below:

Royal Space Force: The Wings Of Honnêamise

It is a 1987 Studio Gainax’s 1st animated movie directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga. Bryan Cranston voiced over the main character, Matti, in the English-dubbed version of the anime.

The Breaking Bad

The popular TV series aired for five seasons from 2008 to 2012. Taylor Dearden Cranston’s father played the lead role in this IMDB 9.4 rated show.

The series shows Walter White’s character from a kind chemistry teacher to a cold and ruthless narcissist. The show won The Best Drama TV Series in 2014.


Argo is the drama thriller directed by Ben Affleck in 2012. Here, Cranston played the role of Tony Mendez. Argo was produced based on the book of Tony Mendez about his experience in the CIA.


Sneaky Pete

Saving Private Ryan



Little Miss Sunshine

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Isle Of Dogs


Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston endorses Dos Hombres espadin Mezcal. The liquor is similar to Tequila and is manufactured in Mexico, as well. In most of his photographs on his Instagram, he’s sipping this liquor in nature.


Actor and Director Cranston has published his book A Life In Parts in 2016.

A Life In Parts
A Life In Parts

In this autobiography, he has described his childhood, youth, struggle, and small achievements to today’s stardom. I recommend every Bryan Cranston fan to read the book.

Bryan Cranston | Career

Cranston is, indeed, one of the best actors of our time. Although the audiences have hated his cold character as Walter White in The Breaking Bad, he has also played a loving, funny character like ‘Hal’ in the comedy show ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ fairly.

To be honest, he has played all of his roles with much justice. Not only that, He has tested with a variety of characters and turned his shows into a masterpiece.

He has also voiced over English-language dubs in several Japanese anime titles like Armitage III, Royal Space Force – The Wings of Honneamise, and Macross Plus. He also voiced a character in the blockbuster Madagascar 3 (2012).

Although at the age of 8, Bryan Cranston made his first acting debut with a United Way commercial. The actor started his movies much later because his parents wanted him to join the family business.

Bryan Cranston with the Award
Bryan Cranston with the Award

Despite the fact, Bryan started working as a minister in the Universal Life Church. He also carried out weddings for $150 a service to assist along with his monthly receipt.

He also labored as a waiter, night-shift safety guard on the gates of a private LA group, truck loader, digicam operator for a video courting service, and a security guard at a local grocery store.

Later, he worked in theatres. Subsequentially, from acting in advertisements and short clips, small roles in big movies, he upgraded himself to lead characters in big movies and TV series. After engaging in The Breaking Bad, there’s been no stopping on his pace.

Bryan Cranston | Facts

Bryan Lee is the second child among three children of actor and actress Joe Cranston and Audrey Peggy Sell.

Meanwhile, Bryan started his career at the theatre Granada Theatre in the San Fernando Valley, California.

Bryan lee loves baseball that his wife, Robin threw his surprise 40th birthday party at the Dodger Stadium.

Cranston lost 16 pounds weight to play the character of homeless in the movie Wakefield in 2017.


Are Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul friends?

Cranston and Paul met as costars in the AMC drama series The Breaking Bad, and since then, they have been very close.

Was Bryan Cranston really bald during Breaking Bad?

The character, Walter White, was diagnosed with cancer and lost his hair through chemotherapy. That’s why Cranston had to shave his hair.

How much did Bryan Cranston make per episode of Breaking Bad?

Bryan Cranston made $225,000 per episode of Breaking Bad.

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