Brianna Wakefield Age And Wikipedia: How old Is She? Boyfriend

Brianna Wakefield Age

Brianna Wakefield came to the spotlight following her parents’ tragic passing, prompting curiosity about the age of this resilient girl who faced significant challenges at a young age.

Brianna Wakefield is the only daughter of the late Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield and his late wife, Stacy Wakefield.

Having grown up with a father in the major leagues, Brianna gained some public visibility over the years.

However, following her parents’ tragic deaths, she has made an effort to keep her personal life private as she focuses on processing her grief and transitioning to adulthood.

While coping with unimaginable grief, Brianna Wakefield has largely stayed out of the public eye.

Little is known about her current personal life or professional path, which is understandable given the traumatic experiences she has gone through at such a young age.

Brianna Wakefield Age: How old Is She?

Brianna Wakefield recently turned 19, though her exact birthdate is not public information.

She was born in 2005 to Tim and Stacy Wakefield, while her father was pitching for the Boston Red Sox.

Brianna Wakefield Age
Brianna Wakefield, at the age of 6, with her father Tim (center), her mother Stacy (right), and her 7-year-old brother Trevor. (source: patch)


Tim Wakefield had a successful 19-year MLB career from 1992-2011, primarily with the Red Sox franchise.

Tim married Stacy in the mid-1990s, around the beginning of his professional baseball career.

The couple welcomed Brianna in 2005, when Tim was 39 years old and still playing for the Red Sox.

He was still actively pitching when he became a father to Brianna in his late 30s.

Now 19, Brianna Wakefield is focused on processing her grief and establishing her independence.

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Brianna Wakefield Wikipedia

While Tim Wakefield has a detailed Wikipedia page chronicling his pitching career, achievements, and charity work, his daughter Brianna does not currently have her own Wikipedia page.

The information on Tim Wakefield’s page includes his marriage to Stacy and the birth of their daughter Brianna in 2005.

Brianna Wakefield Age
In the aftermath of her tragic days, Brianna Wakefield is embracing life, traveling, and cherishing moments with her loved ones. (source: Instagram)

Tim Wakefield retired from baseball in 2011 at the age of 44.

A few years later, he was faced with a devastating brain cancer diagnosis in his late 40s.

He passed away in 2015 at only 49 years old, leaving behind his wife Stacy, and 10-year-old daughter, Brianna.

Just months after losing her husband, Stacy Wakefield also died from pancreatic cancer, when Brianna was around 13.

This traumatic period left Brianna an orphan throughout her critical teen years.

However, no additional biographical information is provided about Brianna Wakefield herself on her father’s Wikipedia page.

Her inclusion is limited to her relationship as Tim and Stacy Wakefield’s daughter.

This seems to be an intentional choice to protect Brianna’s privacy during her teenage years as she mourns her parents.

Brianna Wakefield Boyfriend

Despite growing up with a famous MLB player as a father, Brianna Wakefield has managed to keep her personal life private following the tragic deaths of her parents.

There is no publicly known information about her having a boyfriend or romantic partner.

Brianna appears focused on processing her grief, finishing school, and establishing independence.

She seems to prefer maintaining a low profile, avoiding the limelight since losing both parents at a young age.

This choice aligns with the Wakefield family’s efforts to shield Brianna from scrutiny and give her space to heal.

While many high-profile individuals have public dating lives, Brianna has successfully kept that part of her life out of the public eye, perhaps signaling her desire for privacy.

Brianna’s older brother Trevor, now 19, is also a baseball player who has competed on Florida youth teams, suggesting he may be following their father Tim Wakefield’s MLB footsteps.

However, Trevor also keeps a low profile and respects Brianna’s privacy as the sibling duo cope with immense trauma from their childhood.

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