Braxton Berrios Parents: Meet Rico And Lee Berrios Ethnicity And Religion

Braxton Berrios

Braxton Berrios Parents, Rico and Lee Berrios, have sparked curiosity among his fans, along with questions about his ethnicity and religious faith.

Braxton Berrios is an American football wide receiver currently playing for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL.

He was drafted by the New England Patriots in the sixth round of the 2018 NFL Draft after a successful college football career at the University of Miami.

In his second season with the Jets, the footballer scored his first career touchdown in 2020 and finished second on the team with 46 catches for 431 yards and two touchdowns.

Berrios re-signed with the Jets on a two-year, $12 million contract in 2022, solidifying his position as a valuable player in the league.

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Braxton Berrios Parents: Meet Rico And Lee Berrios

Berrios was born on October 6, 1995, and comes from a family of five, which includes his parents, Rico Berrios and Lee Smothers, as well as two siblings.

His father, Rico, played soccer during his high school days at Miami Southridge.

His athletic abilities were exceptional, and as a result, he received a scholarship to Campbell University.

After finishing his sports career, Rico now works as the Vice President of sales for a furniture manufacturing company.

Braxton’s mother, Lee, also had a sports background. She played softball at Campbell University and was even a cheerleader during her college years.

The footballer’s parents met while they were studying at Campbell University and decided to get married.

Despite the eventual divorce of Braxton’s parents, they each entered into new relationships.

Braxton Berrios Parents
Braxton Berrios took his mother on a vacation. (Source: Instagram)

Rico entered into marriage with Jessica, while Lee married Chad Smothers.

The athlete also has an older brother named Austin, who played football for North Carolina College and East Carolina University.

Unfortunately, Austin faced some challenges in his career due to injuries. He tore both of his ACLs, which affected his ability to play football.

Braxton Berrios Ethnicity

Berrios’s ethnic background is Puerto Rican, indicating that his family’s origins can be traced to Puerto Rico.

His ties to Puerto Rico are through his paternal grandfather.

The footballer’s great-grandfather had a big family with around 15 children. These children moved from Puerto Rico to settle in the South Dade Area of Miami.

His Puerto Rican heritage has had a strong influence on his cultural background and who he is as a person.

Braxton Berrios Ethnicity
Childhood picture of Braxton Berrios with his brother, Austin. (Source: Instagram)

The customs, traditions, and values of his culture have likely played a role in shaping his upbringing and the way he sees the world.

The American wide receiver takes pride in his Puerto Rican roots and carries that identity with him as he excels in his football career.

Braxton Berrios Religion

Braxton’s religion is not widely known or well-documented.

According to some reports, the footballer may practice the Christian faith.

However, we don’t know the specific Christian denomination he belongs to or the details of his religious practices.

It’s important to understand that everyone’s religious beliefs are personal and can differ from one person to another.

The athlete’s religious faith is something private and meaningful to him, just like it is for anyone else.

Braxton Berrios Religion
On March 16, 2023, Braxton Berrios signed a one-year contract with the Miami Dolphins. (Source: Instagram)

Ultimately, it’s Berrios’s decision whether he wants to share more about his religious beliefs.

It’s important to respect his privacy and honor his personal choices when it comes to religion, just as we would with anyone else.

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