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Bo Derek

An American television and movie actress, model, and 90’s sex symbol, Bo Derek’s net worth is a whopping $40 million as of June 2024.

Bo is famous for her breakthrough role in the 1979 romantic comedy “10”.

She has also starred in many other movies, including Bolero and Ghosts Can’t Do It, all directed by her late husband.

Bo Derek
Bo Derek (Source: IMDb)

At the moment, she is semi-retired but makes periodic appearances in movies, documentaries, and television shows.

She got pretty popular because of her controversial love affair with John Derek, who was thirty years older than her. They dated when she was underage. She was married to Derek for twenty-two years before his death.

Currently, she is married to the “Sex in the City” star, John Corbett.

Bo Derek | Quick Facts

Bo Derek’s net worth as of June 2024 is a staggering $40 million. Here are some facts about the actress.

Full Name Bo Derek
Net Worth $40 Million
Birthdate November 20, 1956
Birth Place Long Beach, California
Nick Name Bo
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education El Camino College, Narbonne High school
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Father’s Name Paul Collins
Mother’s Name Norma
Siblings Kerry Perez (sister) Collin Johnson Collins (brother)
Age 67  Years Old
Height 5’2”/1.6m/160 cm
Weight 56 kg/123 lbs.
Skin Tone Fair
Hair color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Husband John Derek (1976-1998), John Corbett (2020-Present)
Children None
Profession Actor, model
Years Active 1973-Present
Notable Work 10, Tarzan, The Ape Man, Bolero, Tommy Boy
Merch Signed Swimsuit Photo, Signed Tarzan Photo
Social Media Twitter
Last Update June 2024

Bo Derek | Income & Net Worth

As of June 2024, Bo Derek’s net worth is a whopping $40 million.

Bo has earned an astonishing fortune through her super successful acting career.

She has appeared in at least 18 films, contributing a large chunk to her wealth.

In 1979, Bo starred in the romantic comedy film ’10’, which went on to gross more than $74 million at the worldwide box office.

For her role as Jenny in the film, she received a paycheck of $35,000.

After the movie “10”, her career took off.

She then appeared in the adventure/action film Tarzan the Ape Man. Her role as Jane in the film earned her a cool $1 million paycheck.

Similarly, for her role as Lida in the 1984 romance/drama Bolero, she earned $1.5 million.

Aside from film earnings, Bo earns well through her business pursuits.

Net Worth of Bo Derek in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Bo Derek’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 39.45 Million
Pound Sterling £ 33.28 Million
Australian Dollar A$ 57.17 Million
Canadian Dollar C$ 51.70 Million
Indian Rupee ₹ 3,175,200,000
Bitcoin ฿ 1,665.61

Bo Derek | Houses

Bo sold her Santa Ynez ranch and the land next door to “ER” star Noah Wyle in 1999 for nearly $2.5 million.

In 2017, Bo and her then-boyfriend purchased 10.5 acres of the ranch in Santa Ynez.

The property features 4,332 square feet home with five bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Bo Derek | Lifestyle

The actress got into the industry when she was sixteen and has been living a lavish celebrity life ever since.

However, she hardly ever discloses details about her personal life to the media. In the Reelz documentary, she said she doesn’t care if people remember her; that was never her motive.

Currently, she lives with her husband in their huge cliff manor in Santa Ynez. Bo’s favorite decorative piece in her house is an expensive moose head.

Bo Derek With Her Husband
Bo Derek With Her Husband (Source: USA Today)

She is a member of the California Horse Racing Board. Bo has loved riding horses since her childhood days.

The actress also owns three Spanish horses.

Bo loves her disciplined life but likes to mix it up sometimes with travel.

Bo Derek | Charity

Derek is a wildlife activist. She is an animal lover and has been very vocal about it.

The film star has always loved horse riding and has worked with the Animal Welfare Institute’s campaign, which aims to end horse slaughter legally.

The star has partnered with organizations such as WildAid, which works to stop the illegal wildlife trade of endangered animals.

She publicly supported the anti-poaching regulations in the Galapagos Islands.

Moreover, Bo helps other charitable establishments that aim to better the lives of disabled American Veterans.

The actress is an honorary chairperson for the Veterans Affairs’ National Rehabilitation.

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Bo Derek | Movies and Books


Derek has starred in a total of eighteen movies and nineteen television programs throughout her career.

She entered the film industry in 1977 when she starred in the film Ocra. She was only sixteen and in high school at the time.

In 1979, she played the role of Jenny Hanley in the movie 10 and got popular practically overnight.

The actress, in 1980, landed a role in the comedy-drama A Change of Seasons. The movie was a massive commercial failure.

In 1981, she starred as Jane Parker in Tarzan the Ape Man. The film was successful at the box office. However, it was heavily bashed by the critiques.

Bo Derek in Tarzan the Ape Man
Bo Derek in Tarzan the Ape Man (Source: IMDb)

The 1984’s Bolero is another one of her movies that was a massive flop at the box office. Written and directed by John Derek, the movie is regarded as the worst movie ever made by some.

It was also nominated for the Golden Raspberry, the Worst Film of the Year.

The actress starred in Ghosts Can’t Do It in 1990. The film was again directed and written by her then-husband, John Derek.

It was criticized for its nonsensical plot and dialogues.

She played herself in the Italian comedy, Sognando la California in 1992.

After that, in 1993, she played Christina Ford in an erotic thriller, Woman of Desire.

In 1995 Bo was a supporting actress in Tommy Boy, for which she was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Worst Supporting Actress.


In February of 2002, the actress released her autobiography titled, Riding lessons: Everything That Matters In Life I Learned from Horses.

In this book, Bo mentions the hard-learned lessons about love and life. She has also written about her struggles with being perceived as a sex goddess at 17 and her growing self-awareness.

In addition, she has published an exclusive photo book of herself with all her iconic pictures from the 90s.

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Bo Derek | Career

Bo Derek’s acting career started when she was sixteen. She worked with her late husband, John Derek, who was 30 years older than her.

In 1973, she acted in a low-budget movie directed by her then-boyfriend. The film was not released until 1981 due to excessive nudity.

In 1979, she was chosen over actresses like Melanie Griffith and Heather Thomas for the role of Jenny Hanley in the movie 10.

A scene from the movie of Derek running on the beach in a cornrows hairstyle and a nude bathing suit established the actress as the mainstream sex symbol.

The movie was critically and financially successful.

Swimsuit '10'
Bo Derek (Source: Vintage Everyday)

After that, Bo starred in the movie called a Change of Seasons. The film was not as financially successful as 10, plus Bo faced heavy criticism for her acting.

Playboy magazine photographed the actress twice in 1980. They featured her again in 1981, 1984, and 1994.

Tarzan, the Ape Man, came out in 1981. This was Bo’s first-ever role in a mainstream Hollywood movie.

The movie became the 15th highest-grossing film of 1981, all because of Bo’s sex appeal.

Her 1984 film Bolero received an X rating for being too sexual.

Some Facts About Bo Derek

  • Bo and her late husband, John Derek, ran away to Germany to avoid John’s statutory rape charges as the actress was not old enough to consent.
  • The actress has accumulated three Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Acting out of her six nominations.
  • The actress has admitted to skipping school for months to go to the beach for tanning and surfing.
  • She dropped out of high school at 16 to shoot a movie in Greece with John Derek.


Is John Corbett still with Bo Derek?

Yes. The couple has been together for more than twenty years.

Does Bo Derek have a child?

Bo does not have any children.

How did Bo Derek meet John Corbett?

Bo and John were set up by a mutual friend in 2002 for an Oscar party.

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