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Blac Chyna

An American influencer, model, and businesswoman, Blac Chyna’s net worth is $1.6 million.

Chyna rose to fame originally in 2010 as a stunt double for Nicki Minaj in Kanye West’s “Monster.”

Blac Chanya
Blac Chanya (Source: POPSUGAR)

The model became instantly famous because of her public feud with the Kardashians.

Did you know that Chyna filed a lawsuit against the entire Kardashian family for defamation and Rob Kardashian for battery and harassment in 2022?

She was once mentioned in Drake’s song, “Miss Me,” which pushed her to internet stardom. This was the start of her career as an internet personality.

Blac Chyna | Quick Facts

Blac Chyna’s net worth as of June 2024 is $1.6 million. Following are some quick facts about the model.

Full Name Angela Renée White
Nickname Blac Chyna
Date of Birth May 11, 1988
Age 36 Years Old
Gender Female
Place Of Birth Washington, D.C.
Nationality American
Profession Model, Entrepreneur
Zodiac sign Taurus
Religion Christian
Ethnicity Africa-American and Latina
Residence Calabasas, California
Height 5’2” feet/157.48 cm
Weight 60 kg/132 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color  Tan
Social Media  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Sexual Orientation Straight
Father’s Name Eric Holland
Mother’s Name Shalana Hunter (AKA Tokyo Toni)
Siblings Eric Holland Jr. (Brother), Camille Holland, and Britney Holland (sisters)
Marital Status Unmarried
Children King Cario Stevenson (son), Dream Renee Kardashian (daughter)
Relationships Tyga (2011-2014), Rob Kardashian (2016-2017)
Education Johnson & Wales University, JLS Professional Make-Up Artist School
Active Years 2008-Present
Body Measurements 36-26-39 inches
Net Worth $1.6 Million
Last Updated June 2024

Blac Chyna | Income and Net Worth

Blac Chyna’s net worth  as of June 2024 is $1.6 million.

Over the years, Chyna has found several ways to profit from her fame.

In 2010, Chyna started stripping to pay for her college tuition. Her financial status wasn’t ideal then; hence, she had to drop out.

The model received about $20,000 monthly from Rob Kardashian as a spousal support payment.

Income From Social Media

Blac Chyna makes as much as $60,000 per month from personal appearances and social media sponsorships.

She also earns a hefty sum from all her TV reality show appearances.

Blac has appeared in shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Rob & Chyna, Rupaul’s Drag Race, Good Morning America, The Real, The Wendy Williams Show and many more.

Income From Business Ventures

Other than being an internet personality, Blac Chyna is also an outstanding businesswoman. She is a trained makeup artist and owns a beauty salon in Encino, Los Angeles.

She conducts makeup and beauty courses through this salon.

The model also released her own makeup line called Lashed by Blac Chyna.

Moreover, she owns a clothing store called the 88fin, where she sells her used clothes and other items.

Chyna recently opened a new clothing brand called the Blac Chyna Closet.

Besides, one of her primary sources of income is the adult social platform, OnlyFans.

She is one of the highest earners on the platform. Chyna reportedly has earned close to $20 million just from OnlyFans.

But do take it with a pinch of salt because, as per her testimony submitted in court, she has perhaps earned just $1 million in total from the platform.

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Net Worth of Blac Chyna in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Blac Chyna’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 1.56 Million
Pound Sterling £ 1.32 Million
Australian Dollar A$ 2.26 Million
Canadian Dollar C$ 2.04 Million
Indian Rupee ₹ 127,314,400
Bitcoin ฿ 66.07

Blac Chyna | Houses & Cars


In October 2018, Chyna bought a $3.1 million house in Los Angeles’ upscale neighborhood, Woodland Hills.

The 7,054 square feet mansion has an incredible custom-built wine cellar, sleek white interiors, a marble kitchen, and a sprawling outdoor pool.

Blac Chyna House in LA
Blac Chyna House in LA (Source: The Sun)

Before owning this mansion, Chyna lived in the $4.5 million, six-bedroom, five-bathroom studio home in LA.


The model owns a custom white 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider with a red interior. The car is worth around $272,700, but hers is specially customized, making it worth a lot more.

She has also been seen driving in a baby pink Bentley Bentayga SUV.

When Rob and Chyna got engaged, he gifted her a purple Lamborghini Huracan worth $265,000.

Blac Chyna With Her Ferrari
Blac Chyna With Her Ferrari (Source: AutoEvolution)

Chnya also loves flaunting her Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Dawn and Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon on her social media profile.

However, she recently revealed on Twitter that she had to give up three of her beloved cars because she is a single mother and does not receive child support payments.

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Blac Chyna | Lifestyle & Vacations


Being an internet personality, Chyna enjoys an extravagant lifestyle. The model is frequently seen posting her daily lifestyle on her Instagram.

She does not mind spending her hard-earned money on the materialistic stuff she cherishes.

The model owns various expensive bags from brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Balmain Paris, and others.

Moreover, Chyna has been involved in several high-profile relationships over the years.

She began dating rapper Tyga shortly after the model appeared in one of his music videos.

They even welcomed a son in 2012. However, their relationship would not last long as Tyga began turning his attention toward Kylie Jenner.

The couple eventually split.

Rob & Chyna
Rob & Chyna (Source: Glamour)

Following their separation, she began feuding with Kylie publicly. It ended after she started dating Rob Kardashian in 2016, which brought Chyna closer to the Kardashian family. The same year the couple welcomed a daughter.

Nonetheless, about a month after their daughter was born, they split.

They still had an on-again-off-again relationship.

Chyna filed a restraining order against Rob after he posted an erotic picture of his ex-partner on social media.

Their relationship worsened, and eventually, Chyna sued the Kardashians, which she lost and was not rewarded any damages.


Moreover, Chyna likes to take a break from work frequently.

In 2019, she was in Ritz-Carlton Residences in Honolulu, Hawaii. She was there with Kid Buu, her then-boyfriend. However, the vacation ended because of a fight.

She also vacationed with her baby-father, Rob Kardashian, in Jamaica in 2016.

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Blac Chyna | Endorsements

Blac Chyna is a famous social media influencer and has 16.5 million Instagram followers.

She shares sponsored posts on the platform every now and then, profiting heavily.

Chyna sponsored a skin bleaching company recently, because of which, she faced huge backlash as fans thought she was promoting colorism.

Similarly, she also endorses clothing brands Fashion Nova and NovaKids, one of the branches of Fashion Nova.

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Blac Chyna | Career

Chyna worked as a stripper in King of Diamonds (a well-known club) in 2010. She was already famous in the club for her curvy body and bright personality.

The model met a lot of high-profile celebrities while working there. Lucky for her, Drake, a famous rapper, mentioned her in one of his songs, Miss Me.

This started Chyna’s career as an internet personality. Her rising fame landed her modeling offers from Dimepiece, Straight Stuntin, and Black Men’s Magazine.

Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna (Source: The Sun)

She played as a stunt double for Nicki Minaj in Kanye West‘s “Monster” music video, which gained her a lot of publicity.

Chyna leaped into the business world when she opened her own boutique in December 2013.

The same year, Chyna bought a beauty bar in Encino, Los Angeles, offering makeup courses.

Some Facts About Blac Chyna

  • Blac has had buttock augmentation, breast enhancement surgeries, rhinoplasty, and lip fillers to enhance her beauty.
  • Chyna got her name “Blac Chyna” from a client she worked with as a stripper.
  • The model initially started to strip for her college tuition fees; however, she dropped out to focus solely on stripping and modeling. She did so because she couldn’t concentrate on her studies.


Are Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna friends?

Yes. Nicki Minaj has been best friends with Chyna for over a decade now. Nicki has even mentioned her in the song “Rake it Up.”

Why did Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna stop being friends?

The Kardashian family had a $100 million suit filed against them by Chyna for defamation and other allegations.

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