Who Are Brita And Anthony Polkinghorne? Clare Polkinghorne Parents And Family

Clare Polkinghorne Parents

Clare Polkinghorne parents, Brita and Anthony Polkinghorne, have had a significant impact on her work. She always says that her family is her strength during her successful journey.

Clare Polkinghorne is a soccer player from Australia who is highly regarded for her exceptional defensive skills.

Currently, she showcases her talents as a defender for the Swedish Damallsvenskan club, Vittsjö GIK and represents the Australian team at the international level.

Who Are Brita And Anthony Polkinghorne? Clare Polkinghorne Parents

Clare Polkinghorne, a soccer player from Brisbane, Australia, was born to her parents, Brita Polkinghorne and her father, Anthony Polkinghorne.

While we know her mother’s name is Brita, there is information about her parent’s professions or background.

The lack of details regarding Clare Polkinghornes’ parents may be due to her preference for keeping her family life private.

Clare Polkinghorne Parents
Clare Polkinghorne’s father Anthony Polkinghorne sadly passed away in August 2019. (source: Twitter)

As an athlete, she might shield her loved ones from the media spotlight and allow them to lead lives away from public scrutiny.

One possibility is that Clare’s parents are not figures and have not sought attention in the limelight.

Consequently, their professional lives and backgrounds may not be widely known or discussed in the media.

The mention of Clare’s father, Anthony Polkinghorne, suggests that she has experienced the loss of a parent—a personal aspect of her life.

This further emphasizes her desire for privacy regarding family matters since such topics can be emotionally sensitive.

Overall, the limited information available about Clare Polkinghorne’s parents, Brita and the late Anthony Polkinghorne, highlights her commitment to safeguarding their privacy.

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Clare Polkinghorne family: Meet Her Parents And Siblings

Clare Polkinghorne comes from a loving family consisting of her parents, Brita and the late Anthony Polkinghorne, as her two beloved brothers, Tom and Liam.

Clare Polkinghorne Parents
Clare Polkinghorne celebrating after a great win. (source: wwos)

Clare and her brothers’ bond is extraordinary, showcasing their relationship.

However, specific details about their professions or backgrounds remain personal and private.

Having been born and raised in Australia, Clare Polkinghornes Indian nationality adds an element to her identity and experiences.

Despite her soccer career bringing her into the spotlight, she highly values her family’s privacy and prefers to keep information about her brother’s life from public scrutiny.

Clare Polkinghorne Early Life And Education

Regarding education, Clare pursued excellence alongside her sporting endeavors.

After completing school, she enrolled at Griffith University and embarked on an academic journey.

From 2007 to 2013, she dedicated herself to studying Psychological Science with Honours and achieved a Class 1 Honours Grade.

In 2007, Clare also pursued a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

By 2012 she had completed both degrees marking milestones in her pursuits.

Continuing her passion for criminology, Clare Polkinghorne commenced her Master of Criminology and Criminal Justice studies in 2015.

This demonstrated her dedication to pursuing knowledge and expertise in her chosen field while maintaining her commitment to professional soccer.

Clare Polkinghorne Reaching Milestone in Soccer

Polkinghorne has achieved milestones and gained valuable experiences throughout her soccer journey.

In 2014 she had an opportunity to expand her horizons as a player by joining INAC Kobe Leonessa in Japan on loan.

Following her performance in the 2015 World Cup, she caught the attention of Portland Thorns in the National Womens Soccer League and signed with them.

After a break from play when Portland Thorns waived her in February 2016, Polkinghornes’ unwavering dedication to the sport led her back to Brisbane Roar to further contribute to the W League.

A significant highlight in her career occurred on January 7th, 2017, when Polkinghorne became the player in W League history to reach 100 club games.

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