Betty Grafstein Age – How Old Is She? Husband And Family

Betty Grafstein

Betty Grafstein, also known as Elizabeth Larner, is a prominent figure in the Portuguese jet-set scene. Find out more about Betty Grafstein age in this article.

She is also recognized as the wife of Jose Castelo Branco, a prominent actor and celebrity in the entertainment industry.

Lady Betty Grafstein has gained recognition for her appearances in various television shows and films.

She is credited for her roles in the projects “1 Block” (2020), “Familia Superstar” (2007), and “HermanSIC” (2000).

Her involvement in these productions has contributed to her visibility and reputation in the entertainment industry.

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Betty Grafstein Age – How Old Is She?

An American millionaire, Betty Grafstein was born in 1928, as of 2024, 95 years old.

Grafstein and her only son from her first marriage, Roger Basile, founded a diamond and jewelry design company called Grafstein Diamond Company in New York.

She inherited the company from her late second husband, Albert Grafstein, a deceased Jewish American. Her son, Roger Grafstein, currently manages the business.

On November 27, 1996, Betty Grafstein married Jose Castelo Branco in a registry office in Loures.

Betty Grafstein age
Betty Grafstein, the Portuguese businesswoman (Source: Instagram)

Betty Grafstein and Jose Castelo Branco have demonstrated that age is merely a number when it comes to love.

Their relationship exemplifies that age differences should not hinder a deep connection and genuine affection between two individuals.

Their partnership showcases the power of love transcending age boundaries and highlights that what truly matters is the bond shared between two people.

Stick with us to find out more updates about Betty Grafstein age, husband, and family details. 

Betty Grafstein husband

Jose Castelo Branco remarried on November 27, 1996, in Loures, Portugal. This time, his bride was Betty Grafstein, an American Jewish widow and millionaire formerly known as Elizabeth Larner.

Following their marriage, the couple split their time between residences in Sintra, Portugal, and New York.

This arrangement continued until the mid-2010s when they made the decision to reside exclusively in New York City. 

Betty Grafstein age
Betty Grafstein with her husband Jose Castelo Branco (Source: Instagram)

At the age of twelve, Jose moved to Lisbon, where he settled in Santo Antonio dos Cavaleiros.

He gained recognition in the nightlife scene of Lisbon by adopting his alter-ego, Tatiana Romanov.

Branco made connections with socialite Lili Canecas, who played a significant role in introducing him to the Portuguese jet-set circle.

After marrying a millionaire involved in the diamond industry, Jose’s life took a significant turn, presenting him with numerous new opportunities.

His name started to frequently appear in the media, and he embarked on a flurry of activities in recent years.

Betty Grafstein family

Betty Grafstein is a renowned Portuguese businesswoman and socialite who is already 95 years old.

Following the passing of her husband in the early 1990s, she assumed control of the family jewelry enterprise.

In 1996, she married Jose Castelo Branco, a flamboyant socialite who gained fame through his eccentric and attention-grabbing public appearances.

Betty Grafstein
Betty Grafstein and Jose Castelo Branco having a photo shoot (Source: Instagram)

Limited information about Betty’s family and siblings is available, as she has not disclosed additional details about them.

However, it is known that she was born into a privileged and affluent family in Portugal, which played a role in her eventual wealth accumulation.

The support and resources provided by her well-off background likely contributed to her success in becoming a millionaire.

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