Bobby Lee Wife 2023: Is He Married To Khalyla Kuhn Or Dating? Ex Girlfriend Name

Bobby Lee wife

Who is Bobby Lee wife? The secrecy surrounding the comedian’s marriage plans has left fans wondering, leaving them curious to unveil his dating life and drama. 

Comedy podcast fans might know Bobby Lee. Likewise, he is a famous comedian and actor.

Lee is best known for his work on Mad TV. Also, he has appeared in several TV shows and films.

Lee was born on September 17, 1971. Similarly, he hails from San Diego, California. He was raised by Korean immigrant parents who owned clothing stores.

Bobby dropped out of Palomar College. Eventually, he worked at various cafes and restaurants before pursuing a career in comedy.

The comedian began his career in the late 1990s and early 2000s, performing stand-up on shows, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Premium Blend.

Lee was the first and only Asian-American cast member on the show. Moreover, he became known for his impressions of celebrities, including Kim Jong-il, Connie Chung, John McCain, and William Hung.

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Meet Bobby Lee Wife: Is He Married To Khalyla Kuhn?

Bobby Lee is unmarried and has no wife as of this writing. Also, he has shared no plans for marriage. 

Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn have officially called it quits. Hence, there is no chance of him tying the knot with Kuhn.

Lee and Kuhn have jokingly mentioned wanting to be with others on the TigerBelly podcast. Moreover, it seems that there was a kernel of truth buried within the witty statement.

Lee suggested that Kuhn see somebody else, as his side of the romantic feelings was no longer present. Moreover, Lee revealed that he still loved Khalyla as his best friend.

Khalyla Kuhn is Bobby Lee’s former girlfriend. Likewise, she is of Filipino origin, and the two first met on a dating app Tinder.

Bobby Lee Wife partner
Bobby Lee Wife: The comedian with his ex-girlfriend Khalyla Kuhn. (Source: Sportskeeda)

Bobby Lee’s former partner, Khalyla Kuhn, was born in the Philippines in 1984. Likewise, her family moved to the US. Also, she majored in biochemistry.

Lee eventually met and became romantically involved with her before they co-created and co-hosted the TigerBelly podcast.

On aTigerBelly episode, Lee announced their separation and made it known when their relationship began to change.

Lee revealed that years ago, while in The Philippines, he felt more like a caretaker and not a lover as he dealt with the onset of Kuhn’s medical condition.

The comedian also said that he fantasized about other women. The incident seemed to be the early spark that would eventually end their romantic affair.

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Bobby Lee Dating History Explored: Ex-Girlfriend Name

Bobby Lee and his former partner, Khalyla Kuhn’s break up came as a shock to some of their fans.

Also, many pointed out that the story appeared on the wall for a long time. Regardless, the former pair dated for 10 years and has assured fans that they will remain friends and business partners.

Despite their estranged relationship, the two will continue to co-host their podcast TigerBelly.

Moreover, Lee shared a controversial story on his podcast about his time in Tijuana, Mexico. In the story, the comedian described engaging in sexual acts with a sex worker whom he believed to be underage.

The controversial story drew widespread condemnation and accusations of promoting pedophilia. Lee later apologized for the story and clarified that it was just a joke and that he did not actually engage in sexual acts with an underage.

The comedian devised a joke that was in poor taste and inappropriate. Despite his apology, many criticized Lee for sharing the story.

Bobby Lee Allegations And Controversy

In recent years, comedian Bobby Lee has faced controversy over allegations after sharing a controversial story about his time in Tijuana, Mexico.

Likewise, Lee has faced allegations of pedophilia, but he has denied the accusation.

The controversy stirred back in 2014 when a woman accused him of groping her when she was a teenager.

In 2018, another woman came forward and accused him of offering her drugs and engaging in sexual acts when she was 17.

Bobby Lee Wife controversy
Bobby Lee Wife: The comedian with Andrew Santino at their weekly podcast Bad Friends. (Source: DailyHive)

However, Lee has denied these allegations and has not faced any criminal charges. Moreover, the accusations have led to significant controversy and criticism around his career.

Also, fans and fellow comedians have distanced themselves from Lee in light of the allegations.

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